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  1. Colwyn Bay

    Cardiff City, Swansea City, Newport County and Wrexham. Not forgetting Berwick Rangers in the opposite direction. Are you serious?
  2. Kids tonight

    Great stuff, well done to all who gave their time. couldnt help noticing that Cameron King was mentioned above, is that the same player who wasn’t going to play for us again and had fallen out over tactics etc blah blah, Good to know all is Well.
  3. Barnet (A)

    Absolutely spot on post. i said at the start of the season we would find the change over to full time to be difficult, the Experts all knew better. Signing players from lower leagues and developing them is the way to go (as we have proved in the recent past), but it’s not without its failures understandably.
  4. Barnet (A)

    Decent point, well done.
  5. Barnet (A)

    Quigley and Edwardes are so much alike, they could be brothers.
  6. The pitch

    Unfortunately this is how the pitch has looked every March for the last 21 years. What happens next is by the end of the month nature lends a hand and starts the grass growing again and we complete our fixtures.  
  7. latest offer

    See your thinking but I don’t agree. This is a discount to semi regulars to make them regular (no constipation jokes please) The discount is for loyalty, loyalty isn’t picking and choosing. Your idea is right for people who you have enticed in once or twice with a free offer, then hit them with your flexi treat. Then when they are becoming supporters hit them with the clubs loyalty offer, then the next stage is a season ticket for the full season. Of course to make this work you need systems that can track offers, tracking the people who have taken them up. Who did you give a ticket to, did they attend?, then next offer, did they attend?, and so on. You might need 10000 free tickets to produce a new full season ticket holder, but we might gain a few casuals as well. 
  8. JF in the Courier. Delighted at the result!

    To be fair I doubt he actually wrote it nor did he copy and paste it with a paragraph seemingly repeated.  Be happy we won that’s what we were wanting wasn’t it. 
  9. Barnet

    Nonsense.  15 minutes to go 3 points in the bag you start to think about Saturday and keeping the creatives in the side fresh and injury free. Maher is tough and doesn’t need protecting example playing on Saturday with a broken hand. Anyway Staunton is a adequate replacement. His subs were right Quigley Hardy and Ferry they’d put the work in and we need them to be at that level again in Saturday. Staunton needs game time and did well when he came on.   
  10. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Thanks Nick, I’ve been saying this for a while. I was accused of drooling over him last week.  Welcome to the Maher Drool-in.
  11. Queen experience

    I’m lost with this. Is the Queen opening the East Stand or not? 
  12. Boycott

    While at the same time claiming to be a journalist.   
  13. Hopkins resigns

    Bradford City looking for their fifth manager in 12 months. Transformed from promotion contenders to relegation favourites but you still think changing managers is the answer. Hopkins looked to doing a good job there but there’s always a Messiah about to arrive and save the day. 

    In 1997 no other team was throwing money at it like some teams are now. We turned professional this season most of the rest of this league were already full time. Yet the experts thought this year should be a promotion challenge. I didn’t think that way. I think promotion is achievable but we need to patiently build the squad and club and it might take time. This year was a big risk for us imo losing some good part timers and having to recruit too many players all at once. I believe we will stay up and will build on this. Serious Answer. 

    Yep there’s nearly a million for membership of the FL.  Its getting there that’s the problem. so hows your bank balance? Anyone got a spare million (euros also accepted) they can throw at it unconditionally? No I thought not. Most of you are coughing at £20. Get real.