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  1. I've heard they can congratulate each other elbow to elbow, but everyone's all over everyone in the box. Ridiculous.
  2. A friend of mine worked in the boardroom. When the Brighton delegate came in pre-match and their chairman asked him, 'Alright?', my friend said he was feeling nervous. The chairman patted him on the shoulder and replied, 'You'll be alright tonight.' True story. Believe what you want but there's a train of thought that the result was contrived.
  3. I've often thought that. Very soft goal. And Geoff looked a mile offside.
  4. Shaymus

    Euro 1996

    Only going forward. Which, to be fair, was the direction they were usually going to take the pressure off. For all Jeff Astle got lambasted for missing an open goal, the fact is, the Brazilians couldn't cope with him after he came on.
  5. Yes, but Radio Ronnie was wired up!
  6. 1945 v Chesterfield as part of a montage of football in Second World War.
  7. Whilst there's a thread on here remembering our relegation in 1993, spare a thought for George, who took us back into the Football League five years later. Today would have been his 84th birthday.
  8. Jim Brown (yes, our former chairman!) told me the very next day that when the red cards were produced, he went down the tunnel. Their lad Chris Priest, went into the away dressing room at the far end of the corridor, and Browny barred Kevin Hulme's way, with Hulmey screaming, 'Just let me have a minute with him!'
  9. My recollection is quite vivid. On the Tuesday of that week I was in the changing rooms having just played five-a-side when this fella walked in waving a piece of paper, shouting, 'Where is he?', meaning Jim Brown. He looked like he was going to kill him. All club officials of teams taking part in the Sunday junior finals had received a letter either that day or the day before informing them that The Shay would not be in use and everything was being shifted to Roils Head. He said the kids were heartbroken. Bob Walker was chairman then, but Jim Brown I guess must have been involved because he had the contacts for demolition, and that's whose name was on the letter he had.
  10. It was a 2-2 draw. Brian Butler scored with a volley to make it -2. There's video footage somewhere. April 1990. Day of the Grand National, if memory serves me right. I certainly remember standing on the banking at the bus garage end.
  11. John Francis and Paul Stoneman were the ones sent off.
  12. Jim Brown insisted that the bulldozers moved in an hour after end of game. All junior finals due to be played the following day were switched to Roils Head. Why Brown did this I have more idea. It was the measure of the man.
  13. Yes, remember it well. It was screened live from Argentina, and was in black and white.
  14. It's interesting that Tony Thwaites features in the programme, because I don't remember him being around in the early Nineties. I thought he'd got involved with the rugby.
  15. Sad to hear the news that former Manchester City and Liverpool striker Michael Robinson has passed away. He was part of the City side beaten by Halifax Town in January 1980. A former Preston team mate of our keeper that day, John Kilner.
  16. Would that be Rodney 'the Greetland Flasher'?
  17. I'm reliably informed that the game is Bournemouth, not Brentford, the cream coloured Cortina belonged to Nigel Brown, the Renault is secretary David Holland's, and the red Cortina GT is probably Mick Leonard's dad's!
  18. Shaymus

    Gary Wilby

    I saw him at The Shay sometime last season. In a wheelchair now, sadly.
  19. That's how the Football League used to be structured, certainly in Town's first season 1921-22. Up until 1924.
  20. Shaymus

    Gary Wilby

    Stop making up stories, you could land people in trouble! He was just asking about his health (unless that's a code).
  21. Shaymus

    Gary Wilby

    I think Mick Kennedy spent a lot of time in there, too. He was in there one day when I called in.
  22. Shaymus

    Gary Wilby

    Is he still around? Former keeper Mick Leonard is asking.
  23. Shaymus

    Gary Wilby

    Do any Town fans know of or remember Gary Wilby, a bit of a lad around town back in the day? Asking for a friend.
  24. The narrator didn't do his homework. The War Cup was played over two legs. The first leg of this tie with Chesterfield at The Shay ended in a 1-1 draw, so hardly putting Town 'out'. They lost the second leg at Saltergate 3-1. And after extra-time. Just saying.
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