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  1. Because I live in Halifax and the amount of idiot leeds fans who walk round town thinking they're hard coz they're a leeds fan is embarrassing.
  2. We all hate Leeds scum
  3. What I mean is that players all have a nice diet these days, each player has a catered diet and fitness regime, pitches are pristine. There aren't as many levellers these days like the arsenal lot being hard drinkers and losing to Wrexham, the pitch down the Shay against man City. The big teams have a lot bigger advantage than days gone past.
  4. Why did the match kick off at 2pm? Was there a particular reason for this?
  5. I found it refreshing to see a line up that wasn't full of foreigners and some local lads on the team too. Getting away from the op I said to my mate that the old reserve league combination needs to make a comeback. My theory behind this is that a couple of older heads and first teamers helped them young lads for Liverpool today and while the majority of them players will fall away into the EFL the players will be a lot better for games like today and will be solid football league players at least. I used to watch leeds reserves down the Shay and I saw the likes of bjornabe holding the hand of a young Jamie Carragher and Mark Walters guiding Michael Owen. I even think Karl Heinz Riedle played. You can't beat experience like that. There's too much money in the big leagues now and the way to make the fa cup glamorous again is to make the winner a champions league qualifier. We also forget that football is more professional now so major upsets are rare and I can't remember the last time one of the top 6 teams were upset. It's not the 70s anymore and it's moved on
  6. RIP. I'mean sure he will do his father proud. We have to remember that players and managers are human too.
  7. I saw a post the otherday that said nobody dare criticise Matty Brown so lets throw this open for debate, is he out of form? I didn't go today as i had other things on but my friend said he had a poor game. I didnt go last week v Stockport and many have said it was Brown's worst match in a Town shirt. I watched him against Chesterfield and whilst i loved his passion and determination at the end of the match i thought he wasnt his self and got done over big time when Fondop did him and wasted that good chance. In his defence i shall say 4 games in the past week and a half will take their toll on most players and Browny isnt built for stamina, hes more of a strength bloke so i understand if he's flagging a little bit.
  8. I want Redshaw and McAllinden to stay definately. McCoulskey i arent arsed about. As for Cooper im 60/40 with him going. I dont rate him to be brutally honest but having to get somebody new in will take time for them to bed in and he's more controlled than Maher and Staunton, and King cant play every match. Wild has a tough decision regarding him.
  9. He's actually invested money into the club too. Like Fullarton and his flat pack changing room furniture.
  10. Happy New Year to all my fellow Shaymen and women. This is the only time we can say we are undefeated all year.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if there was bother tomorrow. I remember them chasing young kids and lads who dont even go for a scrap the last time they were in town. Having them in the east stand will be murder and the set up for them tommorow should be for us when fans travel in numbers.
  12. Ive heard TSS is dancing in there tonight seeing as hes big and good up top.
  13. Ian Holloway has got the Grimsby job. So much for Pete Wild being an odds-on favourite.
  14. Just remembered Hibbs away at harrogate. Open goal but awful angle.
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