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  1. Correct Wilder. That is one of the reasons I still believe we will be crowned Champions this season. Regain our confidence & attacking flair & we will once gain go on a good run.
  2. Whats it about Trev? tried to read it several times & just get blocked by pop ups
  3. Doesn't really matter who is in the play offs Tom, as long as we are the Champions
  4. Its ok wanting to have all the flair players in, but we need to get back to controlling games. In defence of Tobi, he does add strength to our defence when needed & was our main point of attack when we were scoring for fun earlier in the season. Lets get a few more points on the board, see how we are & then Pete has carte blanche to experiment to his hearts content for me.
  5. That is a very strong first 11. Hope we get back to the way we have shown how we can play.
  6. Also good to hear on a separate article, that DB is still enjoying the roll of Chairman & not lost the desire to continue the level of involvement he gives on our behalf. Here's hoping that he can get a good outcome from talks with other interested investors & together they take us on to the next level. We also appear to be building bridges with long established, genuine fans, who previously felt snubbed by the BOD. Lets hope for a bright future. Come on Town.
  7. Macam blue


    Don't like it. It takes all the excitement out of the game.
  8. kick off delayed due to power failure.
  9. At last, someone who talks my language
  10. Amazing how much damage an angry poodle can do
  11. Yes I agree Steve, but communications have improved considerably of late. Even to the point of letting us fans know the thinking behind trying to further increase potential investment & the likely outcome. It would be very fitting if this could be the season where we gained promotion to the FL. It would cement the BOD's place in the history of the club in a very positive way & would be a fitting end for them if it were to be their swan song. On the other hand, it may give them an added purpose in deciding to stay on & push us forward even further, I cannot imagine all the good our current regime would achieve with the 850K additional income that would come from the FL.
  12. I stand corrected I don't remember a 2nd incident.
  13. The 3 gents who have run our club over the past 11 years deserve full credit for all their efforts. They have been a breath of fresh air in our chequered existence. In my view it will be a sorry day when the remaining 2 decide to call it a day. Yes they have made mistakes, but so have we all in this period.
  14. Huddersfield I believe. It didn't give way, their idiots deliberately tore it down.
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