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  1. Iirc our neighbours gained promotion via the playoffs to the premier League without scoring a goal in open play or normal time. It means nothing in the playoffs. And they finished the season with a negative goal difference...
  2. Based on the restarts so far it takes a competitive game to get going. We beat boring wood and when we play harrogant we will have already played a competitive fixture Vs Harrogate's zero, so that should then level out the indifference in ability throw in our higher level of desire and the world is our oyster. The final... Everyone knows that can be decided on the flip of a coin form, skill and ability are all out of the window in a final. It's time to believe.
  3. Yeah why not, might as well sweeten the deal
  4. It's a bit like having the summer off, knocking a ball around with your kids and coming back into pre season friendlies. This is like the pre season friendly bit. Hopefully the competitive edge returns
  5. Could it be hosted in either or both of the club bars. Sell maybe a table each, have 15 tables set up 1m apart and sell tickets at 100 quid a table. Game on the TV bar open? Would imagine that's the only possible way
  6. The argument would be if logistically and safely you can host a game in a stadium to watch on a TV what is the difference to doing the same and hosting the game infront of fans and not behind closed doors. You also have the issue of what do you do if there are 4 fans to the left of you and you need a piss after 20 mins? How do you then get out maintaining the 1 meter distance?
  7. Also they would need approval from the council, need to make the ground covid secure and I don't think at the present time it could even be done never mind the logistical and cost aspects
  8. It's more the logistics of that and managing the same. I think unfortunately the club will see it as 1. Cost prohibitive And 2. Impossible to manage So Won't bother unfortunately
  9. Get a UK IPTV sub for a couple of months
  10. Not a chance otherwise you could work 9-5 normally be furloughed and then get another job working night shift somewhere. I think the government would have something to say about that.
  11. Get a blind auction going from the club, maybe auction off some unique experiences. Matty brown washing your car anyone?
  12. It's unfair to speculate on the reasons behind the selection. Maybe redshaw and Allen were not fit, carrying a knock, ill. You cant just say it's disrespectful etc when your Ill aware of the facts. Given how we have been playing I would imagine it would be down to a specific reason rather than reverting back to the old failed system. Pete wild isn't an idiot.
  13. StVn1987


    No the one at Elland bridge is a container from heath rugby club.
  14. Part with manager, forget wild he's rubbish.
  15. Redshaw was on a pay as you play deal. So; Southwell out redshaw in Mcalinden out Rodney in. Earing only out short term and can't imagine them sort of clubs will pay his full wage, even so won't be anywhere near the likes of what we would need to secure hardy. Unless bosom puts his hand in his pocket it's not happening. Given where we are in league I don't see him spending and rocking the apple cart when we are on target to finish in playoffs, no amount of money we spend is going to cause barrow to collapse at this stage. Though if we do miss out it's this kind of spending which you COULD say would make all the difference it is also spending like this that helped kill off the old club, personally I think bosom is playing this spot on and what will be will be. Plus when your doing a 1 in 1 out and your bringing in the likes of redshaw and Rodney I imagine earing leaving was a factor in the financing of those deals. 1.5 out 1 In if you like
  16. Was 25 years old and had his young life cut short on the 25th of January. 25th min applause would be a somewhat partially fitting tribute to the lad.
  17. Anyone would think we have just taken a good seeing to by Chorley with this reaction. R.E Cameron King - We all know he cant play sat, tues, sat - Today due to them having so many players behind the ball his creativity would be reduced, why waste his fitness tonight when he will be far more useful against Boreham wood. He came on, gave the ball away a couple of times, laid off a few simple balls and did nothing of note. R.E Tobi - Again played many minuets over the season so far. Holding up the ball and trying to thread a cheeky ball through when there are 7 defenders lined up behind you? innefective, rest him for Boreham wood. Came on and we improved (Slightly) Allen - Coming back from injury 70% Possession he wouldnt have been able to maintain that kind of intensity coming back from injury. Its all in hindsight, won and it would have been a masterstroke, draw as it is and somehow starting King, sho and Allen we would have sunk 5 past them. Also saying they have conceded x amount etc. They started the season as all clubs, playing normal football, they soon realised they cannot play this way due to losing 5-1 4-1 3-1 etc they then changed the way they play, look at how many they have conceded in the last 4/5 games. If we would have won Wild would have been a football management genius, instead he's now mentioned in the same breath as Fullarton. What a fickle lot.
  18. Signs ex fgr. Was due to sign for bury before their demise Holding mid. Looks decent
  19. StVn1987

    J B W

    If fylde start Kosylo next saturday, we need him wound up and sent off asap if not he will run rings around JBW
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    Retained List

    Yes he's one of the 5
  21. StVn1987

    Retained List

    Good job Maher is contracted for next season then. Signed permanently on a 1 and a half year deal.
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    And underplastic heating
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