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  1. I long for the warm summers days when we used to go off to the Dales to do circular walks which just happened to have a pub halfway round for a nice meal and a couple of pints....
  2. They say it's a sign of old age when you start walking round in circles. a bit like a dog chasing it's tail...your better off doing straight lines line Captain Tom
  3. Take "Play the Squares" to a whole new level
  4. Or clearly offside goals.....
  5. Am I missing something here but the ground does not belong to the Club, it should be the responsibility of the landlord to provide adequate pitch covers. Also, even if we were to do a fund raising exercise to contribute to new covers would our friends and fellow tenants do a similar fund raising effort jointly with the football Club?
  6. What most of the people decrying the game being called off is that the primary reason will be for the players safety. If the pitch is already beginning to freeze up then it will only get worse not better. So apart from considering if the game, if started, could actually finish, then paramount in the duties of any referee is the players safety. I personally would err on the side of caution, as it is easy to rearrange a game of football than it is to rearrange the broken bones of a player who ends up having a serious injury exacerbated by the weather conditions, which you could foresee.
  7. Either that or his long sleeved shirt....
  8. ITMAN

    Game on

    In their dreams.....
  9. Nope he served the one match suspension by missing the Altrincham game. He would have played in the Hartlepool game meant to be on the 2nd Jan and got recalled to Stockport on the 4th Jan.
  10. Tommy any cards will have been cancelled at the end of last season. We are not sure but think it may have been for a card given after the Wealdstone game was finished, maybe dissent in the tunnel, but he has served his one match ban so he now has a clean slate. Keep an eye out for Holohan tonight as he is also on 4 yellows at present.
  11. News from the opposition camp is that it appears Tyler Magloire, on loan from Blackburn has been recalled to Ewood Park. Tyler was one of the starting CB's in the current run of 4 NL wins on the trot. According to the Hartlepool Mail they will drop Cass into the line up. Cass has not played since the FA Trophy game, or been on the bench, reportedly due to a hamstring injury he picked up in the game. CB would seem to be a weak spot on the Poolie's depth chart. Nepomuceno did Cass for pace in the Trophy game, making him concede the penalty and then being left for dead for Nepo's goal. Cass
  12. Greggs I fully understand the dilemma this puts you and your colleagues in, when the onus is on the public to follow the instructions, god know's how many times I have looked at people who do not understand what a one way system is. The outcome of this whole mess in the hands of the public. The NHS and other care services can do no more than they are doing. Retailers in general are providing the necessary sanitising and guidance as well as keeping the shelves full, so what is it that the public don not understand? I have now taken to doing only one supermarket shop a week and then a
  13. If the main stores stuck to the one only policy then the queues would be much shorter. They did it in March but we now appear to have decided to make an half arsed attempt at a lockdown just when it should be the most stringent while the vaccine gets rolled out and we can all move on, with less people dying.
  14. Unlike the PL officials the rest of the officials all have day jobs. It could be he is focusing on his career outside of football that is holding him back?
  15. For anyone interested here are the highlights of the Hartlepool game against Wealdstone. https://www.hartlepoolunited.co.uk/latest-videos/ IMO the second goal was offside, see what you think....? Wealdstone hit the bar 3 times in the second half in a game that could easily been 5-5 with penalties for both sides turned away. If we shut them down in midfield, keep tight tabs on Armstrong and get someone to match up with Johnson at set pieces then we can take at least a point off this team. Having said that they will probably settle for a point as well.
  16. To be fair in the case of Rodney he did have the talent to operate at a higher level, and must have a good agent too. Fair play he went to the highest bidder but that is what footballers go to work for. So far, he has started 14 times in 22 games for Port Vale, so he seems to be doing OK. Only 4 goals but the season is only half way through. Bell, is the unfinished article and I would suspect that no EFL team, especially in the current financial climate, is going to take a punt on him. If he, and his agent, have their heads screwed on then they would look at an offer from Halifax and see
  17. I think he would be a good addition to the squad and with more time being coached effectively and playing on a regular basis he could settle into a good partnership with Hyde, and Stenson when he returns. And all for not that much cost I would expect. He would probably be grateful to come back to the Shay, if Stockport do not renew his contract.
  18. As both Williams and King are on 4 yellows at present we could lose both of them for the game at home against Bromley. Time for Senior and Belehouan to start as wing backs maybe.
  19. Note that the referee for tomorrow nights game, Andrew Miller, did the Hartlepool game away at Altrincham and issued 5 yellow cards, 4 to Hartlepool. Across the 3 NL games he has been in charge he as averaged 4 yellow cards per game. Let's hope he keeps up the good work tomorrow night.
  20. Forecast for tomorrow. No danger of ice so only a question of how much water the pitch has taken.
  21. Glad to see our friends at BHW progressed no further losing to Millwall.
  22. That's why the FA Trophy is of more importance this season. We have already knocked out the biggest club in the competition, so there is no reason why we cannot go all the way to the final.
  23. Now we will have the risk of keeping hold of him...
  24. Let's hope it is not the kiss of death like most managers seem to suffer when they get Manager of the Month.
  25. He served a 3 match ban for Wealdstone tackle. He then got a 2 match ban for deliberate handball against Hartlepool, increased to 2 matches due to having the previous red card.
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