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  1. That Arter fella has had Howe's pants down too and that situation doesn't help in refusing to play.
  2. I've recorded that on my guitar before and can never get it right despite having lots of tremolo. It was the sing that got me into the Smiths. I'd heard it in tge past but didn't have a clue who did it.
  3. An underrated guitar riff, instantly recognisable but because it's not heavy metal and played by the likes of Brian May and Zakk Wylde never gets a look in. For the record my favourite riff is Pretty Woman.
  4. Only just got takenover a few weeks back too. So has something gone wrong with the EFL's "fit and proper" owners test? Clubs since time began have gone bust and struggled financially but it's getting even more prominent in the past ten years or so. The premier league was created and designed to swallow everything else up and it'll only be a matter of time until clubs start falling by the wayside and doesn't just like Bury. This coronavirus wI'll help speed things up too. Within 10 years, maybe sooner reckon we will see Premier League B teams taking up the dead clubs places, and it'll be Sky Sports dictating.
  5. Drove past on Saturday afternoon and whilst there was a police presence, there were no fans knocking around the ground at all. I reckon there will be a party though If they do it. No problems with local teams, it's those hangers on from Halifax who I want to see suffer and not win.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08jh5fm
  7. I look forward to that squeaky voice Swift upping the rent and all this fundraising goes out of the window! In all seriousness though, fantastic effort and I shall be donating later on this week.
  8. They had this song wrote for them and were very reluctant to take it on as they wanted to be a real band. Bet they're glad they did as it did wonders for their career.
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