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  1. Excellent engaging interview, bodes well for the future of our Club. Additional thanks to Steve & others for making it happen.
  2. Macam blue


    A valid point Greygoose, On his showing with us, he is well worth our view of his ability, as against his time with Salford or Hartlepool. The only real issue is how we set up to get the best of his attributes. Lets not forget, that we played to his strengths in his 1st spell with Duku or A.N.O playing in tandem & drawing other defenders away to allow him to attack the ball/defender. Near the end of his 2nd time with us this was not happening & therefore he was ploughing a lone furrow, allowing more defenders to close him out of the game. Not his fault, but we need to set up better to play a more attack minded, pressure football & let the defence look after its self.
  3. Its good to hear that most of the players are still with us, presumably furloughed along with the other non playing staff. If correct it shows DB & the Manager have it all under control. Its an ideal time to consider who of the players whose contract would normally have expired that they want to retain & get them to commit for the next season & beyond. Several come to mind who I would be happy to see stay of the current group, apologies if I have included any already under contract for next season. Josh MacDonald (still relatively young & has a great cross in his locker) Cameron King (if his fitness improves he is still our playmaker) Jeff King (I know he gets booked too easily but always gives of his best) Ducky ( proved his worth every game he played until his injury) Danny Williams (came into his own as a left wing back late in the season) Nathan Clarke (I know he is getting on a bit, but a regular who has played 95% of the last 2 season & is worth another one + would be a good addition to the non playing staff if not a regular on the pitch) Niall Maher (still young & gives some bite in midfield or acting defence in the absence of Ducky) I have not included those below as I believe these are all contracted. Matty Brown Sam Johnson Jammie Allen Jack Earing Josh Staunton Jacob Hanson That is not a bad start to next season if/when it comes. After all, everyone of these contributed to a very creditable play off position as we stand at present.
  4. I understand Papa. But as stated by several on here, his contract was ending at his home club, so if we took advantage to offer him a contract soon after the last game whilst he was still our loanee player, then surely it was in both parties interest?
  5. Not suggesting we give a new player a job, just existing players who presumably were furloughed at the same time as all the other staff.
  6. I understand that. Just saying, we had an agreement in place for him to be loaned to us until x date. therefore if that agreement is legal, surely if we then offer him/anyone a contract surely they would be eligible for the scheme? Meaning it would safeguard their income stream & be of benefit for them to sign for us.
  7. Would it have been possible for our astute Chairman/Manager, to agree new contracts with the better players who last played for us before the lockdown, thus regaining a half decent squad & allow them to be furloughed on 80% wages? In my view if this had been done early enough, players like Devante Rodney & others who's contracts were due to expire, would be eligible for the furlough scheme & secure their services once the pandemic is over & safeguard their income in the short term.
  8. There's always 1 or 2 want their cake & eat it. Ignore them, they are a minority. My guess is 99% would gladly forgo anything owed & would willingly contribute to improve the clubs finances during these difficult times, if approached with a request.
  9. A true blue Shayman, get well soon DJ
  10. Far side of north bridge, used to be either side of the traffic lights before they did the fly over & roundabout.
  11. for you older ones, can think of another 4 old pubs now no more. Prince of Wales on Huddersfield Road opposite McD bottom of Salterhebble Hill Pineapple & Great Northern (end of north bridge) called Hotels but pubs really Another who's name escapes me was an Ale & Porter only pub at the bottom of Water Lane before you climb up Bank Top, closed early 70s???
  12. Loved Dave Leonard, one of my best ever town players. Gave his all & had a wonderfully powerful shot. Matty Pearson has a similar attitude but not quite the level of ability. We have been blessed with some really good players over the decades, unfortunately mixed with a fair bit of dross
  13. We were really under the cosh all game till Ward turned the game on its head. Remember walking out after the game & Sheffield supporters were in shock, mystified how they couldn't hold of the one player in our team to rescue a valuable point.
  14. Another good winger from the past was Dave Chadwick. Very skilful & enjoyed taking the left back on.
  15. another one to be left out was our very own Stevie Ward, stayed with J Crowther I believe when playing for us & on his day he could be very good. Remember 1 game against Sheffield United, we were getting tonked & he single handed earned us a 2-2 draw. Other days he was a crowd whipping boy (were have I heard that before)
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