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  1. Icke's Lizard


    I've downloaded the music from the film Titanic. It's synching right now.
  2. Haha. Are these the 2nd biggest club in Romania? A mainstay of European football and played in European Cup semi-finals v Liverpool. Let's see what happens here.
  3. Elton John has bought a treadmill for his pet Rabbit. It's a little fit bunny.
  4. Went for a walk earlier and did my weekly shop and got my jock for work tomorrow at the Tesco on Keighley Road. Gangs of kids all playing out roaming around the shop getting it crowded. Families on a day out to the supermarket. One scruffy get who sounded like Charlie Chuck walking round with no mask on. He wasn't exempt because he was trying to pull his coat up as a cover. It's not a lockdown whatsoever.
  5. Just seen that weather forecast. Awful.
  6. Let's be honest. Who is already $h***ing themselves trying to think what can go with 'K' tomorrow!!! Racking my brain!
  7. Absolutely no need for it. Some people take the absolute pi$$. It's hardwork having our lives on hold and not doing all the things we've grown accustomed to but for the sake of a few months we've just got to suck it up and stop being so greedy, selfish and self centred. We are all so close to getting the vaccine so why f**k it up now! It broke my heart not being able to see my mate and spend the night with her but it's one final push and needs must. We are so close to the end of a very long dark tunnel.
  8. I think it came from South Africa, and now there's another new Brazilian variant and we are only just now as an island nation shutting borders and banning those who test positive. It's one big balls up. Also read the otherday from Calderdale's leading health woman that nearly 60% of calderdale infections are the new variant which spreads 70% more than the original. I find it crazy how something can mutate in such a short period of time.
  9. Icke's Lizard


    My neighbour banged on my wall last night as I was trying to listen to my music He shouted "a little respect please" Well I aren't a massive Erasure fan but I played it for him none the less.
  10. Icke's Lizard


    I got arrested for stealing a complete set of encyclopedias. I said to the police "hang on, I can explain everything"
  11. Apparently we've seen a little flattening off with new cases but I'm still scared to death of catching it with my asthmatic lungs I'd be a gonner. It's my birthday coming up and so I would have celebrated it this weekend, but instead I had to stay in home and couldn't go see the lass I love most in this whole world. It's a proper drag and it broke my heart of I'm honest. The tv is $hite and does help time tick over either. I'm back working on Tuesday having to go to somebody's house where I can't account for their whereabouts and I'm dreading it. This new variant has really put the
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