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  1. 2 leagues below this one there is quite a difference and I also thought Earing would come good.
  2. I also said the same on our whats app group, but it was nothing to do with Clarke playing, it was more of I had a feeling this was a game to far for the group
  3. We lost a game of football mate, the squad is down to its bare bones with a subs bench of 5 players who would not be in the matchday squad had all players been available. Clarke returned after a career threating injury and earned the Courier man of the match. You could hear him all the way through the game barking out orders and leadership. Had Earing been availbale I do agree that Clarke would have still been on the bench, but I agree with the manager and the starting 11 was the option I would have gone with.
  4. What have you seen in Spence to say he should have been out playmaker today? A team mate of his at Scarborough told me he is a good lad and wants to learn but isn't ready for National League prem yet. I suspect he knows more than you
  5. Same names attacking the same players, it gets bloody tiresome. Face facts Tom we didn't deserve to win the game. It happens occasionally in football.
  6. They had one chance and scored, we had a chance and Senior strongly decided to pass it rather than shoot. That goes in and it may be 1-0 to us. Fine margins
  7. Is he capable of wining you a game against a fellow play off team?
  8. Did you see the state of the pitch? Neither team passed it on that. Spence got 25 minutes and contributed nothing. The lad would still be playing NPL on loan at Scarborough had there not been a pandemic and their league finished.
  9. I saw enough in the last 25 minutes, no disrespect to the lad, to say he isn't ready to ve starting games at this level
  10. So who plays in the No.10 instead of Earing? That is the crux of the matter.
  11. Give it a rest for God's sake Tom. You really can not blame Clarkey and Sam for that defeat. I sincerely hope to are on a wind up? We lost to a fresher and better team on the day, that's how I saw it. They deserve some slack given the level of performance and results over the last few weeks. The manager didn't have any options today and if you think Spence would have made the difference you are sadly deluded
  12. Eastleigh deserved that today, had more energy than us, had a game plan, didn't allow us to pass it through the thirds, and they have some decent players
  13. I hope that was said tongue in cheek?
  14. Clarke the best of the back 3 today, Byrne and Bradbury both had off days. A weeks rest both physically and mentally. Work on the training pitch and get Hyde, Williams and Earing back for next week hopefully
  15. Kit, the voice of reason, well who would have thought?
  16. We have seen 20 minutes of Spence, sensible decision imo.
  17. Sadly a player not held in as high regard as some other Leeds players because of his acceptance of a non executive role alongside Ken Bates.
  18. Another of the famous Leeds team leaves us. As a kid I loved hot shot Lorimer one of my first footballers that I looked up to. Every goalscorer today should outstretch their hands above their head and clap in celebration of him. RIP
  19. I have been a critic of Jamie Allen over the past couple of seasons, but he has improved as this season has gone on. He looks stronger than he had done before and his overall play has improved. Well done Jamie and well done Pete Wild and his coaching team, another player who they have improved.
  20. I feel with Williams, Senior, Hyde, and Hopefully Summerfield back soon Spence will only be called upon when numbers are depleted. He certainly offers an enthusiasm and can give defenders something to think about late in a game though
  21. His performances and stats this season at Accrington are superb
  22. I think that's more with BT holding the rights
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