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  1. Who are the police to decide what essential items are? There are quite a lot of autistic people in this country try and some will only eat certain things.
  2. I've seen that. Not a bad rendition but as a person who has suffered with noisy neighbours, I would have bricked his windows!!!
  3. Whilst I'm on lockdown and easily brought off!
  4. I'm making no predictions, after all we all laughed 18 months before the election when he said he was going to run. Owt can happen. I think this year will be postponed though. They can't hold the primaries properly or campaign. The only prediction i will make is that this virus is staying around for a while
  5. Interesting that it's election year over there. Wonder if it'll be postponed and the world has another year of Trump.
  6. I think three is a player in the Japanese 2nd division who is about 52 and still playing striker.
  7. Police broke up a birthday party of 30 down Great Horton Road yesterday.
  8. Yeah, you're right, got em mixed up.
  9. Lived on Ovenden Way too I think. Still got family that live local.
  10. Watching a government spokesman talk about PPE has been given out for doctors and nurses. My friend suggests otherwise. A little paper mask. It also been announced that the first frontline worker has died. A doctor from Burton.
  11. After fruit shorties I'd say lotus are the best biscuits. Even available as a spread in some supermarkets.
  12. I don't know about you but I'm a radio geek and my mate has just sent me this. Listen to any radio station around the world. Every green dot is a station. Just move the cursor onto one. http://radio.garden/visit/banska-bystrica/kkapJzcD
  13. Apart from building a base in the south China sea I can't think of a imperialist type war act unlike the USA. They don't go invading and throwing their weight around against foreign nations. The Muslim re-education thing is a disgrace I agree. I'm just saying they don't bully the world like some do.
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