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  1. Released List

    Agree. i think due to circumstances he was over played, he needed goals to boost his confidence and when the goals didn’t come he needed resting. People were on his back from around the Salford away game, this and not hitting the net saw his confidence evaporate. Even as late as the Cup game at Morecambe I felt he would have recovered if his late goal hadn’t been offside. Probably his anxiety to score got himself into an offside position. A winning goal in the FA Cup would have done wonders. He missed a number of chances over the season, a good sign that he could become a scorer but maybe at a lower level first. Scott Hogan just couldn’t get the ball in the net for us but he was forever on the end of stuff.
  2. Notts

    How is a club the “oldest”? If they were formed before anyone else who did they play? Maybe the others have gone out of business or become a different team like Blackburn Olympic and Newton Heath did.
  3. The Shay & The council

    There’s also maintenance work to do on the “newer “ structures who are turning rusty red and green mouldy.
  4. The Shay & The council

    I believe there is a defribrillator available at the Stadium. I think the slogan “Shaymen till I die” does not need to be taken too literally. A positive article in the Courier about the Shay, a few years ago I doubted I could ever have seen that. I find it very hard to forgive the actions of the Rugby club since their arrival at the stadium, and I agree, Hoddie, an apology would be nice from the Rugby club. No doubt the Rugby club will also say they are also owed an apology too.
  5. Disappointing

    Not being obtuse at all. For six years to July last year I owned a retail business. My numbers are real numbers not pretend.  A store in a good position with footfall, rent will be double or treble the Borough market rent you quote. My rates were £6k but with small business allowance this dropped to £1k, FCHT are not a small business and would not qualify, I’m surprised your suggesting it could be otherwise. Insurance cost me £1k but I was in the Calder Valley, Halifax will be cheaper, add utilities to that and you have done ok if you are under £20k. As for needing to cover expenses by achieving sales of double, well Margins do differ, but on clothing 50% margin or thereabouts would mean sales of £40k are needed to pay expenses of £20k.  Good luck with it.
  6. Disappointing

    Sorry you couldn’t understand what I was saying. The club has merchandise sales in the town centre in the towns premier retailer. It has internet sales and fulfilment of merchandise and match tickets etc. It has match day sales at the Shay. Given that, would  I recommend opening a shop in the town centre, not in a million years. Taking rent, rates and utility costs minimum £20,000 per year. I’m assuming staff are either volunteers or existing staff relocated so no additional cost there. The way to test any investment decision is would you be willing to risk your own money. To get your £20,000 back you will need at least double in sales, these are sales in addition to what the club already has from Harvey’s, Internet and Pop up shop (trestle table or whatever). Well I wouldn’t, you can if you wish.             
  7. Disappointing

    Similarly you don’t visit the Amazon warehouse every fortnight. Whereas Town supporters do visit the Shay from time to time. Having run a shop business for last 6 years I know the costs involved, and I think they have done a great job securing the Harvey’s deal for merchandise. Tickets sales are from The Shay like every other football club. The rest of us can manage with the internet.  The choice is pay a landlord or pay a player, which is it?
  8. Disappointing

    Obviously all that would be different if only they had a shop.
  9. Draws

    Not rocket science that we haven’t scored enough goals. Are there any tables showing possession of the ball over the whole season? For me we have spent a lot of the season not having the ball. That doesn’t stop you winning football matches, of course, it’s what you do with it when you have it that counts.  
  10. Disappointing

    Just thinking. How does Amazon manage without a shop?
  11. Disappointing

    On Monday both Duckie and Hanson were injured, Maher filled right back. Preston replaced the Gondola as sub, Kosylo played the rest were injured except Staunton an unused sub. On Saturday Staunton played for Maher who was injured. so I would say they were needed, as over the season only McLeod hasn’t reach double figures in appearances of those you listed. (I think).  
  12. Bye Bye Kosy

    Part time was a ruse to get out of the extension clause. Now he’s a free agent at last bet he doesn’t go back to part time.
  13. Bye Bye Kosy

    He’s a better player now than when he arrived, he understands the role better. Problem is attitude.  He thought he was off last season, no doubt someone had tapped him on the basis he would be a free agent when he discovered he wasn’t they didn’t want to pay a fee for him. Big disappointment for him. Question have we had good value from him this year and answer is we haven’t.
  14. Disappointing

    Scot, don't let them grind you down. If we were top of the table the same people would not be satisfied and saying we can do better. They exist in all walks of life, its just football is a public entity and the players and management team's work is on show, whereas most peoples work is limited in its exposure. I am disappointed with your conclusion. Its a tough and frustrating job, but that was known before he applied. I also doubt any other better jobs are likely to be offered to him as his CV is somewhat limited. Keeping FCHT in the National League twice may not be enough to convince a future employer (unless in dire straits in the relegation zone).  There is a job to be done here by someone, the next few weeks will be important for whoever is at the helm, your friend should take the bull by the horns as he is in the driving seat and may not get another chance at it (anywhere).
  15. Bye Bye Kosy

    There's a reason he wanted to appear on the ball yesterday, he will see Wrexham as potential employers. As said before all his best games this season have been in front of tv cameras and /or against teams who might want to sign him. Sadly for him the camera also picks up his poor attitude when not given the ball to play with.