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    I wonder how much it cost them to hire their fans?
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    The most pleasing aspect of the PW letter was the commitment to bringing the Academy players into the fold more and focusing on trying to grow our own players for the future as we cannot compete with the big money clubs in the NL. About time clubs started to go back to what worked well for years until the PL came along and it was easier to just go out and bring in foreign players.
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    Clarke should only be a coach at the club if there is a vacancy, and I’m not sure there is. If we managed last season with a Manager and an Assistant why would we increase the coaching staff by 50%? I’m sure he will get a chance somewhere, somewhere where there is a vacancy. Wild will not get a massive budget and every penny will need to be spent on playing staff not coaching staff. I’m sure Nathan Clarke will understand that. Also we are at this stage where people are saying I’d keep so-and-so as back-up. It shouldn’t work like that, everyone signed on a contract should be expected to play 46 games, otherwise they should not have a contract. Our problem this season has been the subs bench, there has been no-one sitting there capable of changing the game. Keeping XYZ as back up continues that situation.
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    So he did pinch Wild's pork pie at the Christmas party
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    A good read from the gaffer Clearly such a down to Earth decent guy and to be fair still learning his trade. A good fit for us, let’s hope we can carry on pushing on next season with a team that Wild has built.
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    Staunton will stay if he is offered a deal
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    Lucky seats are allocated on a randomised basis for each game and strictly limited. You have more chance with the season ticket incremental lucky 50th promotion.
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    I have a lucky seat Trouble is, I haven't found it
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    For balance there, I think he made it clear he didn’t have the budget balanced how he’d like and he didn’t have a lot of time to spend it. Some of his signings weren’t great, but this pre season is how we should judge him on his ability to assemble a squad IMO
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    Nope it's frazzled the brain.
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    He doesn't have a clipboard as well? That just adds to the impression of being important/busy....
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    At the risk of repeating myself
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    They gave an American fridge to our local youth club when I lived in the Witterings (they owned a house there.)
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    Chadders paying into a game? Chadders doesn't do paying in. He turns up in a blazer and pretends to be important. The club take pity on him and let him in. Care in the community I think it's called
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    Well, all we would have got from the Council is bugger off were closed.....good luck to them I say. I would rather they got promoted than Harrogate, just so we don't have to go South as much.
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    Nope he did not haver time off for a family bereavement when the club said he couldn't. I agree.,
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    True. As I commented earlier it was a thought. I tend to apply the Sky cycling team approach to things, small incremental steps sometime add up to big changes. At present if we cannot compete moneywise with other clubs then anything we can do to gain a slight advantage in that situation is worth a discussion. Although I noticed on the York City website, who might be one of our opponents next season, that when they move to the new Community stadium at Monks Cross they will have a web enabled ticketing system. So, even if we did it just for the "local" games, where we have the most to gain, it could still bring in something.
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    Pay on the gate must be the majority. You've obviously not been to most of the sh*thole grounds in our league - they aren't that sophisticated
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    You're as economical as Chadders . Chads and Steve on tour to promote their greatest hits featuring Snooker Loopy , There Ain't No Fooling You and Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
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    I'd keep him around as backup. Reliable, experienced and a good leader. I would imagine he'll be a good character in the dressing room too.
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    Bet MrB was fuming when he returned from his half time comfort break and found you in his seat
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    Like making a total bollox of spelling SHAY man 2......
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    Good interview I know he’s got a lot of stick in the past, but think Scargill has been very good over this lockdown period.
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    Vinney, I agree. Offering a prize to those who are later to the party is a bit of a smack in the face for all those who answered the clubs request for fans to take up S/T's early. A much fairer way would be to have a draw each time we reach another 50 sales to include all previous fans who have already bought a S/T.
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