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  1. The game tonight: Maidstone

    what about a special buy from aldi
  2. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    The last striker we had who was a hit in the Wlesh Premier league was a certain Ashley Stott,says it all really
  3. Salford at home today

    mom difficult to choose today but the defensive unit as a whole would have to be my choice as they were up against possibly the most expensively compiled attacking line and made them look very ordinary
  4. Was it a penalty today?

    he also straight armed skarz infornt of the referee too but nothing was said even toiugh skarz had to come of with blood all over his face
  5. Fullerton has another job

    Its not the hours you put in, but what you put into the hours
  6. Braintree

    He's not very good either
  7. Hanson signs!

    is it 2:50 on a saturday or am in a time warp!!!
  8. Hanson signs!

    duckworth fullback , hanson right wing simples
  9. Barrow FA Trophy

    worse than clitheroe away, that has to be the worst weather
  10. Barrow FA Trophy

    boring wood drawing too
  11. Staunton Red

    looks like their lad pauses before rolling round too 
  12. Realistic Expectations.

    Yes Southwell and Staunton underperformed for me today 
  13. Best ever FC Halifax Town game

    Apart from welling away
  14. The telegraph

    Also mentions our reported to be non existant training facility 
  15. AFC Wimbledon Saturday.

    My line up would be as follows as it gives both attacking and defensive options using Hanson and Sellars as attacking wingbacks                              Johnson                       Clarke Brown Skarz or Staunton Hanson           Maher or Staunton             Sellars                                 King                    Southwell    Kosy