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    It's 3 Years since the death of one of many "Mr Halifax Towns" Jack Haymer.
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    We need commitment; if he prefers Barcelona to us good riddance.
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    We wont see another 'Jack Haymer'. Dont get me wrong, the club has some great volunteers but this man did just about everything
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    That's right. Trev was part of a kind of Skircoat "Dead Poets Society" that would often meet up at home games and chant Latin related chants and Mark Twain)/ Oscar Wilde type quips at opposing fans. They even wore blue and white cravats.
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    Ey up was sung by us JH Whitley lads.
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    Don´t agree with this decision, It´s this forum that created the turn around.
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    Must be members of a Working Mens Club. Same mentality.
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    Top man; spent many a winters evening freezing our gonads off watching the youth team together. A true gent and would do anything for anybody.
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    So not only do we not get any of the young lads making the 1st team we have lads on the verge of multi million pound moves without us seeing a penny , what’s the point
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    Evening all. On 25 minutes of the game on Saturday Yeltz fans will be remembering Jordan Sinnott by applauding in his memory. Although he had no connection to the Yeltz his loss has hit all of football, it seems fitting for us to acknowledge this at a place where he did play his football for a while. I'm sure you'll join us.
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    If he went to Stockport tomorrow Salford would get most of the cash. When his contract expires at the end of the season he is a free agent so he will keep the cash himself. He's going nowhere yet.
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    Tommy More lads just stuck with the good old "your gonna get your f----g heads kicked in". and that was just at the team??
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    Tu non accipere The Skircoat was sang on a regular basis by us Heath Grammar lads
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    Well done PW a rookie manager in his first full season Yes, he’s made a few mistakes, but overall he’s doing a fantastic job when you consider the shambles he inherited on arrival
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    Me and You should I say. Also known as the “Chuckle Brothers”.
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    I did say numerous times drop Sho Silva and goals and results will come. He got dropped and we ain’t lost since Its down to me
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    I thought for one moment, 'what's Jane McDonald got to do with it ?'
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    With you on that one Andy, like to keep the old bones mobile.
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    Unfortunately so on the club website on Halesowen preview
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    Grounds enough for any divorce.
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    £15,000 is peanuts. If we were to lose him for that we might as well pack up.
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    What a star. Never left his company without having laughed my tits off. And never let us buy the last drink. Ever.
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    We need to get to the FL and then I think rules and funding change regarding youth players
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    All because of the FAs elite player performance programme (EPPP). It was set up as part of the plan to improve England’s fortunes. Effectively means anyone with a category A academy can hoover up all the best talent for nothing. The idea being the best players are at the best academies and are developing. The issue is it makes it very difficult for anyone else to make money off an academy, and as such means less players are brought through. In principle it was a good idea, but it’s pretty flawed
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    Players like Carl show the system clearly doesn’t work for us
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    Mark Bradshaw with hair.
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    Never be anybody who loved the club more than Jack, one of those save the club nigh Jack book a table for twelve of us and paid the bill but thanks SS for the kind remembrance.
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    Semper “Up The Shaymen” nos citet!
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    I won the half time draw that day. £25
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    Pretty sure hardly anyone mentioned him before he died, yet years later many refuse to give Aspin any credit and instead backdate it all to Storton instead.
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    Ho no he wont, his wife alone tells him what to do.
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    He wants a Football League club. The only Football League club that really want him will be us in 6 months.
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    Some on here wonder why fans don't take this competition seriously , well it seems the club don't either , generating an intimidating atmosphere is hard enough with half the ground empty , 3 quarters is impossible . I agree with the decision in earlier rounds but it is getting interesting now , quarter final place up for grabs .
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    So we’re giving up an advantage 3 games from Wembley to save £3-400 ? ****ing really
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