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  1. New Signing

    Higher level and local also means Guisley as well, now they are full time
  2. Interesting comments from heath

    Alternative view Could he heaths way of trying to attract attention of other clubs so they come in for him
  3. Tranmere today

    disappionted mcnulty was there for the taking he will never man mark a man league game against denton he will be cyring like a baby 
  4. The slaying of the red dragon

    mcmanus or wilde at left back and cb  this would allow hotte to move up to midfield
  5. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    home v tranmere
  6. Bromley Game

    if the the liner was a cocaine addict he would be crap as he would miss his line
  7. Bromley Thread

    the moment for me today that showed we as a club are in this all together was when we clapped moyo off, he knew he had made a mistake and was struggling but the reception he got shows we are all in this together and that is what will get us through to who knows where but not relegation,
  8. Town vs Maidenhead

    What has happened to  Dixon 
  9. Fylde Match Thread

    the end of the game it felt like it us against the rest of them, we are all in this together , Billy walking off and then being told the south stand were chanting his name he turned and applauded them. Not had this atmosphere for a while long may it continue. 50 points first then see where we are, a tough copule of weeks coming up so if we lose to dagenham and orient lets not get too disheartened.
  10. The Best performance under Heath

    Again i thought our fitness levels in the last 15 saw us threw, fylde looked fitter but eventually ran out of steam, lucky to not let 3 in early second half but started dominating towards the end. midfield need to stop backing off though we teams come forward for me
  11. Fylde Match Thread

  12. Fylde Match Thread

  13. Fylde Match Thread

    No mcmanus.? 
  14. Gateshead today

    so that was his fifth yellow plus it makes it red is that a 2 games ban?
  15. Today's game guisley

    first game for me this season.  Mcdonald very quiet, but several times he was free on the wing and there was a pass available too him but a different option was taken  Midfield seem to be second to the ball, Hotte was man marking rooney to me which left Oliver really as the only central midfielder and when they broke forwards nobody seemed to know who should go out to their player We look solid in defence which is a massive bonus For me this season is about survival anyhting else is a bonus All in all a better performance than i was expecting reading the online comments whilst away, keep up the points per game ratio and that should see us safe.