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  1. Director Resignation

    Since the formation of the new club I have purchased a season ticket, but unlike before I do not generally buy raffle tickets half time draws nor will I make donations. My relationship with FCHT is different to how it was with HTFC in that it is a transactional one the same I have with Sainsbury’s etc. I do not invest in Sainsbury’s when a buy a tin of beans from them, investment for Sainsbury’s comes from the shareholders and the 5p profit they might retain in their funds from my purchase. They are entitled to that in my opinion as they would not otherwise be in business to supply my needs, and I do not expect Sainsbury’s to consult with me on how they spend the 5p. Bosomworth wanted outright control of the new club and he has it, he must therefore accept that his customers will not be expected to provide funds over and above.
  2. Director Resignation

    That sounds quite an aggressive bid, a sort of “ have a sh*t or get off the pot” sort of bid. For Mr B to have a majority control he would need to match it with £250,000 or for outright control (75%) he would need to find £750,000. Are the resignations of Peacock and Fullarton connected to this bid? What can the bidder do now?
  3. Still interviewing today

    Maybe he built that much furniture he hasn’t got room to open the door to leave.
  4. Available managers

    I think it’s crazy to suggest that Clarke can’t have the job because we don’t want to lose Clarke the player. Replacing Clarke the player is something we will have to do anyway at some point. Surely Clarke the Manager is more important to the team than Clarke the player. If he doesn’t get the job will he leave or will the new manager want him out anyway? Either way we may now have seen the last of Clarke the player, simply by the fact he has thrown his hat in the ring. Clarke the player manager is a no-go in my opinion, as it makes a joke of going full time, if he can do two full time jobs why can’t the rest of them?
  5. Shuddersfield's new kit

    That’s the worst kit I’ve ever seen, who on earth is going to walk round wearing that, they’ll get laughed at everywhere. And to think we got to choose our kit designs by voting for them.
  6. Available managers

    People with loads of contacts. That was said about Fullarton, that he had contacts from his extensive coaching career. Ronnie Moore is 66, he left his last job in 2016, nearly 3 years ago. Most managers seem to last about 18 months in a job so what use is Ronnie Moore’s Contacts? Most of them will be like him and out if work. The people who have the best job in football are agents. Never hear of them getting the sack, just hear of the money clubs pay to them. I reckon you need their phone numbers.
  7. Fullarton Gone!!

    No clean break needed. He would start with some on his back immediately, the new manager should be in a position to demand wholehearted support from everyone even on here.
  8. Fullarton Gone!!

    In which case we will need to watch Panorama on Wednesday as they seem to find a way around Non Disclosure Agreements. I’d be surprised if we ever know properly what happened here. Fullarton  needs to stay tight lipped if he wants to apply for other jobs etc. Bosomworth also needs to stay tight lipped if he wants to appoint a new manager quickly.
  9. Fullarton Gone!!

    Yes, someone is going to have to make a lot of expensive promises that they won’t like doing. Otherwise as you imply we will be appointing the young and/ or the desperate, neither make for good choices.
  10. Farsley

    Interesting. Had he signed for us or was he just doing pre season locally until he found a club? I seem to remember a period where I was worried he’d find a club before his signing was “announced”.
  11. Farsley

    If Bradford City could field 14 trialists at Brighouse it should tell you how many players are still available and eventually some if not all of them will realise the Football League doesn’t want them and they will content themselves with a career in non league. All the hysteria of “missing out on ...xyz” on here is really a case of missing out on paying high wages to average players. Can anyone remember Kieron O’Reagan signing for us after he had failed to find a FL club, pretty certain it was days before the start of the season. I expect signings but maybe not just yet.
  12. Signing

    Come up to Leeds they said. Great city, great night life, city centre accommodation, play for a famous football club but they never said which one. 
  13. Future Town fan!

    Keep up the good work.  One is not enough for the future sustainability of the club. 
  14. Match Magazine 7th Jan 1984

    Some decent footballers in that picture whether or not their shirts were threadbare.
  15. Biggest ever signing

    The two Fred’s who were England internationals. Pentland and Hill.  Fred Kemp probably thought he was a big signing, but nowhere near Freddie Hill. Im too young to have seen Pentland but that looks a big signing.