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  1. Is there summat up with the pitch? Nobody told me!
  2. I agree its disproportionate with coverage, but doesn't better exposure lead to more kids and little girls taking it up and making the pool of players and the quality better? Better health, hobbies ect. Itll never be good as mens regarding skill and quality, 1000s more men play it and so its more likely to find real quality compared to a smaller group. Its a good sport in its own right and I'll support them in the major tournaments. Its like music. Many of us love guitar music but whereas I'll listen to melodic arpeggio jangle guitar, some will listen to death metal, its all the sa
  3. And? Usain Bolt would pi$$ it in a race with Dina Asher-Smith. At the risk of sounding sexist, as a whole men as elite athletes are stronger, faster, better, plus have a bigger pool of players to choose from. Real Madrid would murder Halifax Town to possible double figures. Women's Footy is subjective, if you don't like it then that's yours or whoevers choice to do so. No need to ridicule it though. Are you the same with women jockeys? It was a thread opened to point people in the direction of live football if they were bored of wall to wall coverage of prince phillip.
  4. France v England on the bbc red button if you're fed up of royal tv. Currently losing 1 nil.
  5. Im a republican, don't have time for anything like this to be honest, but at the end of the day an old woman has lost her husband. The human aspect and grief for his family are sad and thats what i respect. RIP
  6. Radio 2 just played it, and along with my porridge it has set me up for the day before i sod off to work. Hope it has the same effect on you.
  7. Tricky game and I wouldn't be too upset should we draw.
  8. Everybody is entitled to a moan, i do it myself, but theres just no reasoning with many of them. They are perpetually miserable no matter what life throws at them. Leave them to it, the majority know our lads do a good job. Its been crazy times with this pandemic and things like streaming has been forced upon us whilst we are trying to keep our head above water. I hate having to stream but thats life and I'll suck it up until we can go back. Fair play to all those who try tbeir best and throw their hat in to try snd make a difference. Life isnt perfect and nor should our stream, club, te
  9. They have bias because its their club and the team they support, they love seeing us win, you try restrain yourself when we score! Even seasoned pro's such as Harry Carpenter let himself go when Bruno opened up and rocked Mike Tyson in 89. But there are many times they give the oppisition praise and say what a great cross it was, how dangerous we sailed to the wind with some of the opposition's play. They gave a honest opinion that they thought Johnson strayed too far for a punch and without saying as much it out the $hits up them in him doing so! They are good lads, they have
  10. The bus driver managed to escape and the bus was firebombed whilst empty and freewheeling slowly down the road. The dicks who did it won't have any punishnent thrown at them and it'll be a soft slap on the wrists as usual. I know crime and punishment has many factors to weigh up which the CPS do diligently but these little scroats and these racists online get away with it. The same old story from their solicitor that its a moment of madness from a kid with a usually good character. Its all bollox when it comes to racism online or rioting on the streets of belfast. Its premedi
  11. Ive done a stint years ago and actually enjoyed it and found it fulfilling!! I helped run a dinner club for old people at the probation centre on spring hall lane. Prepped food, made the tables and i was chief bingo caller! It was a good laugh if im truly honest. I got into a do with somebody, summat of nowt. These racist pigs need a good kicking. Too many swan through life taking the pi$$ and always see. To get away with their actions. Zero tolerance from day one. If you act like a t*** expect to be treated like a t***. Look at thrm scroats firebombing the bus in bekfast las
  12. The first few lines of John Lennon's 'Give Peace A Chance' would be buggered! A lot of these people doing racism on social media are silly little kids trying to be edgy, the same ones that write or show disgusting pictures regarding Hillsborough. We need tougher penalties for it. Prison and some good hard labour. No cushty kids prison. Sod their human rights seeing as they use inhuman abuse. All they ever get is community service at best with a easy ride because its their first offence. Community service is a doddle.
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