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  1. Also Hyde and Chadwick should be a good duo upfront so hope to see plenty of goals
  2. When do we ever play 4 at the back and Maher being in midfield.
  3. Just listened to Challinors interview and one thing he said is exactly what I’ve been thinking for a while and I don’t get why we do it either! “They play like they are the away team when they are playing at home. They drop off and let teams have possession” Now I’m not too bothered if we are away against a top team doing that but when we are at home we are boring to watch and we do always let teams dictate us and I don’t ever get why we do it. A lot of people say on here during a home game we are giving them too much respect etc but we are at home let’s go at them and let’s attack
  4. The interview with McClelland is brilliant and very in depth
  5. Well for myself I love that helli showed abit of passion and commitment to the club something a lot of staff and players don’t have these days.
  6. If we don’t get 3 points Saturday wave bye bye to them play offs
  7. Well he didn’t do right well in going for the block against boreham wood in the play offs should he scoring an own goal. Should have left it for Johnson even the commentators said that and they are usually dumb
  8. What i still can’t believe is how bad that result were against Barnet. They are utter crap and we couldn’t beat them
  9. That’s what Jeff king does! Puts in a lovely delivery and boom goal!
  10. He’s just scored a cracking volley against Lincoln for his first football league goal
  11. That’s because we create more chances. I’m saying other teams finish better than us when they get the chance. We don’t
  12. Is that a surprise. Every team passes better than us and also finishes better than us
  13. We are the most inconsistent team in the league. We are either good/decent or absolutely dogshit. Can’t ever seem to get 2/3 wins on the bounce now
  14. Thank god. Then we can go back to keeping clean sheets every game!
  15. That’s not a bad team for us with 2 of their key players out and featherstone coming back. We’ve got a good attacking team so let’s beat these bastards!
  16. Looks a good attacking team. They’re missing Oates and Johnson from their starting XI which is a huge help for us
  17. Yeah I agree grey goose tonight will show if we are ready for the play offs. We’ve dropped abit albeit we have games in hand but we haven’t been on a good run but a win tonight would certainly get us pumped up for Wealdstone
  18. I thought we might have gone back in for him to be honest. However he’s just signed for Alty on loan
  19. He’s been very average this season. Most certainly his worst season for the club
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