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    Water Break

    It stands to reason that they will use the already agreed protocols for the games.
  2. £380 is I would think is the most expensive season ticket in the NL for 20-21. I cannot see what is included in the Presidents Club for £1200 as their website is down at present. Needless to say, I would be surprised to see many being sold and with an average attendance of 1417 this season, they must have a rich owner pumping some money in. Let's see what noises they make when the results don't go the right way.
  3. Seems to be a lot of reverse physcology going on here, with people saying BHW will win. Believe and it will happen.
  4. Bazza get off the fence. Believe and it will happen
  5. I liked the fact that we had a dog barking us on....
  6. Yes, that might be one tactic they have not thought about.
  7. Hopefully, it will be possible to add more as we go along? By the time we get to Wembley there might be 300 or more
  8. Roy, that's it exactly, no one expects us to win, so what have we got to lose - nothing, except pride.
  9. Sounds similar to the lad who played at Ipswich under Bobby Robson - Kenning van Hire
  10. I have received the 2 certificates of authenticity this afternoon for the face in the crowd cut outs. Nice touch that, I was not expecting anything like that. I can send my brother his to prove I did really buy him a birthday present...
  11. He has been given a second chance to get the job done and he sounds like he is grasping the opportunity with both hands and really wants to go for it. Let's hope the players see it the same way too. Mind you looking at most of the pics on Twitter etc mot of the players look a lot fitter and leaner than they were before the lock down, well Browney is.....
  12. It should be anyway....football is far more important than people singing.
  13. Maybe that's a good thing , being surreal. Take Wigan for example, go into administration then zoom up the table, who would have had money on them thumping 8 past Hull? If crazy things are happening then they might just happen to us to.
  14. If the club has an agreement with the sponsors to try to give each an equal crack of the whip, then that's fine and wholly appropriate. My point is that the league rules make no stipulation on which kit you wear other than it should not clash with the home teams registered kit.
  15. Tommy, in fairness I think that the majority of firms sponsoring away strips at this level are doing it for altruistic reasons rather than for commercial reasons, purely because the games in the NL are only televised on a very irregular basis, and the firms sponsoring tend to be local to the club. So I would expect those sponsors to put the clubs needs above their own. In terms of the kit clashes, especially keepers, this is imo down to the referee. The Laws of the Game are quite specific about the need to avoid clashes, and it is within the remit of the referee to ask what colours each club will be playing in, and in most cases the competition rules will instruct the home club to inform the referee as part of the pre-match arrangements what colours are to be worn. The referee also has access to the league handbook,he should be provided with one at the start of the season as a courtesy which he can check if there are likely to be any potential clashes. My own solution, for local leagues was to carry a high vis jacket in my kit bag, which I would loan to any keeper who thought he looked good playing in black.
  16. ITMAN

    Kits 20/21

    I presume so as we have had numerous posts informing us that there is only 1 full time member of staff working, that if I am not mistaken is Louisa.
  17. Tommy rule 7.2 of the NL Handbook states: When playing away from home, clubs must play in colours (shirts, shorts and socks) which are clearly distinguishable from those of their opponents and the Match Officials, in particular the goalkeeper must play in kit clearly distinguishable from the colours of the shirts worn by all other Players in the match and the Match Officials. Neck and cuff rim colours on shirts are not regarded as basic colours for the purpose of this Rule. Subject to the foregoing a Club may, if it wishes, wear colours not registered with the Competition for away matches. It is the responsibility of the visiting Club to check that their colours will not clash. Therefore as long as we do not clash we can play in whatever colours we want.
  18. As BHW play in all white, there should be no reason why we cannot play in our preferred blue colours.
  19. I will settle for 1-0 to the Shaymen.
  20. ITMAN

    Kits 20/21

    Maybe we should have a new thread just for Ben, to keep us all up to date on the commercial aspects, when he comes back. Although even on furlough I presume he can use the internet?
  21. There used to be a great piece of graffiti on the back end of the Kop in the 70's, and I will pinch it for now.... "Jesus saves - but TSS gets the rebound"
  22. Believe and it will happen
  23. Wot no scratchings then....
  24. Hoddie, all brilliant ideas, and this would appear to me to be the best way forward. York City for example have a Vice-Presidents club, that does great work. Other clubs have a Supporters Trust rep on the board, there are many ways to approach this. At the same time it needs to be constructed in a way that is as tax efficient as possible, and that gives the supporters some way of having limited influence on the decisions the BOD may make. This is not designed to take ownership of the club over, we are nowhere near strong enough in terms of our fan base to do this effectively, but it should be done to provide a regular source of income that can either be used to support the club in bad times and in good times be used for other good causes within the community. It should not in the end be seen as purely a football club endeavour. Only by widening the scope of what the proposed "club" does will we ever attract the attention of those who are not regular visitors to the Shay or who have only, at present, a fleeting interest in what we do.
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