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  1. You always know when you have won an argument , your opponent turns to personal insults . Cash on delivery , belter, I.O.U. lovely criminals should be more kind-hearted people like them about . I I didn't quote exact figures no idea how much a fridge from Comet costs
  2. Human trafficking and Human smuggling are two different things . Willingly and unwilling
  3. And you know so much about international organised crime or you watch too much telly . Cash on delivery , you make it sound like a new fridge from Comet.
  4. Yes I did cash on delivery , still laughing , good one that . If I was going to risk getting 20 years in prison I think I would want full amount up front.
  5. Cash on delivery , people smugglers and I'm talking crap.
  6. Vietnamese " You going England " Irish wagon driver "Yes jump in , bring your mates " Vietnamese " You want money ? How much ? Irish wagon driver " No mate , pay me when you get there ? Vietnamese Thank you , Thank you , you get caught , you go prison , how I pay you . Really.
  7. You should check out how much the Vietnamese payed to people smugglers , $10,000 gets you a wagon trailer $30,000 gets you a plane ticket . Imagine if you'd spent the time typing that drivel , to , ya know , trying to work out how long it would have taken to save up that amount.
  8. You can pick out individual games we won and played well but the ones that stay in your head are when something is riding on them , been so few though that's why they stand out . My top 5 are . 1. Grays away 2. Kidderminster away 3 Trophy final 4 leicester 5 Stevenage 4-2 which kept us up to then go on and win the league .
  9. The bad memories outweigh the good memories but when the good ones come they are really good. Grays away in the play off semi final is my greatest memory of the last 25 years , the dramatic way we got the final despite losing it to Hereford was a bigger rush of emotion than when we won promotion at Kidderminster .
  10. No I won't I'm not black . Anyway that's enough festive cheer courtesy of Shaymen .net . Merry Christmas
  11. Scraping the Barrel bringing Glitter into your argument . Paint whatever picture you want to back up your argument it's on a part with saying don't move to America if your black you will get shot.
  12. Popular amongst expats attracted to a booming country . I will bow down to your greater knowledge.
  13. An example is the 39 who came to the UK from Vietnam who suffocated while being illegally smuggled into UK . I don't want to come across as being harsh but Vietnam is a safe country , good economy and plenty of jobs so the only reason to risk your life in the back of a wagon is greed . These people are not coming from a war torn country , these people are not going hungry , these people don't leave their homes with their children with only the clothes they are wearing . Those 39 Vietnamese who died , died for what reason , they knew the risks , they were not forced to get into t
  14. It's research , how many fish are in the sea , how does anyone count them , they know though hence overfishing . I have no problem with anyone trying to make a better life , I support people coming from a war torn area like Syria , if bombs were dropping outside my house I would want to get my family away . Get to a safe country and apply for asylum in the UK . Majority will not go through the correct channels because they know they will be turned down so wagon/Dingy option.
  15. Official figures stopped being published for some reason , I wonder why ? independent research puts the figure at 2 million . You can bury your head in the sand and pretend it's not happening . 10,000 in the jungle at Calais before it was flattened .we all saw the images of wagon doors being opened and those wanting to enter the UK illegally jumping in , dinghy's and lifejackets all along the South Coast , figures are published for those picked up in the channel and they are frightening , what about those who come here undetected . It's a problem that's getting worse , the Fren
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