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  1. Like gluten free bread, the prices would be ramped up astronomical!
  2. No clapping please, get on trend and try Jazz Hands.
  3. That's the one, I'm the one on the left with the skinny legs. Then moving right there's my mate Lawler, Onion and Brocky (Andy Brocklehurst who played rugby for Halifax and Salford) i remenver that picture got in the courier and there was a little but of film footage on calendar. I remember Kit gave us balloons to blow up and I had a slight allergic reaction to them!! Could have stuck me to the window with my lips.
  4. Bring back the super Classico of Halifax Building Society v Yorkshire Bank.
  5. Having 2 weeks off has left me bored, fed up and dejected with withdrawl symptoms. I really wish we were playing tomorrow because it's boring not having a match. I'm looking forward going to my mate's for that big match in Sunday afternoon but it's just not the same without the Shaymen this weekend.
  6. This isn't a dig at you! It's just a good point in general and I'd say the same if the boot was on the other foot. It's certainly food for thought. Im the otherway round to you where I like Corbyn but can't see what our current MP does to earn my vote. I like Jess Phillips too and I feel the little bit of stick she's taken from labour supporters, in recent weeks is harsh. Yeah she comes across as gobby but she's atleast a "regular normal person" that the electorate allus cry out for, well in my opinion she is! Im still going to vote for labour because I like Corbyn's policies and at heart I'm left wing and believe in fairness. Weren't we allus told to "play nice" and share when we were kids?
  7. I'll counter argue that with Kenneth Clarke standing down and saying he won't be voting for the Tories. The MSM is heavily bias towards the Tories and why isn't the exact same Kenneth Clarke story being reported the same way as ex-labour members saying the same thing? Kenneth Clarke has served on the cabinet for a very long time. I pinched that viewpoint off a tweet I saw who's author I forget (maybe Jess Phillips) but I wholeheartedly agree with it.
  8. Don't want it anywhere near town matches. We know how to count!
  9. I gave my scarf to Gary Worthington after that match! Said I probably wouldn't be needing it anymore and he gave me a hug! It was proper Charlie Bucket-esque!!
  10. My dad and uncle tell me a great story about their mate finding a dead rat in the Skircoat and throwing it into Sheffield Wednesday fans!
  11. Got a tear in my eye!! Allus stood at the back between the first and second entrance. Absolutely loved it in there and that Rushden match along with the southport thriller is the happiest I've ever been inside the Shay. If you could do me a favour, do you have the "Shaymen til we die" book? I'm on a picture whilst sat on the wall holding up my scarf with a few mates for the end of the 1995 season v Kiddy when we thought we were going bust and John Stockwell gave a speech at the end. Be great if you could dig out the photo for me please. I always smile when kids these days sing "on Skircoat road, since I was young!!"
  12. I've said similar before but got shot down by the "we pay our turnstile fee, why should we pay more?" brigade. If 1000 just chipped in 50p as a direct debit every week. That would raise 26,000. It's not hundreds and thousands but it goes a long way and is cheaper than the price of a pint per month!
  13. I'm not sure who they played (could've been Runcorn) but a video emerged on social media last year when Prescott's fans celebrated a goal and the wall behind the goals gave way and fell.
  14. Tickets were on sale before the end of the season and I personally bought mine prior to the Wrexham match on that bank holiday Monday. People had plenty of time to buy them and I know some people have to save up all summer to buy one (I've also done that in the past) There was also an instalment scheme. If people are moaning that they didn't get one due to a 31st July cut off point with only 3-4 days before the season started then I say tough luck. Im a fair minded person but the club bent over backwards to do a decent deal. Damned if they do and damned if they don't.
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