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  1. Id say we have more chance of winning the challenge cup than getting some of the people on that shareholders list all on the same page.
  2. Some of them I don't want anywhere near our club but they have not got enough money between them to purchase the club nevermind the stadium. Im hoping Town fans do their bit again if it ever got that far.
  3. I think your source may be slightly off as in 86/87 our attandance was slightly above 5.5k. Not much but worth mentioning. In the period of 85-90 only 3 teams averaged more fans than us which suggests that away followings other than the big 3 of Wigan, Saints, and Leeds late 90's were pretty poor on the whole. Im really not sure the point of comparing the historical attendances of a team playing a minority sport with hyperthetical attendances of a team playing the worlds most played sport but never been in a position to do anything but guess.
  4. Between 85-90 we were the 4th best supported team in the top division. Ironically the season we got relegated 88-89 we had an average attendance of just over 8k.
  5. And Halifax Town congratulating us on Twitter which was a nice touch. Small steps.
  6. So Town would take more fans to the FA Cup final than Fax took in 1954? Lets be realistic those sort of numbers attending a game from any sport in this town are long gone. I know my memory is clouded but I remember us getting 6-7k in the old 2nd division at Thrum Hall and getting more fans for our 2nd team games than both Town and Fax currently get for their first team games. Times have changed, Town could be in the premier League and would probably struggle to beat Bournemouth's average attendances(Stadium allowing obviously).
  7. Yeah 0-0 and must have been about 6 missed dropped goals. The replay was just as dull but a great occasion. Not sure we will be celebrating this one but should still be a good day out even with a big score against us.
  8. You would do well to beat the 102k official attendance nowadys nevermind the 120k guesstimate.
  9. Nice to see so many positive comments on yesterdays game on here. Not been to a challenge cup semi final for 31 years and likely to get pasted in this one but a fantastic achievement by the players especially as all the build up revolved around how great it would be for Bradford to get there.
  10. When does work start on it? Nice to see a little bit of grass on it though, very similar to before we played our first match of the season on it.
  11. Apparently the RFL do try and work it so that our games are on opposite weekends to the football but logic suggests that is probably not always going to be possible when we have to spend at least a month away from home at some point in our season to accommodate pitch repairs.
  12. In many peoples opinions there is not enough grass on the pitch to risk putting covers on it, it would only go to further weaken the roots and likely enhancing the problem rather than helping it.
  13. Im not sure why it should be split 3 ways? What is in the tenancy agreement? That should clear up that argument. As far as I can tell apart from the game that could not be cancelled, Fax have gone out of their way to keep use of the pitch to a minimum. No pre-season friendlies, Reserve games played elsewhere, both these costing the club much needed revenue and also training for much of the time away from the club. Obviously the club gets painted in a bad light but its obvious to most people when the damage was done to the pitch.
  14. Not on the debtors list though?
  15. What was the admin error? There is not current debt though right?
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