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  1. An interesting observation I've noticed is that Pete Wild is from Royton in Oldham. Also from Royton and with the surname 'Wild' is Jack Wild the child actor who played the Artful Dodger in the film Oliver. Just a coincidence or any relation? Eitherway, DB will be loving the role of Fagin!
  2. Haha. Mate, I swear down on my best freind's life that Ronnie Moore walked past me and my mate by the civic. I didn't want him as manager. Its just a glimpse and I'm glad he never got the job. But I can't say I'm excited for me Duran Duran.
  3. Atleast it's an excuse to sing Wild Boys by Duran Duran, I'll be honest and I'm gutted at this.
  4. I'll back him. But can't say I'm enthused. Yawnnnnn
  5. Yeah it's a gamble as he is inexperienced but he has many positives going for him. He knows the players, the club, the town, he's a local lad who we can all get behind as a whole, that goes a long way way IMO.
  6. Been on my dinner break and no word of a lie, I think I saw Ronnie Moore walking in that alleyway at the side of the Civic and Harvey's. He had a suit in a bag and a suitcase on wheels. Saw a couple of mates too and they said somebody else has seen him knocking around.
  7. Probably get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
  8. Icke's Lizard


    Was it Mitchell who scored away at Reading in the FA Cup? A header? I enjoyed that one, sure it was him.
  9. I get my own back and don't brush my teeth the week after.
  10. Icke's Lizard


    Might just be a positive character.
  11. I've no hatred of them but I agree that people like him are a-holes. He seemed nice enough but everything was a dig at Halifax town. Its his hometown team so he should want us to do well. Its just a shame that we can't have stronger ties tbh.
  12. I called to the Shay after work this afternoon as my mate was getting some rugby tickets redeemed. Spoke to a bloke from the rugby office and we were chatting about Halifax town's office and the new one next door to them. I took it all with a pinch of salt but he said we are £50k behind with rent, then said we never paid rent on that building between the South stand and Skircoat. He blamed us for the pitch because "they cut it too short for the football" I had a sneaky walk into the banqueting room to look out of the balcony and the pitch looked nice, (although I aren't a groundsman and underfoot it might be awful) The crush barriers and steels have had a lick of paint and it's looking very good. The stupid old fool was even moaning that they only painted it because of the new football season!!! It's a shared community ground. Why complain when it's done up nice!!!! Anyway. I love being a grass but I've no need to lie! Why can't we both just share and get along ffs.
  13. Good interview. Whenever I've spoken to Browny he's just been honest and down to earth, no bull**** on his part and it's the same with this interview.
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