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    Anything can happen in a local derby....
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    At least having got it back to level only to lose in the last few minutes will help take their mind off the 7 hour journey home. ”Are we there yet?” or how about a game of “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with H now only 8 points behind and no games in hand”
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    Only four more sleeps Andy.
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    Believe me, our lot won't come to kick you. We play some nice football. We may get beat but we won't resort to that.
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    Being an HT fan for more than 55yrs, I've watched the game change massively over that period, some good changes some not so good. But years ago the top teams appreciated that it was the lower leagues that were the life blood of the game, it's where they looked for the rising stars, young lads who showed enough promise for them to invest in them and give them a chance at the higher levels. The Cup competitions offered the lower league teams/players the chance to show off their talent to a wider audience in the hope that big clubs would be watching and might just take a chance on them. Gate receipts were what really counted though, draw a big club and you were minted, get the TV cameras down and it virtually guaranteed financial stability for 2 or 3 seasons. And this is what worries me about the game when people help feed the beast. You condone the actions of these big clubs who continue to ignore the plight of the lower leagues. Sam Ricketts, the Shrewsbury Manager is in the papers this morning and he reckons that Liverpool pulling this stunt has cost his club £500,000.00. They have had to lower gate prices and once Klopp made his announcement that none of the 1st team squad or him would be in attendance the TV companies also pulled out. So people need to open their eyes, these mega wealthy clubs have no affiliation to our grass roots game, and we cant survive. They are bit by bit killing us off while they choose to lay on a beach mid-season because they are so tired and dont like playing in the cold. Wake up people, the coffees smelling extremely strong.
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    Full time - great result!
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    Proper football fans you lot, that don't wish plagues of locusts and rats on teams they've barely heard of. I think sometimes you have to have been through the hard times our 2 clubs have to appreciate what it's all about. Class. Thank you.
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    We could have signed Rodney when we were top but werent prepared to pay his wages... then the board and management realised he was what we needed so eventually got him and now things have turned again
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    Absolutely, and a big thank you for bringing a crowd
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    Not forgetting players wanting double the wages that we pay ATM. DB will be able to reel of the full list of extra money to fork ulout but that said, it's still the place to be. Also, you can charge more for advertising and sponsorship if we reached the FL. The key element would be to keep DB in place for as long as possible. The more frugil the chairman the better and we have a great one in place. That was the problem when we reached the FL last time so continuity is key IMO. Fingers crossed we can do the business.
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    Klopp has said that it’s a winter break, designed for testing the players, so he’s sticking to that and resting his players. Fair enough, I can see his reasoning. Whether they need a ‘winter break’ or not is another matter. It’s completely unnecessary imo, professional footballers can’t play 2 games of football a week? Ridiculous. If you want a less packed schedule start the season earlier, or finish it later and stop playing pointless friendlies.
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    At the moment we do seem to have quite a few youngsters supporting the club. The hard part is keeping them interested
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    It happens and you deal with it and crack on. A key player could get injured in training
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    Nothing to do with us being a bit rubbish after a successful period then
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    Premier League clubs can whinge all they like about having too many games but I have no sympathy because what they do is all about money. What does a winter break actually do? Means they have less time to fulfill their fixtures. In Europe during the winter break what do the teams do? Travel abroad an have friendlies! Stop going on post season tours around the world to make money Stop going on pre season tours around the world to make money Stop complaining you have too many games when there are 50 players in your squad list on the back of the programme. The FA cup should not scrap replays before the 5th round in my opinion. The clubs that need to money most are normally out of the competition by then.
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    His dad in his day would be the MF player we are lacking.
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    True. Can't be too critical of PW and I know it's all to play for still but I can't help but think what could have been and that we could and maybe should be sitting top now. I know people will say we're punching above our weight etc but we needed two up top earlier. But, we are still having a damn good season so far. Still in the trophy and 3rd in the league at the start of February. O would snapped your hand off for that in pre season.
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    Also worth knowing that Barra have been a very attacking side all season. Early on they were midtable due to throwing leagues away and not being clinical. They would be runaway leaders if they had as good a start.
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    It's that stuff you smoke down there.
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    Barrow, s run in is extremely difficult. We have every chance of catching them. Providing we keep playing as we are.
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    I'm getting a funny feeling about this season!
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    Crimson and Dover, over and over...
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    The change of formation should have come sooner bur personel wise he's had key players injured for much of the season. We've been told why we didn't get Rodney orignally and he's the big difference now.
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    JMC Re your Huddersfield Town comment we lost most of our support between 1972 and 1976 during that time Huddersfield were very successful they were relegated from the old Division 1 in 1972 Div 2 in 1973 and Div 3 in 1975 so 4 years they went from the top division to the bottom. They were nothing to do with the evaporation of our supporters it was sustained crap football.
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    Shrewsbury now have a realistic chance of going through so could more than make up any financial loss.
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    We could and wild knew this but didn’t have enough spare cash in the budget to get him in... could only work with what he had at the time ,once few players been shifted out big earners like Southwell then the money has come available
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    If Liverpool had used their usual prices, everyone would be having a moan about fans having to pay first team prices to watch their youth team. But because they've reduced the prices (something that Shrewsbury will have agreed to), the moan of the day is that Shrewsbury are missing out on an even bigger jackpot. They can't win in some eyes.
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    Dover win please. And Barrow to have 3 or 4 sent off too.
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    Think our players get paid by bank transfer
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    Hindsight? Sorry, it was broadcast loud and clear for nearly two months before he budged.
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    And I’m sure everyone on here both before and after our game wishes nothing but promotion to you guys.
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    And everyone forgetting the extra 1,000,000 pounds received.
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    That goes to show you the fact you are in the FL and get more away support , I bet away support is double maybe treble the amount they got in this league , there are over half in this league due to distance and not very well supported who bring less than 100. We would only have to attract another 1000 to average 3200 . Achievable .
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    If we win promotion you’d have the following who would bring at least 500 Mansfield Tranmere Scunthorpe Port Vale Notrthampton Plymouth Crewe Swindon Walsall The next band would bring 1000 Carlisle Oldham Grimsby The next band would bring 2000+ Bolton Bradford If we won promotion and weren’t the whipping boys and held our own, on the back of another good season ticket offer our average attendance would be nearer 3k than 2k
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    They spend all season moaning about too many games, then within 10 days of the season finishing at least 5 or 6 of them are off in the far east/US/australia playing friendlies to generate revenue, where they are contractually obliged to play the strongest team they can. Zero sympathy whatsoever.
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    You'd have to be an idiot to think winning promotion would somehow result in lower attendances. With no disrespect to teams in the Conference, teams in League Two have bigger pulling power. Not only would they, on average, bring more supporters to the Shay than Conference teams do, but more Town fans also, even if we're struggling. Town v Crewe is infinitely more palatable than Town v Solihull for example, again with no disrespect. Clubs like Plymouth, Swindon, Orient, Northampton, Exeter, Port Vale, Grimsby, Walsall and Mansfield travel very well, then the more local games like Scunthorpe and Salford, where they're sure to travel to the Shay in numbers even if they don't generally travel. Throw in a game against Bradford and you're guaranteed to beat this season's average quite comfortably I feel.
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    Dover win please. All it takes is a slip up for Barrow and win for us next weekend and we are 4 points off top with a home game against them to play.
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    Crewe, Salford, Scunthorpe, Rotherham, Wycombe, Accrington, Fleetwood, Doncaster, Burton, Rochdale, Wimbledon (twice), Wigan, Barnsley and Bournemouth to name a few. If they can do it so can we. No excuses after over 100 years.
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    It's all about perception, locally we are perceived as perenial failures & chokers, not without foundation. New younger blood is needed on the terraces, continuous success is needed on the field & an image of professionalism off the field, kids are product led, our product is quite often flawed.
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    Strange that Klopp, Guardiola etc never moan about having to play to many Champions League games, it's always the domestic cup competitions that carry the brunt of their anger. The League cup and the FA Cup have less games to play to win them than they ever have had for the premier league clubs. Even Gary Lineker got involved by saying the FA Cup should start earlier!!! When it was pointed out that it starts in August he then said that what is wrong with it starting towards the end of the previous season!!!!! Just shows how out of touch top level football is with grass roots
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    Plus no games this week means if you need your football fix this is it
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    Edited for you Erik.
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    If we go up this time and DB BH stay in control with perhaps another decent investor then you just never know. History shows that the first season in that league is the best time to go up again the following season. Also, the club won't have that absolute albatross around its neck this time. You know, the one that came in and brought his bell end of a brother in law with him and turned out bank balance from being £1M in the black into millions in the red.
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    Football clubs have a squad of players and it's their choice and right to utilise the players however they wish to do so.
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    By making sure opposing team keep 11 men on the pitch!
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    highlights http://www.bromleyfc.tv/site/highlights-fc-halifax-town-2-1-bromley/
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    We are too hot to handle Flea!
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