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  1. Cannot understand all the whining, complaining and excuses. We are Part Time and will not use this as an excuse for poor performances, deal with it! We may not splash the Cash, but we still have a FOOTBALL team in Halifax, deal with it! We may have lost a match but not a Season, deal with it. All the TRUE SHAYMEN will be there, WIN, LOOSE or DRAW, deal with it!
  2. When we have points deducted for anti social behavior, which could happen and cost us promotion will these morons still be allowed at the Shay? It is quite easy to identify them and ban them, but a lot think its still the 70s and 80s and will let them get away with it.
  3. It is over to you, so don't delay and buy today. Please ensure this season ticket initiative can go ahead. Your continued support is hugely appreciated, we have to reach the target of 1700 paid sales announced at the outset to make this scheme feasible Think you will find under the trades description act that they have a obligation to sell them at the existing discounted price and it cannot be withdrawn, irrespective of its feasibility.
  4. shaysyke

    EU Referendum

    Back in February 1985, 12 years after we joined the EEC the pound was trading at 1.05, last night it was trading at 1.33,so who are people blaming for that exchange rate.Was it the rumour we were going to leave 31 years later. So after Australia and New Zealand have confirmed they want a trade deal with the UK, India and Maylasia are the next to want a free trade deal, worth remembering that India is a bigger population market than the entire EU. Not only that but Obama has now said a trade deal with the UK can be done alongside their deal with the EU. Indeed it looks like the US/EU TTIP deal has hit the buffers, that's the problem trying to do a deal ,that satisfies 28 sorry 27 different countries. So it seems the, 'we will go to the back of the queue',was yet another project fear threat that didn't even last the week. Osborne threatened an emergency within days of the referendum, which has proved to be an idle threat, and he won't be the Chancellor by the autumn. Plus the French government have confirmed that the border controls won't be moving to Dover, it was the a local politician in the Calais area who threatened that, but it was slapped down within the hour. We will remain a permanent member of the Security Council, the clue is in the word permanent. Don't you just love people who seem to delight in trying to talk our country down, and seem to hate the thought of it actually governing itself, like most countries in the world actually do.
  5. shaysyke

    EU Referendum

    So when I refuse to accept the lottery numbers as winners and wont do till I win, then its okay! That is why the Country is in a mess as you wont even accept England played crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. shaysyke

    EU Referendum

    As a democracy we voted to leave and everyone has to accept it, like it or not. Instead of everyone tearing shreds out of each other, it is time to move forward together now and make the most of what is happening. To keep putting every MAN AND HIS DOG DOWN, needs to stop. Keep living on past glory's like 1966 is our problem continually. As a Town, County and Nation, lets get on with it. Note:- TOWN FIRST
  7. Blatter and Company have been found guilty by association. Its time to relocate the next 2 World Cups as they got them through corruption and only crap will come from them being held there!!!!!!
  8. Sometimes a player has to help himself, was lazy and disinterested a lot of the time and very rarely tried to tackle or put pressure on opposition. Would love him to show us all he can add the missing part to his game to his goal scoring ability. Crack on lad and make us eat our words!!!!
  9. shaysyke

    Pitch Update

    Summer Football, we already have the Rugby League season in summer!!!!!!!!!!! So why does it start in February?
  10. The less Lillis is mentioned anywhere on the site is better
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