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    Better football. As proven by the first few games, this set of players had it in them, he was holding them back. PW has got more out of King in 5 games than JF did thoroughout last season. He could have complained about the budget less. It was all he banged on about, but every single one of PW signings have come from the FL. to me, this suggests it was a lack of contacts rather than funds on JF part
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    I see. So a manager who had no players signed up and generally no idea what to expect given it was a phoenix club, was worse than the manager who failed despite having the club's largest ever playing budget, far better training facilities and a squad with which he could clearly work given he kept us up the previous season? Vince was in charge for 20 games less than JF yet still secured more victories than him. Sure, worse league and all that, but so were the players he had at his disposal. It's all relative. Didn't he have 10 games or something like that? We're surely not comparing that to JF's season and a half are we? You could argue the rot had set in under Aspin and McClelland's short stint hardly set him up for success. Harvey seemed to turn it around somewhat but even he's still unpopular in many quarters despite being more successful (in terms of points on the board) than any manager who came after - 15 wins from 34 games as opposed to JF's 20 wins from 65. Heath guided Town to twice as many victories than JF, despite being in charge for only a third more games. Even taking stats out of the equation, is anyone seriously suggesting that JF's stint as manager was in any way enjoyable? Hundreds of supporters drifted away, and almost without exception everyone on here was critical of his style of play and his bullshit-laden interview style. But yeah, he's FC Town's second best manager after Aspin. Jesus fecking wept.
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    He got a lot of unwarranted stick. But throughout it, he always applauded the fans. Even when we won the play offs the players were taking the piss out of the numbskulls chanting “Heath out”. i didn’t get to as many games as I’d have liked last season, but know many who did. And not once did Fullarton applaud or even acknowledge the fans. A good coach he may be, but his character is not cut out for management. PW got all the fans inside easily, by doing what? A team huddle and applauding the fans pre match. It really is that simple
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    Harvey was up there with my favourates. 3 men on the half way line defending corners. Football on the deck. He gets slapped with the relegation tag on here when the reality is the board gave Aspin too much time then gave the job to the wrong man before finally getting it right. Took us to the brink of safety. And took us to the best day in our history
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    I don't get the Heath hate. He was given two years to get us promoted, he did it in one. He didn't have the greatest set of contacts, however he got 100% out of all his players, whom respected him and would run through brick walls for him. He never once said anything negative about the fans, the club, the ground, the set up, the training facilities... His sacking probably was right on a results front when it came, however I have nothing but the upmost respect for him and would have him behind Aspin as the best FCHT manager since reformation.
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    Is having a weekly column in courier,great
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    Played well at Ebbsfleet. Came on vs Hartlepool (or was it Dagenham?), misplaced one pass, then his head seemed to go and he didn’t really get into the game and rushed everything. Was part of a positive change on Saturday and looked good. I like him and look forward to seeing him play
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    I mean in the first season. It all got blown out of proportion about his “style of play”. Have we ever played good football consistently? It’s no more long ball than it was to Gregory under Aspin. People jumped on the bandwagon of “oh his football is just long ball”. So what? If it was, we’d be playing against Spennymoor Town et al had it not been for the promotion. 2nd season he struggled, and he would be the first to admit that. But my point is regarding the CN season and the chants that were unsubstantiated. Then the same people were telling us how fantastic Fullarton would be with his fast flowing football (you included Greggs). All this because the man had said so in an interview. Look how that turned out. Genuine question @Shay, how can Heath be classed a failure, but Fullarton did well? Fullarton had a much bigger budget, better facilities than any manager since the new club and full time to work with said players. But was it really any better than what Heath put on show?
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    'The Brown stuff' ? Be good to finally have 'Jimmy's Casebook' officially replaced
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    Spot on Erik. Poor Bury fans
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    WARNING IT'S A COURIER ARTICLE https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/aldershot-1-1-fc-halifax-town-for-60-minutes-it-was-just-not-good-enough-says-town-boss-wild-1-9941739 How refreshing it is to see a manager just speaking in plain terms rather than grannies having d###s and being uncles looking at pyramids with emotions. For instance "I wanted to give Tobi a rest today as he needed a rest after Tuesday night" - Brill.
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    Never underestimate what goes through his head.
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    After reading some of the comments on this thread I've been thinking. Several posters have said that we're only a goalscorer away from the play offs. I personally think that despite this potentially being a frustrating position to be in, we should in fact be thankful for the players we have. We have a fantastic centre half partnership. I don't think any of our own would swap either of them for any other in our league. Spoilt for choice at right back and left back is still a work in progress. We have Maher who is slowly making the holding midfielder role his own and he's got a decent partner in Staunton. Then we have one of the best players in the league in Cameron King. I really do hope he signs a new deal, and keeps up his form. Allen has shown promise as have one or two others. Plenty to be thankful for and it's still early days. I'm sure Wild Pete will bring in the necessary players when needed.
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    its too early in the season to expect us to be ripping up any trees. 5 games in, only 3 goals conceded shows we are unlikely to be anyone's whipping boys. I don't expect massive changes in style from that on offer last season, just more emphasis on positive play as opposed to defend at all costs. From what has been said by Pete Wild, he likes to be strong in defence, that is what we have & will continue to do. Once the team has had a few more games to bed in & understand what is expected from him, we will see a little more movement along the forward lines, which in turn will create more chances, without sacrificing our defensive strength. We are not Barcelona, so I don't expect us to play like them, just good enough to beat most teams in this division on our way back to the Football League.
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    I'm sorry if anyone of these has been mentioned on other threads…...and I know some have......but for anyone who've missed out…..People who have a problem me updating: I hope you can forgive me Ryan Crowther from Hyde United to Ashton United Josh Wilson from Chorley FC to Ashton United Jacob Hibbs from Spennymoor Town to Buxton Short Term Loan Nathan Hotte from Alfreton Town to Gainsborough Trinity Kingsley James from Guiseley AFC to Gainsborough Trinity Tom Nicholson from Alfreton Town to Grantham Town Luke Dean from Scarborough to Matlock Town Gregory Young from Frickley Athletic to Mickleover Sports Simon Lenighan from Halifax Town to Mossley Paul Marshall from Buxton to Mossley Ryan Toulson from Bradford Park Avenue to Ossett United Ousman Cham from FC Halifax Town to Brighouse Town Harry Winter from FC United of Manchester to Radcliffe Jamie Rainford from Ramsbottom United to Runcorn Linnets Daniel Lowe from Bradford Park Avenue to Scarborough Athletic Jamie Jackson from Grantham Town to Spalding United Ross Killock from Scarborough Athletic to Stalybridge Celtic
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    Doesn't say too much about rules and regulations . Would be good if they allowed teams to include at least two overage players in their match squad to help players returning from injury
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    As soon as I hear any kind of rap on the radio.....I go for the OFF button/ or change station......immediately!
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    He pretty much does every time he speaks. Constantly whinging about money when he hasn’t physically invested any. The boreham wood guy has put in over £1m in 6 months. DB would keel over.
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    The only manager I have ever called for to be sacked.
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    I was one of the ones chanting Heath out. During thr 2nd season anyway. I don't regret it for a second. We were going down with him in charge. The happy clappers didn't like it because it wasn't supportive and productive apparently. They'd have had us in the Conference north their way.
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    In the days when we actually had proper rivals in Bradford City & Huddersfield Town rather than the Guiseleys and Harrogates of the world.
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    He’s somehow managed to produce a son, so ejection and ejaculation are twin elements of his limited repertoire.
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    i'm in that picture
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    Said it before and I'll say it again. Going to a full time model is a GOOD thing that gives us a GREATER chance of success. It isn't a fecking excuse for under-performance?!?!?
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    Id agree with that tbf. Young/McCelland and to a degree Jemson could be excluded from the rankings due to lack of time in charge, although the latter was scheming and plotting for the best part of half a season. Only Aspin and Heath I would view as having successful spells, which is concerning overall sadly.
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    Best managers since 2008 (this isn't up for debate BTW either). Neil Aspin Billy Heath Jim Harvey Jim Vince Jamie Fullarton Neil Young Gareth McClelland Nigel Jemson Darren Kelly
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    I just assumed that Salford had signed him on a big money deal.
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    Accusations that he's a pub manager out of his depth and the worst manager in the history of the club . He talks rubbish and has set the club back four years . He has no contacts, no scouts and treats the media team like dirt . His mannerisms are detestable and his behaviour toward the South Stand is appalling . He'd have taken us back to the Glue Leagues if MrB hadn't sacked him in January 2021
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    From doing the school and youth clubs in the 50's and Disco's right through my life one thing for sure lucky that I like all kinds of music but so glad that the decks are hung up because playing grime would make me ring the Samaritans for help.
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    I love almost all music, brought up with it in a pub, but I can't stand gangster rap, death metal or... grime. I'm not even sure it qualifies as music to be honest. Right now I'm into Cocomelon and 90s dance. Warning, Cocomelon isn't for everyone
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    Granted this grime thing isn't my genre of music, however I have to agree. I can normally see some artistic merit in music I don't like, however the grime scene simply goes over my head, it all sounds dreadful (And if you have a spare hour to kill on Youtube, go down the Blackpool Grime Media rabbit hole to see a bunch of kids acting like "gangsters" rapping about rape and all sorts of horrific **** to see how truly daft the whole thing is). A few of my friends were losing it over someone called Dappy playing last week (apparently he pulled out last min) - first time I felt like one of those "grumpy old men" when saying I hadn't a clue who the hell he was, couldn't name you any of his work, or think of anything worse than having to listen to him
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    Trust me, there was a lot more happening than the stuff he acknowledged
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    He made 1,500 people question if they should have gone shopping with the wife for 80% of the home games last season. I honestly think i'd of had more fun painting a fence and watching it dry
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    Even if we turn into a yo yo club for a few years until we find out feet. We know what to expect in this league and we have a frugil chairman at the helm, and probably more importantly, an honest one. He'd be able to balance the books and keep the ship on its right course. When you look at what's happened to Bury it's terrifying. When you have an honest chairman you need to keep him as long as possible.
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    Not the first and won’t be the last thing you get wrong eh Wildy Bollox
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    Different kettle of fish when in the league, bring young players on and we get a much higher price but the standard is not that much higher, Look at Luton. We are currently in the worst division in the football pyramid expensive with little reward.
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    Some people are happy to have a few pints in the pub with their mates and have a football team to watch.
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    Big difference between "being happy" and reality, 75% of teams in our league will not mount a serious challenge
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    Can't see it,They're a Football League club you know
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    I think you just go into ' your account ' and select The Norwegian Viking, Shay and add others as you go along
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    I’ve been in this morning agreeing asking price on a beautiful semi detached property in less than 24 hours. Didn’t even have a shed in the back garden. Think it’s a bit derogatory to call it a shed. I then stirred my coffee with my silver spoon.
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