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  1. They might do a test on them when thry're admitted into hospital or take blood when they die and see if Covid is in there.
  2. Having a pint in the royal Oak and we've to sit with table service and Wear masks. This is f****** sterile
  3. If I was the DJ down the Shay I'd have some fun and play this.
  4. Looks even plumper in his signing photo. Lockdown has done him no favours.
  5. Nice jangly arpeggio guitar. Just the way I like it. Plus the drummer has to be the fattest drummer I've ever seen!!
  6. No chance. We'd all just play 2 games less like the Bury situation last season.
  7. The BBC journalist Dan Roan has said he's hearing the league have voted to start on october 3rd. Awaiting confirmation.
  8. The National North have voted to postpone their season unless they get financial help.
  9. Icke's Lizard


    I've just been ripped off by a con man dressed as a sheep. He totally fleeced me.
  10. I asked Sinead O'Connor which evergreen conifer tree she would reccomend. She said nothing compares to yew.
  11. I was getting my gas and electric from an Irish supplier who were always Dublin their prices. So I switched to a supplier from Hawaii. It's Aloha tariff.
  12. Icke's Lizard


    A bloke goes to the doctors with depression and the doctor asks "what's up?" The man replied "well, I hate being half bicycle and half motorcycle" he moped.
  13. I'm not being a bore or pouring scorn on a potential extra income. But do you really think we will have 1,300 all streaming every home game? I doubt it. Football to many is about the day out, but I won't knock the club or anybody watching it if it happens. I just think some fans are over egging the number of people willing to buy it. It's all extra income and it helps. But in my opinion and I'm sorry, it won't go very far.
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