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  1. I think this is a reasonable position, but what happens if we lose the next 2 at home against Chesterfield and Stockport? What's the minimum number of points we can be 'happy' with in those 2 games? 4 would be great, 3 would be OK. 2 (or less), then I'm not so sure...
  2. Could have been player of the season last year until Fullarton intervened.
  3. Been following Town since the late 1970's. Lot's of frustrations along the way, but the FA Cup win against Man City, plus the conference winning season with Super Geoff (amongst others) the highlights. Wembley should be right up there - if it wasn't for the fact that when the only goal we've ever scored at Wembley went in, I'd just nipped to the toilet
  4. Any chance of a Twitter upload too?
  5. Sat in the East stand yesterday, I also saw him give the F&!k off comment to the crowd - although didn't hear what the jibe was to inspire it (I didn't hear anything malicious at all, but may have missed something). Thought it was really poor at the time, highlighting a lack of experience at this level, plus a sign of the pressure he's feeling maybe. Unfortunately it's only going to get worse if results and performances continue as they are. Don't know how long he can keep banging the drum of look where we are in the league - performances have been particularly poor recently, especially at home - I also remember the stick Heath got (a lot of it over the top imho) and never saw him respond like this directly to the crowd. I'm realistic enough to know we've over achieved to be where we are at this point, but this doesn't excuse the inability to change tactics week-on-week when it's clearly not working. Worrying times - 50 points is suddenly starting to look a bit further away. Will be at Harrogate on Tuesday, got everything crossed that we turn up and perform - Harrogate have been good both times at the Shay this season, going to be a tough one.
  6. Would agree with the general principle here - Hanson and Duckworth are 2 of our most technically able players - never really understood why (up to last couple of games) they haven't both been on the pitch - they've both played in other positions, and are both capable of getting forward or defending. Our obvious weakness upfront would be alleviated if McAlinden played up front with Redshaw alongside him (thought he looked pretty good when he came on) - my patience has run out with Silva and Southwell, can't fault their effort but not sure there's enough quality. When Browny is back, and Binom Williams (who I think has improved every game this season) is back in, back 4 becomes Duckworth / Brown / Clarke / Binom Williams, front 2 of McAlinden and Redshaw, leaving 4 in the middle (or behind the front 2) of (pick any 4, depending on the situation, of) Allen, McDonald, Cameron King, Hanson, Staunton, Cooper, Earing, Jeff King, Williams, Nolan (probably in that order). Simples.
  7. Jamie Allen, 73rd minute. (going for a draw, 0-0 or 1-1, but that's not relevant to the thread rules!)
  8. Any danger of the game being called off today? I'm not in Halifax, so just wondering if there's been lots of rain yesterday / this morning, and how the new pitch is coping with it all...
  9. Thanks Hoddie, really appreciate the efforts you go to for the benefit of all of us...
  10. 1 x Adult season ticket purchased. Anybody know if they get posted out? Wasn't massively clear on the online purchase form... (I'm 50 miles away in sunny North Yorkshire).
  11. That Noel Edmonds was a great right back
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