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  1. Barrow

    Very true Mr Bollox. It will be very hard to collect points if we don’t perform well. I reported that in my opinion we had performed well enough to win. Others who weren’t there enquired as to the result, and others who weren’t there implied that players individual performances were better judged by reading the match report rather than attending the game.  I cannot forecast the number of points required to avoid relegation this season, nor can I the number of points we will gain. All I ask you to accept is that if we consistently play well we will gain more points than if we play badly.
  2. Exclusive attention of BTM

    Hurry. Now this forum has been made aware it will be a very long queue.
  3. Barrow

    Well of course you would know better. 
  4. Barrow

    Sadly for those of you who weren’t there Maher had a good game at Barrow today, possibly our best player.  Three crunching tackles in midfield. only one side should have won today and that was us. Quigley had a good 60 minutes. Keeper not needed today.
  5. Solihull match thread

    Kossy was poor until King came on and he reverted to his left wing position. Suddenly everyone was playing where they wanted to be and King was superb.  Quigley needs time. He will benefit from a fit King. Quigley better with his feet than head and King will play the ball to his feet.  Both Preston and Maher  getting unfair stick.  Kossy gets away with some terrible play poor passes, bad decisions in possession. When Preston makes a mistake all hell breaks. Maher gets through a lot of work tackling away and keeps us in games when we don’t have possession. There are better  than him when we have possession admittedly. 
  6. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    This thread is hilarious. 
  7. Injuries Update

    Yep good summary. But if you look at the detail it does give further information that Barrett is on his way back, Thommo has had a set back and King is nowhere near. What other information are you wanting? Picture of their scan? A blood sample you can analyse yourself? Vinegar and brown paper?
  8. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    Think you’ll find that is how a league table actually works. Better teams at the top worse teams at the bottom. It reflects how they are doing.   
  9. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    True and before that against Chesterfield. Oddly both games televised. Think that should tell you everything you need to know. He was surprised when we exercised the option in his contract to extend it another year. I think he had other plans and this season has been a pain to him.
  10. Mekhi Mcloed

    That only means he was signed in a posh tent.
  11. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    I went to the away game and by the second half we were the better team. Am I the only one looking forward to the game? I don’t care who Solihull select to play in this game, we can beat them. I feel that about every game we play. Most of our games have been tight one goal in it type games, which to me shows we are not far off. Yep Braintree draw was disappointing but that’s football, I try to stay balanced. I don’t  go into games thinking this is easy, so I don’t come away desperately disappointed. Roll on Saturday.
  12. Mekhi Mcloed

    Known as the Hobb’s Effect. The less he plays the better he is. The problem starts when he gets selected. The Hobb’s Effect also works in reverse. The more he plays the worse he gets.
  13. Fullerton has another job

    Thanks I had forgotten the daily lunchtime ritual and "The Queue" and which table to sit at when you've finally got in. Did it change to a more cafeteria style at some point where you had a tray and got served at the hatch and all the weird traditions were lost?
  14. Fullerton has another job

    I’d say Pie and Peas is more savoury than sweet.  I had indigestion afterwards either due to having a fish buttie earlier or due to the frustration of not beating Brainless. Looking forward to Solihull and a return to my normal dietary requirements, and hopefully a cracking game of football, which is now due.
  15. Who exactly is Awaydays?

    Has he/she appeared in Dr Who? i recognise the description.