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  1. That is a pleasing result. how bad were Barnet. We still struggle to cross a ball from where it hurts using wingbacks, good job our central defenders are better at it. Difficult to criticise after that result, but we would be a better team playing with a defensive 4, this allows 1 of the back 4 to bomb forward without losing shape at the back. A lot of effort from our forward players, nice to see Hyde get off the mark & Earing looked the player we hoped for. Now for Saturday, lets put on a really good show in front of the BT Cameras.
  2. Maher looked composed 2nd half on Saturday when reverting to defence to cover for Clarke & certainly showed some nice touches on the ball. My main concern (and has been all back end & beginning of this season) is we have not shown any ability to cross a ball from deep wide or play a telling dead ball or corner. Something our wingbacks need to be able to do. Its got to be a back 4 & let those 4 defend with little or no help from midfield unless one of them is bombing forward. Lets get at them. Up the Town.
  3. True, but it says under their profile that they are still under contract. Which I was lead to believe didn't allow them to take up a new post unless the club received some payment. I could be wrong, it wont be the first (or last)time.
  4. Cowley Bros might be a better option, but wont come cheap as still under contract at Huddersfield & I presume those contracts will have to be bought out. Football wise they do like to show some flare, which would make a nice change.
  5. Watched the game on my 70yr old lap top, no streaming issues for me just crap football
  6. Summary of 1st half. Streaming service better than ours (appear to have some control of camera movement) commentary very fair in my oppinion. Jammie Allen very lively Sutton U 7 shots, 4 on target 3 off target 3 saves by Sam 1 goal (pen) Halifax 0 shots Rubbish Town. but still in it.
  7. Difficult to tell how good his touch is when facing the wrong way its been said by many he is a goal poacher. not his forte holding play up. Play your players in their best position would be my suggestion.
  8. We did not play to his strengths, always back to goal & not using his speed.
  9. Good post Tommy. Thats the infuriating part of supporting Town. We mostly agreed we had a decent squad at the start of the season & expected to be up there pushing for a promo spot. There is very little difference in quality in our league & with a bit more vision our team could be fighting our corner in the top 3/4 teams. Any team that aspires to win games by an attacking formation, deserves to get promoted. Shame its not us.
  10. its strange how fans see players best suited to certain roles. Maher needs to be constantly involved, or he disappears. Defensive Midfield is his best role as a single break up play enforcer. Also able to fit in as central/ right side defender if the game changes or a defensive player is injured. Worth his place in the team but needs to play in his best position to get anything of note from his type of game.
  11. he may come back & bite you in the bum today for that comment
  12. From watching most of our home games last season & streamed viewing most of this, it is pretty obvious that 90% of our team are frightened to death to go anywhere near the goal, let alone have a shot at it
  13. Goals win games. We do not spend enough of the game attacking. More emphasis in training should be on creating attacking moves & shooting at the onion bag
  14. True Roy, Clarke at present is trying too hard to make the pattern of play work to our advantage,that is why he is trying the long punts that are off target. A change of formation to a more attacking set up would give him time to look up & play the ball forward to a player better positioned to create some movement. Because we are so defense minded at present this is adding pressure to the defense, as they do not have the players in front of them to release the pressure, hence so many mistakes.
  15. Another disappointing result, the first 50 mins we never really got going. Every attack we had 2/3 players in the final 1/3 where as Torquay had 5/6 players in similar positions with more pace & desire. Second half we did a little better & broke up play well, only to be punished with poor passing & lax defending. As I have thought from game day one, we don't have the players to play with wing backs, I like Maher but he is lost in that position, much better sat in front of the defense, getting stuck in & breaking up play. I hope Pete Wilde doesn't wait too long be
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