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    I know Ducky’s parents personally and know that this isn’t true. One of the reasons he didn’t sign is because the club didn’t give a **** and he paid the £5600 himself so that he could get himself back fit
  2. Imagine if JF had let King, Macdonald etc go. This forum would have been on fire. Let’s hope Wild has some aces up his sleeve
  3. Shay


    Hypocrites rule on here. I think if you film matches then you get forgiven for racism
  4. More bullshit from this inept Government
  5. I would say 99% of this forum that criticise professional footballers were probably picked last for the school football team
  6. Wrong again. He’s overachieved. Just thought we were a bit disappointing against Borehamwood. And surprised at how differently they are treated on here. I’m pretty certain JF would have got a lot of abuse for the playoff defeat. Are you going to admit that Wild has overachieved!?
  7. Thanks for the personal abuse. And why would I want my team not to get promoted? Strange logic.
  8. Overachieved all season. Glad to see people starting to agree. But not a great performance on Friday. If Wild was called Jamie there would have been calls for his head. We go again next season
  9. It’s funny how that poster mentions double standards.
  10. It is. As we won’t be there
  11. Same. Never thought I wouldn’t care about us being in the playoffs but as we can’t be there I’m with you. I just want to be involved. And by donating money doesn’t make me feel involved.
  12. Who’s to say we will be allowed back? Maybe watching football in a sterile environment will be the new norm
  13. ‘We’ are not involved though are we. All football is completely irrelevant without fans
  14. Behind closed doors? I beg to differ
  15. I agree. The club have been excellent on the communication. Some people just like to criticise for the sake of criticising
  16. Winning the play offs behind closed doors will be utterly dreadful. Football without fans is nothing. I switched the Premier League off after five minutes. Soulless heartless passionless. Utterly abysmal.
  17. I don’t judge people on the colour of their skin, their religious beliefs or their sexuality etc. I judge them on whether they are a **** or not. Sadly there are a lot of **** about
  18. It doesn’t help matters with Piers Morgan and the media gang scaremongering and making people scared to set foot outside. We will need to learn to live with it until we get a vaccine or it dies out
  19. You would have had a lot more if we carried on in lockdown. Potentially still will if it has ruined people’s livelihoods.
  20. My main concern always has and always will be the economy. Hopefully we can bounce back very quickly
  21. I thought you weren’t complaining?
  22. I agree. I would pay to watch a match between the eleven best know it alls on here vs our first team. Ten goal head start?
  23. I would have bought them all if I could have met JF
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