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  1. Good interview. Sounds a lot more user friendly than JF, not that that’s saying much. Let’s hope he can lead us for a few years.
  2. I went to see us lose at Oldham in the 70’s. Think it was 3-2 but a great game. We need a run out. Bring it on.
  3. Interesting appointment. He’ll have to hit the floor running. I’ll reserve judgment until Christmas, when we’ll be able to see 1. If he’s a good judge of players, as we are still well short of a full squad and need new bodies in. 2. Can he motivate (JF’s big weakness). 3. If he plays attacking football (a problem for our last 2 managers). Would be interesting to know why he left Oldham. Personal reasons????? I hope he makes Clarke his assistant and Brown his Captain. Come on Town.
  4. Delay can’t be good for Season Ticket sales.
  5. It’s about competence. I think the club has been run in a far more competent manner by the current Board than by any other Board in my time supporting the Mighty Shaymen (50 years). Stuart Peacock is going to be sadly missed. A ethical, intelligent gentleman. I’ll be very disappointed if I can’t share a drink with him before and after games in the future.
  6. I’m not worried about the dross moving on. Concerned about losing Brown or Johnson.
  7. We’re all crossing our fingers hoping for new recruits, but I’m concerned we might lose a player or two before the Season kicks off.
  8. Richmond96


    Aspin, Heath & JF had lost momentum. I’m hoping for a fresh approach. NC very well thought of by Orient fans and has handled himself well whilst with us. He gets my vote. Wouldn’t be disappointed if Ronnie Moore got the nod. Doubt we’ll see who else applied but it would be interesting to know.
  9. Stuart Peacock is a top bloke. Hope he doesn’t slip away completely.
  10. I’d give it to NC provided its as a player manager. Handles himself well and understands the Town, the club and its constraints. Not something our last manager comprehended. I also think he can motivate.
  11. Unless someone with more money comes forward YES
  12. Christ, get real. This is without doubt the best Board we’ve had in 50 years. If you do not understand this you probably vote for Corbin. Be very careful what you wish for. There really is no upside to bitching about this Board. If no one else with more money to spend is ready to replace them (and they’ve said they’ll stand down if anyone else comes forward) there is no upside to this subject.
  13. He’s good but not even the best goalie in our league. If we got offered 50k we’d take it.
  14. Great move for a great player. Hope he scores 15 goals this season.
  15. Has to be Freddie Hill who played for England as a winger before Sir Alf decided to play without wide men. Easily the best player I ever saw play for us. We sold him to Man City who were a top team at the time.
  16. A great description of our position. However, I think we’ve ran out of the cash reserves and the Board are digging into their piggy banks to fund the club.
  17. Richmond96


    I’m a Ducky fan. Good signing. Now let’s sign some midfielders who can supply our strikers.
  18. Gennoe Nichol Freddie Hill (the best player I've seen play for us) Vardy
  19. 68-69 season. We beat Newport County 3-0. Lez Massey hatrick. First away game was at Bradford City, think it was 1-1 with Tony Flower putting us ahead. A lot of fighting at that game.
  20. The most important characteristic of a great life is a positive outlook.
  21. Richmond96


    I’d rather go to Harrogate than Fylde so for that reason I hope Harrogate don’t go through.
  22. Ben Bottomley is a good DJ so the music shouldn’t be a problem, but it is. Can’t he get involved & resolve matters?
  23. Our next manager? Fingers crossed.
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