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  1. I'm no good at maths so if somebody could tell me the average age of our squad I'd be grateful, and how does it compare to other squads in this division. To me it looks a very young squad.
  2. I was sat on the pot yesterday reading 4-4-2 magazine and a preview of the new season. This was the opinion of a Forest Green Fan. Sorry to be negative!! I wish him all the best with us and I openly admit that I know Nowt about the lad!
  3. We were relegated from the Football League when I was 10. Ha.
  4. Supporters coach full, the AFC lads taking a bus, I've heard of 2 other private coaches going and I'm on the train with quite a few others. Not to mention people driving down. I think it'll be a good turnout and hopefully a great day alround when we gain 3 points.
  5. Modern coaching techniques and having a more varied role in playing football further up the pitch rather than sitting back and soaking up pressure and being a brick wall.
  6. Really enjoyed it tonight and they came across as very honest, down to earth and decent blokes who don't mind a laugh too., yeah ah he asked that certain things don't leave the room but it's not ultra top secret information, it's just that he doesn't want opposition managers knowing how he sets up. I think it shows the level of honesty and trust he shows in people, fans, most definitely his players as he listens to their thoughts and opinions. He also confirmed Josh Mac is fully fit and it's upto him to force his way into the team. Also Southwell is back in full training this week and they are impressed and excited by him. One thing they both said is that they want to play good football and that in trying to do so mistakes and misplaced passes will happen so don't jump on players back, it's part and parcel if football and I agree. It's also 5th tier footy and they're human, we all balls things up. Wild even admitted they got it wrong on Saturday but will learn from it. The honesty is really good and there's no more gobbledygook phrases, bull$*it and smart ar$e answer like the previous regime. I really like these 2 blokes and I'm excited and confident they will bring us some very good days.
  7. Can't make my mind up whether to go tonight, I'm not a huge fan of the lager in the South stand bar! Will they be showing the England game behind them?
  8. I love it, well done to all involved?
  9. She even said that! She's a jinx. Ive said come down coz we're playing good footy and the atmosphere is good, everytime it goes wrong!
  10. There's the old saying about if it ain't broke then don't fix it, but if need be I would trust Binnon-Williams to cover there and get Hanson on. Only in extreme circumstances though.
  11. I'm up for this game tomorrow and shall be bringing my mate who hasn't seen us win yet so hopefully she won't be a bad omen. With the band playing under the stand, the nice weather, the heavy marketing of the game, being top of the league - it should be a good crowd and I hope we're all up for it. Lets get behind the lads, impress some floating and newbie fans who shall be there and roar them on to another 3pts at the fortress shay Pete Wild's Barmy Army in full voice.
  12. Icke's Lizard

    Pete Wild

    There's a decent interview with Wild in the Yorkshire Post. I think it gives a good insight into his character and why he seems to have a good bond with the fans. He's got no airs and graces and is down to earth, like many of our own fans. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/steep-learning-curve-enables-pete-wild-to-make-sudden-impact-at-fc-halifax-town-1-9976407/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Nigel Adkins has been offered the job. Can't see their fans being excited with that. Did well at Southampton with some top players playing in a league well below their talents, and he's done Nowt since. Anyway, that's their problem!! Ha.
  14. I think we'll smash Yeovil I'm looking forward to seeing it happen. We are the team to beat and I've no respect for Yeovil. 2-0 to the Shaymen and convincingly too.
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