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  1. It must be under consideration. By my calculations we’re not breaking even. The Board must be putting in quite a lot and I’m upset by the last 2 away surrenders. The Board must be really depressed. If they just walk away goodness knows what will happen next. 

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  2. Don’t get the love in for Johnson. Might be a decent shot stopper but can’t take crosses. Terrible error for their first. The only players who looked to move forward were CK and Allen. The rest simply not interested. The manager has to get a reaction, as not putting in the effort is not acceptable. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Wilder Bollox said:

    If he falls out with players as easy as he falls out with fans he's got big problems

    Too right. Our squads too thin for that. He has to get them working. I’ve driven 600 miles to see the last 2 away games and the effort has being disappointing to say the least. 

  4. 2 hours ago, chrisbo61 said:

    With respect, I really dont think cosmetic surgery accounts for much on the grand scheme of things! I think one of the main drains on the budget is huge salaries for management and consultants!

    Fair point. The main drain on resources probably is money wasted on management & consultants. I was trying to broaden the discussion to “what do we want from the NHS going forward?”

    Should obese people be told to lose weight before getting a knee replacement? Should people who make appointments but fail to show up be charged a cancellation fee?

  5. What often gets ignored is the evolution of the NHS. To start off with its was designed to provided a basic level of care. Now people get cosmetic surgery (depending on their post code). If we didn’t waste money on boob jobs etc perhaps waiting times for essential treatments might fall meaningfully. Are our politicians honest enough to have an honest debate about such matters? Sadly no. 

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  6. 26 minutes ago, Bubba said:

    Its not an election to celebrate; probably the worst in my life time. Long standing Conservatives telling the electorate not to vote Tory; long standing Labour politicians telling the electorate to vote Conservative. It shows how polairised politics has become.

    I dont necessarily think Johnson is overly right wing; probably quite liberal a Conservative but can he be trusted?

    We are a moderate country and had Labour had a leader who was more centrist then they would have won on a landslide.

    Corbyn is inept; he may not be anti-semitic but the way he has handled the issue has been shocking. He is too Marxist; far too Marxist for a moderate country. It is OK saying it was his personality rather than necessarily his policies because whilst there may be some truth in that, his policies were too ambitious and probably un-achievable which put off many.

    My fear is that given how the Labour Party is set up is that it will struggle to get out of this left wing cycle. With the activists, Momentum, etc, the chances are when Corbyn finally goes he will be replaced by someone of similar ilk. As we saw with Michael Foot, there is no appetite for such left wing politics. Its something Blair understood and that led to 13 (?) years of a Labour government.

    We need a strong opposition to hold the government of the day to account - the next leader of the Labour party is crucial to this but the left wing ideologists, if they get their way, will see the Tories stay in power long term.

    The last few years has been dominated by Brexit and Johnson now has the opportunity to produce with a strong majority. We will soon see if the warnings made against him was just scaremongering but hopefully we will see an improvement in politics over what we have had to endure over the last few years.

    The other big issue is another referendum in Scotland. If they vote to leave (I don’t think they will) it gets even harder for a hopefully new, more centralist Labour to get power. Labour are a total shambles. Momentum and Unite are in total denial this morning. Suicidal idiots. You have to win to implement policies. 

  7. Winston Churchill once said “in wartime truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies”. I think all the Parties in this election have forgotten we’re not at war. All the lies are distorting the selection process. 

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  8. 3 hours ago, chrisbo61 said:

    So what you are saying is you are a fascist!

    You dont care about anyone but yourself, but constantly moan about the state of the country

    Cognitive dissonance at its finest!

    You really are a rude, one-eyed, stupid fool. Hope you have a Happy Christmas. 

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  9. 12 hours ago, Hoddie said:

    I don't get the love-in for David Milliband. Tony Blair MKII, just like his brother, comprehensively dismissed by the electorate. I think New Labour did a lot of good but they were Tories flying under a different colour. Like Corbyn and his colleagues or not, but the current leadership of Labour are closer to the historic roots and ideals of the party than Blair, Brown or Milliband ever got.

    During the time I've been politically aware, probably since William Hague was leader of the Tories, you would be hard pressed to tell the main two parties apart so close were their policies. That's not healthy for a democracy. UKIP had a chance to change British politics for good but our constituency system prevented them getting the MPs their share of the vote deserved. The Libs tried to get proportional representation through as a condition of their entering coalition in 2010, but the Tories and Labour were never going to support that because they would be the only losers.

    You make some very interesting points. Personally I think most of the country would prefer our politicians to consistently tread the middle ground. Wild swings from hard right to hard left results in a bumpy path for most of us. That said there isn’t much evidence that coalition’s work in the U.K. I think Farage is the most honest of a very bad bunch of options. Pity I don’t agree with all of his plans. It’ll be The Tories for me this time, but only because I think Corbin is incredibly dangerous and would be an embarrassment to the country. 

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