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  1. I think I have worked out why our season has started so poorly. Loads of our players are drinking in the bar at half time during the games.
  2. Closet Fax fan recognising our players on a night out.
  3. Pitch held up fine today, the wind has probably helped quite a bit. Obviously worst affected area is still the football goal mouth at the south stand side but that seems to have always been the case for a number of reasons.
  4. Hope this means the fat lads call their game off Sunday too........
  5. I think theres a few people on here who obviously headed the ball too much as kids.
  6. You mean we dont these days? You are looking in the wrong places if you believe that. Either that or listening to a select few on here.
  7. East stand looked to be about the same as usual to be fair. South stand did feel a bit emptier than normal.
  8. It fits in with their own personal ideology.
  9. The game may be dying at a professional level but at amateur level the game in the area is producing more players for Super League clubs than ever before. It will be a very long time before the game dies at amateur level in this area. Anyway Im off to listen to Starship then Im going to watch the Hit Man and Her.
  10. Agree with all that but just to point out Ovenden didn't fold they just moved club houses and it was crossed wires for some people as the post that went out on FB made it sound like the club had folded.
  11. If that is any indication of how our season is going to go then yes, Im delighted to get it out of the way.
  12. Yeah kind of can't remember saying I were delighted that it was been played tonight. Must be true if you say so though. Discipline was the reason we lost tonight or the lack of it, attendance was given out, and the pitch as expected cut up a bit but the most damaged areas are still the football goal mouths.
  13. Makes sense to get it done but should have been played Sunday. That pitch does not stand a chance of holding up.
  14. Took me 30 seconds to find the attendance. Took me less time to count them on the terraces
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