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  1. the lad from FGR can´t remember his name- but we also had Matty Brown, Duckworth & Josh MacDonald out injured for long periods last season,
  2. Redshaw-then that lad on loan last season
  3. Great player for us RIP Les.
  4. Les has asked me to apologise to all the fans who have sent him messages as they are so down they have not been able to respond, they have had a plaster doing work for them who has tested positive for covid19 and he did not tell them and both feeling not well, a friend has manage to get the both tested today and will know the results on Monday so I will let you know what has transpired then. Thank you for all your kind thoughts.
  5. I am on a VPN Hoddie but go through News now and no problems try to get straight on and will not even open.
  6. We are almost there:- https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-were-not-far-says-wild-ahead-solihull-clash-3032761 Strangely going into Halifax courier from a 3rd party is not a problem and no pop up ads.
  7. My generation it is polite way of terming a shall we say non white population and I was married to a coloured lady to whom I have a daughter.
  8. Our track record they willl be.
  9. Hoping that was going to be Golden but alas a bit of a fairy.
  10. PW hope to have a forward in before Sat plus another player.
  11. I´m not PW´s biggest fan but I think he has got the assessment right on this game, if Stenson is an injury prone player we should never have signed end of. fitness is the first priority when signing a player.
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