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    Ha Ha Ha

    "It is an offence if a player: deliberately touches the ball with their hand/arm, including moving the hand/arm towards the ball gains possession/control of the ball after it has touched their hand/arm and then: scores in the opponents’ goal creates a goal-scoring opportunity scores in the opponents’ goal directly from their hand/arm, even if accidental, including by the goalkeeper The above offences apply even if the ball touches a player’s hand/arm directly from the head or body (including the foot) of another player who is close. " Based on the above
  2. ITMAN


    I can remember going to the game against Go Ahead Deventer Eagles. Fortunately, later in my professional life I had a major site based in Deventer, which I visited at least twice a month. Sadly, they did not stay in the Dutch 1st division. Funnily enough, one of the biggest claims to fame for Deventer is that the location for the Bridge to Far film was in Deventer and not Nijemgen, as they have similar bridges but disrupting Deventer was less of a problem than doing the same in the large more prosperous Nijmegen.
  3. ITMAN

    Ha Ha Ha

    Having just watch the United game on MOTD, recorded of course, both of the decisions being discussed are wrong on so many levels. Having refereed for 15 years, this is exactly what we, the Referees Association, fought against when the FA proposed bringing in VAR. Football is not a game where you can stop the game and bring it back for decisions being made by a so called match official who is sat in a stand. The golden rule in the Rules of the Game was always that the referees decision, on the pitch, in the heat of the moment, is final. I will digest what I have just witnessed and make fur
  4. ITMAN

    1000 Fans

    True, if we had a working method of testing and then tracing.....
  5. ITMAN

    1000 Fans

    In terms of the additional constraints these all appear to relate to meeting of people indoors. I have seen numerous virologist comments that gathering outside, socially distanced presents a very limited risk. Let’s hope common sense prevails and the limited pilots go well
  6. I still prefer to think of it as the “beautiful game”. The whole point is it should be spontaneous and exhilarating not the subject of a scientific experiment. You can analyse anything you want in search of improvement in performance but you cannot measure the size of a players desire to compete and desire to win. If we want scientific perfection then we might as well have a bunch of robots playing
  7. Is there a copy of the seating plan available?
  8. I am firmly in the Old Crocs camp in regards to the subject of football as I went to Crossley’s from 67 to 72, before all this nonsense of merging with the enemy. For a rugby only school it was striking that the predominant game played in the school playground was football not touch rugby, for the older years when you were allowed onto the Moor at lunchtime again it was football that prevailed. As already mentioned we also formed an unofficial team when in year 5 and the lower 6th, playing a number of friendly games, one being away at a school in Ossett, which we travelled to by publ
  9. Walt, you’re right on that one. To see Gaza now, he is the perfect example of what not to do when you are given a gift and then choose to waste the opportunity he had to be an inspiration to thousands of young players for years during and after he finished playing
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    Let’s see if they make a difference
  11. I would happily provide advice and assistance for free on how not to press the refs buttons
  12. ITMAN


    The non-league equivalents of the Catalan Dragons. Nice away game/weekend
  13. Have the Shaymen.net players to sponsor been decided yet?
  14. He was also a lot better at taking throw ins as well
  15. Guiseley was shown later on YouTube not sure if they have a subscription based Live streaming model
  16. ITMAN

    FA Cup

    Yes I have already earmarked the New Salamis for a game in either the FA Cup or Trophy
  17. Can we have British Bulldogs instead?
  18. This looks to be the lot for the Halifax & District League, 2 games on. It could be the Premier Division teams are playing in a Cup today, so these do not show up on the League Full-Time pages.
  19. it seems quite ominous to me....THE END Were all doomed
  20. ITMAN

    On TV

    Alternatively, you could be creative and just write a new law that overrides the signed deal with BT, so it can all be sorted - simples....
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    No problem, the standard of the fish and chips had been poor for some time, they were living on their reputation only. The lad who is the head fryer for the Whalers as a group was brought up in the fish and chip trade, as his family have owned our village chippy for over 50 years. So if anyone does go then I would expect the food to be of a good standard
  22. ITMAN


    It is has changed hands, it belongs to the Wetherby Whaler group now.
  23. ITMAN

    1000 Fans

    Chadders, isn't this what all "journalists" call their "sources". I hear constantly on the TV, "according to my sources blah blah blah", it's only what everyone else does at work, stand by the coffee machine and pick up the gossip/unofficial news about who is leaving etc. I would not on that basis call Ollie Bayliss a "hack", but that is only my opinion. hack noun [C] (WRITER) disapproving a journalist (= writer for newspapers or magazines) whose work is low in quality or does not have much imagination:
  24. ITMAN


    Alas, no. At the same time the improvement to muscle strength starts to reduce for males from around the age of 27. The sad thing, as I missed it at the time, the point of actual peak physical fitness for men is as early as 22, after that it is all downhill. Unless of course you put in lots of hard work training to compensate.
  25. ITMAN


    You can hear the sound of knives already being sharpened....
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