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  1. Can anyone explain the Kings Lynn owners logic of playing the next 2 home games and then asking to sit out the rest of the season? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56142040?at_medium=custom7&at_campaign=64&at_custom1=link&at_custom3=LR+BBC+Radio+Norfolk&at_custom2=twitter&at_custom4=237DD0B2-73B7-11EB-B58A-D0D04744363C
  2. Generally speaking the BT coverage of the NL is quite good, the only downside is that it brings only a modicum of financial income. We have been live now twice this season, and that is more than most EFL 2 teams get in a season, although they do get a big chunk of money for not being on TV. What the NL need to do is sit down with BT and work out how they can help clubs to get any benefits from the fact they record each and every game for the highlights package, so maybe they could have more on a "red button" type of set up which might encourage more fans to subscribe. This is all bas
  3. From the Ridiculous to the Sublime What a difference 4 days makes! Many forum members predicted expect the impossible, and yes, it happened. How the same team, apart from 1 player, goes from losing at Barnet to then winning away at Torquay, you may well ask? As discussed in the preview for the game both sides were missing influential players and to add to this Torquay had only won 1 game in the last 5. Town had Woods missing after a knock on Tuesday night and the line up when announced still had Hyde on the bench and only 4 subs, one being Hyde and a sub goalkeeper, so to say we were
  4. How about "Yorkshire's are Forever"
  5. But at the same time teams like Torquay have lost to teams like Wealdstone and Yeovil recently. As things go it would seem anyone can beat anyone else on any given day. So there are no longer any "bankers".
  6. My money is on one of our wingbacks.
  7. Car crash waiting to happen......the 2 existing loans commit them to approx. £67,000 per year plus interest for the next 15 years. Now they are loading even more debt on top of that, the mind boggles.
  8. Good point BTM. I expected that we would have seen more of him, given he has been shipped out by SU to get experience of playing with the big boys. Given the number of games to be played in the next 3 months it would make some sense to start rotating players where possible to give them better recovery time between games.
  9. Torquay are not in a happy place at present, injuries are catching up with them, just have they have done with us. The weather will be a big factor here, especially if the wind is blowing end to end. Last season when we lost in the league at Plainmoor, Town were unable to take advantage of the wind, with numerous comments about how many balls ended up in the gardens of houses at one end of the ground. Hopefully, Hyde will be in the starting line up and whilst I do not think he will fix all of our problems it would give me hope that we may put away one or two of the many chances we seem to
  10. Most of these 60's buildings were built during periods of Labour being in power. No doubt over the following 50 years both successive Labour and Tory led Governments have not provided sufficient funding for local Authorities to be able to maintain public buildings. It amazes me how we have modern buildings such as the swimming pool which have such sort life spans whereas many of the public building built by the Victorians are still in use after over 100 years of service. Maybe modern architects and building techniques are not all they are cracked up to be. In terms of the Halifax Pool bei
  11. Torquay (Away) Facts and Figures (NL only) Played 22 Won 13 Drawn 5 Lost 4 Goals For 42 Goals Against 20 (+22) League Position 1st on 44 pts Best Result 5-0 v the Mighty hartlepool (Away) Worst Defeat 0-1 v Dagenham (Home) Top Scorers: Danny Wright - 8 goals Connor Lemonheigh-Evans - 5 goals Ben Whitfield - 5 goals Kyle Cameron - 4 goals Asa Hall – 4 goals Last 5 results: Notts County (A) 0-0 Sutton (H) 0-0 Barnet (A) 2-0 Altrincham (H) 1-2 Wealdstone (H) 1-1 For 4 Against 3 Their Home record is Pl
  12. More taxpayers money down the pan, along with the "loans" from the local council and county council. There must be some sort of financial accountability for what is happening there?
  13. Stats to follow. Whilst our current form is poor Torquay's is not a lot better.
  14. Well the goal keeping coach needs to pull his socks up.....
  15. Is there a limit to how many players you can have signed on in the NL? Including those on furlough as well.
  16. Believe and it will happen😃
  17. I would be interested to see both Campbell and Allen's shots per game numbers, broken down into on/off target. 19 of the 33 scored have come from defenders or midfield players, 6 from loan or short term deals, leaving Allen and Hyde on 4 a piece. Not going to win the league with number like that.
  18. They must have included the warm ups.....as we didn't seem to have done any.
  19. I think it was more of a Go Slow protest than actually stopping playing, or someone forgot to tell Jeff King what was going on until half time.
  20. I agree there have been a few games where Bradbury has made some big mistakes which have led to goals being given away. Yet, he is a young player still learning and he is worth being patient with. If Clarke was able to play in a back 3 with Byrne and Bradbury then he would not be put into the situations he was last season as he can just pass the ball of to the other 2 who can bring the ball out. Throw Summerfield back into the mix and Clarke would have another outlet. If he can help shore up the back and we could get a few clean sheets as we were doing in the earlier part of the season,
  21. I agree with the "pretty solid" comment. That about summed it up when Jeff King took JBW on towards the end of the first half and could not do him for pace. Even with that said I would still take what he now over JBW.
  22. Colin not a problem, it can be quite cathartic to try to find reasons for why we fail to have any consistency.
  23. Shaymen Fail to Show Up On an almost balmy evening in North London FC Halifax were sent out to play Barnet, the team at the bottom of the table and who had conceded more goals than any other team so far this season. The first half saw a Barnet side who were far more up for the game than the Halifax team, winning most 50/50 tackles and being quicker to the second ball. Town could not gain control of the midfield and were put under pressure by Barnet pressing in midfield. The passing by the Town midfield was slow and lethargic with too many unforced errors or examples of players not co
  24. Eastleigh 2 v hartlepool 1 FT
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