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  1. Season Tickets

    Just bought mine and my grandson's. Hope this doesn't mean we are going back to part time.
  2. Kids tonight

    I took my grandson. He has been so excited all week about seeing the players and JF. He was not disappointed and enjoyed all the different activities the players put on. Everyone was so friendly and helped the kids enjoy the evening, and he had his photo taken with the players. A great evening and a fantastic way for the club to engage with the local populace.
  3. Today’s game: Havant

    I think we should all calm down a bit. Another twelve  0 - 0 draws will put us on  52 which should see us  safe. Happy Days
  4. Banks of England

    Just been announced that Englands world cup winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks has passed away. Very sad news. RIP Banks of England 
  5. Online depression

    Have I stumbled upon the wrong site? Thought this was a football forum.
  6. An actual midfielder!

    Heard Bradford City are wanting to offload some players in January so maybe Hanson will be one of those. Manager says they will bring a few in but will release more than that. Would be great if he did sign permanently.
  7. Boreham Wood

    Was told at today's lunch that the ref is doing a pitch inspection at 4.30. Hope it passes and the game is on.
  8. Barrow vs Town 15/12/2018

    Barrow   1   -   0   Town 555
  9. Town vs Morecambe 20/11/2018

    Town   0   -   0   Morecambe 1357
  10. Town v Dover 17/11/2018

    Town   1   -   0   Dover Sellers 1234
  11. Best Game you ever saw !!

    Swindon Town at home in (I think) 1961. Town 3  -  0 Down with 20 minutes to go then Barry Tait scored a hat trick before Neil Redfearn scored with the last kick of the match to complete an unforgettable comeback win. Sadly Town were relegated that season and Swindon were promoted Also Rochdale at home when Les Massie scored to win the game and get us our first ever promotion
  12. Mj85

    Fantastic news. Hate to see any football club shafted like this. Hope you go from strength to strength.
  13. Mj85

    Really pleased for you. I hope your club survives and you can start to rebuild.
  14. Solihull highlights (Unofficial)

    Personally I thought Jonathan Edwards had a very good game last night. He worked extremely hard all night and in my opinion that was because the few Town fans who could be bothered to go gave him a lot of encouragement.  At the end of the match he made the effort to go to the Town fans to thank them for their encouragement. He was a different player to the one who was so inept on Saturday. Maybe he just needs to feel appreciated and not rubbished by some people on here.