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  1. I hope you are right, perhaps an overstatement on my part, yet to see us put to the sword this season, long may it continue.
  2. That's good to hear Janis, On our day we show glimpses of quality, on other days we stand off teams & let them dictate the pattern of play. As other posters have said, we need to be on our game against Nott's Co, otherwise they will run us ragged. We are a Jekyll & Hyde Team too regularly & need to see more of the Dr Jekyll & only the one Mr Hyde as in Jake Hyde, if you get my drift.
  3. Must be different viewing devices Nick. Mine was as clear as a bell.
  4. A good result, still to see a really good team who deserve to win the league outright this season, all much of a sameness no real quality. We are no worse than any other team & on occasion look a lot better. Which means we still have a slim chance. I enjoyed the streaming service, a very fair commentary team & helped by good camera position & play back of chances & highlights at half time. Why is ours so poor? In all, we controlled the game other than the one chance they put away. Green was excellent, played some lovely long passes & controlled midfield, we u
  5. scroll below the main picture & it shows up half way on screen
  6. Also good use of the bottom screen to show who the commentators are + the sponsors. Hope this disappears when the game starts.
  7. The sun is shining, we have a live HTFC game to watch or listen to. What could possibly go wrong
  8. This is dangerous, got a good feeling about todays game. Just hope I am not disappointed.
  9. Great idea, good luck if this can be accomplished. These are difficult times & any way of continuing the season should be given every chance to succeed. It may induce our reluctant clubs to also find a way forward as well.
  10. For those intending to buy todays Stream, on their stream page they say stream commentary will begin 15 minutes prior to kick off with special guest interview. Before those ITK criticize me for negative remarks, why don't we have similar? It may help iron out some of our streaming issues & give our supporters something additional to look forward to. Thus perhaps increasing revenue, by more supporters buying the stream.
  11. For me the best football we have played (other than giving away 2 silly penalties) was against Torquay, when we set up to close them down & create forward movement. We should go with a similar set up today. If Senior is injured, surely there was enough on show from Campbell in a defensive mode to slot him into the left wing back role. Torquay was his best game for us & he constantly helped in the defensive play to fill that roll & not to disrupt moving King across to where he is not comfortable, or risking changing a team formation that clearly worked. We play our best football whe
  12. There isn't much quality at this level, to be honest I don't think Hartlepool were much better than Barnet on tonight's showing. We threw away 2 points.
  13. perhaps it is not the commentators, but the quality of the audio system that is being used? As a side issue, not long ago, if there were issues with allowing the FANS into the ground or some other reason that would have spoilt their entertainment. The referee would have had the oportunity to hold the game up until the issue was sorted, so that the FANS would not have missed the start. Do we not matter any more
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