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    Tells me everything I need to know about how we are progressing recruitment wise. No need to panic, sit back, stay safe & let our Management Team do the business.
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    At a club like ours I don't get the 'I will only buy a season ticket if we sign....' Right now the club needs our support more than most other moments. To be honest, if you follow the Shay expecting to win something, and that's the only reason, you might need some professional help. Keep it simple, stand up and be counted when it matters. STID
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    Would not be surprised to see Ducky back at Hartlepool. He IMO will be the biggest miss but yet again the loyalty shown by our club has not been repaid by a player.
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    Some people are really hard to please. ‘Misses a few headers’, indeed. Staunton plays (played) for Halifax Town, not Liverpool. Anyone who saw him work his proverbials off, body on the line, etc. at Orient the season before last would be in no doubt as to his qualities. He is a huge loss; Maher would be the same. It’s not as if these are fringe players; they are first-team regulars. We are rebuilding yet another squad from scratch, and if we can’t afford to keep hold of the players we are losing, we’ll likely end up with yet another group comprising mostly journeymen and young hopefuls, who will need time to bed in. Will happily eat humble pie, but am unconvinced at present.
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    Fullartons football wasn't pretty to watch but he did move the club forward. It was him who badgered our chairman in to getting the training facilities it was him who then brought them up to the standard they are today, quoted by Pete Wild as being better than a lot of league 2 clubs. He didn't improve the football much but moved the club a lot further forward that many give him credit for.
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    Heath knows what works and gets results on a consistent basis. His record, like it or not, stands with the best of them at Non League level.
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    Anyone who thinks leaving the Shay will benefit FCHT is bonkers.
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    Just a time to re emphasise how important it is we are well run and if you are able too why now is the time to get a season ticket
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    Hardly surprising when we’re shouting from the rooftops that we have the lowest budget in the division
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    We nearly went bust 2 seasons ago after being sold to Cockney chancers,who milked the club dry. we’ve got a good chairman now,who’s streamlined the club & things are now looking promising.
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    Macca was a cracking player for us. What we needed, when we needed it. It was good watching him mature and settle with us and for him to bag that goal at Wembley just sort of capped off his legacy for us. He'd easily make it into a FCHT "HEROS" XI
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    I wouldn't. If he managed to find a cure or a way to combat whatever issue he has it would massively improve his quality of life.
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    Sorry, next time something that affects the club breaks out I will make sure it isn’t mentioned! And there was me thinking there would be some kind of relief that we had finally found a way out of it
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    FC Halifax are delighted to announce that an announcement about further announcements is now imminent.
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    I thought Staunton was a steady player at this level. Not a special stand out player, however far from a dud and was probably the sort of player a club like ours would realistically have in and around the team. I do feel JF played him out of position however and last season he became more of a jack of all trades player, sacrificed to fill in gaps when needed, rather than cementing his own place in the team. I personally would have liked to keep him as I do feel he is better than some still at the club and that versatility would be of use to us. Being realistic we aren't going to have a squad of top talents or world beaters for this level, so having strong steady players - which Staunton is one - is not a bad thing.
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    Cameron King the best player we've had since Josh Wilson left. Very sad he's going.
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    Staunton's gone to Greggs ?
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    Strange when a player leaves how all of a sudden deemed not good enough? Is this the same Josh Staunton that many on here were saying he had a chance of being our player of the year before lockdown?
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    There will be a lot of nervous clubs out there who have been overspending for years but due to current circumstances are looking to cut their cloth accordingly. Credit to DB in running a fairly tight ship which I think will benefit us with whats going on at the moment. I think once things settle we will be in a decent position for signing players. At the moment it is silly season with players believing they can get better deals elsewhere - which will be true in many cases - but there will be plenty of other decent players left looking for clubs with few wanting to carry hefty squads.
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    We have one in Hanson. Yet Wild thinks differently.
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    He bought a computer from me and I blocked its access to the forum!
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    Bought my season ticket yesterday. It's hardly a deal breaker whether we stay afloat or not but I've done my bit and like tesco "every little helps"
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    We should all start worrying when Steve Lumb starts worrying . Chadders has climbed off his fence to assure us that everything is wonderful
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    A ground share elsewhere would kill our club. I don't wish to travel to Bradford, Huddersfield or where ever and i know many more would agree. The only exception to this would be if we were evicted from the Shay and had no choice. BPA is probably not even fit for National league, segregation is almost impossible and the pitch is terrible. Bradford City wouldn't have us as their pitch suffers annually with only 1 resident and why would Huddersfield? We'd be lucky to maintain 5/600 supporters in this scenario and quite honestly i doubt it would save that much These clubs would want to make it worth their while and the general match costs would still be ours with less income. Sorry, its a terrible idea imo.
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    Interesting choice to go for black and blue like that.
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    Would i want Denton starting for us? No is the answer but he's a cracking squad player. He did so much for us not just upfront but every time he came back to defend a corner, how many times wqs it him heading it away. Did a good job for us and that's what he is. Last 10 minutes in the playoff at borehamwood it would have been ideal to bring someone like denton on and lump it up top.
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    Some fans favourite kit ever..I agree definitely one of my best too
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    Cameron King cited moving closer to home as a reason and I suspect that is the same for Staunton and Silva as well. Uncertain times and players want to be nearer family.
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    West Riding Cup for 20-21 will not be taking place. All of a sudden it explains why all our players are leaving now that there is nothing worth playing for. http://www.westridingfa.com/news/2020/aug/07/west-riding-fa-statement-cup-competitions-2020-2021-season
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    Dont know about that. Ducky and king for me both brilliant, Brown a solid centre back but apart from that nothing special about the others, i would have liked many of them to stay but think there are many more similar if not better players that we can get. Would like to see 1 decent signing announced though just to get the ball rolling
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    If Duckworth was getting 20K a week here and jumped ship to get an extra few hundred quid then I could understand some being pissed. Fact is, we don't pay over the top to players, if they are offered a better deal elsewhere then this is going to happen. Lets not forget that as it stands its his current main source of income and he has a family to support. Say he was on £1000 a week here and now he can get £1200 elsewhere, thats a significant jump for him, considering one badly timed tackle could end his career and his way of earning. He had a contract, he played for and gave us 100% when under contract, he then got given an offer and turned it down presumably because he has better terms elsewhere. Fair enough.
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    Don't cry for me Arch n Tina
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    Well, the squad last season seemed to do ok early season with a few new faces signed at the last minute. It was only when they got to know one another that they started to struggle!
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    Given the traumas the club went through prior to 2008 I am just happy to have a club run on a sound financial footing, hopefully competing at the right end of the league and enjoying games on the terraces with my mates, (hopefully soon)
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    Absolutely no idea. Lockdown must have made some folk crazy - on this thread and the 'Retained List' one we have a heady mix of people saying Fullarton was great, and built super defensive foundations and would have cracked on this year, others having a go at the club because two players they've slated all season didn't choose to re-sign, others making definitive comments about players' wages when they have absolutely no idea what they get paid, and to top it off, why don't we ground share with Brighouse at a ground that doesn't meet any of the criteria for playing in the league we are in. Anyone for anymore? Welcome to the Town messageboard folks.
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    Kinda agree as much as I like Duckworth as a player. We let him swan back to the club after he couldn’t find a league club. And then payed for his treatment and rehabilitation on his shoulder to get one more game out of him. There is no loyalty in this game anymore. That’s why I support the shirt not the player.
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    I totally agree Tommy. I don't give a damn about the Premier League anymore. It's an absolute disgrace
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    His 'tackle' of Beautyman at Welling was memorable. Just turned to him and told him to get up. Then handed the baton back to Pearson to continue the close marking.
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    Oluwatobi Fabian Shobowale Akintunde "Tobi" Sho-Silva. Undoubtedly our biggest-name signing of all time!
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    It could well be that Clarke, as a local lad, is just happy to be seeing out the last of his playing days with his home town club and while drawing a wage isn't commanding a huge fee. On a personal POV, if he feels he has another year in him than I'm very happy for him to be with us. Theres not many players who I feel "get" what it means to play for us, however I think Clarke is one. He is a player who I feel cares about the club and has good standards of professionalism. That with his experience means he offers a fair bit to those around him. It could also be the case that his experience helps the coaches out too, so we may be saving money on that front. (For the record, Brown is probably the other main player who I feel cares about the club. I'm still not best pleased he is listed in truth)
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    Shame for Dover, they are one of the better southern clubs, however I think they won't be the last to have these sorts of problems. The next 5/6 weeks could be interesting as many clubs prepare now for next season.
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    Suppose it depends on if the lad can play. If Lenighan made himself available for £1 a week I'd hope we would still look elsewhere.
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    T J Ashton and Shay Trev have resigned from the forum and joined the back room staff as chief scouts
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    Long live the traditional programme. **** the digital bullsh!t.
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    good man just need everyone else who's holding back to get theres...come on guys the team needs you
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    Seems as committed as any owner of the club in my lifetime
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    I'd say they are short sighted rather than robbing. They have an asset that could be utilised a hell of a lot better then they currently do. Its also sometimes better to spend that little bit extra and get a job that needs fixing done right first time than continually spend smaller amounts to patch it up. I've no idea how much money has been spent on that pitch over the past decade putting sand on it, ripping it up, verti draining it, re-seeding it etc.... when we all know that fixing the drainage is the main issue that would improve the long term performance. The job may cost more initially but fixing the underlying problem all those years ago would probably have cost a lot less than what has been spent on it since.
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