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  1. Hoooooooooooo Forgot about Muldoon seems he´s been with us for ever Exactly
  2. And Danny Scho gets the MOTM his skills (if not his age and absence from the game) deserves. Having a dig at myself before anyone else does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Semi-North F. for me Final don´t care we only get expenses not gate rec. so does not matter. As long as we win.
  4. Penalties Gatehead -S-M-S-S- Wrexham -S-S-S-S-S
  5. 1-0 Marc........................
  6. I think they have done well !!!!!!!!!!
  7. Allan Titchmarsh has spoken..........
  8. 15/08/2015 FCHT v Brighouse (friendly) postponed from 2014
  9. Thats just you being your normal self Greg45 I think we will still off load a couple but still leaves us with a strong squad........
  10. Kelly does not think so Brilliant Jan Window
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