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  1. Dover

                   Johnson          Maher Clarke Brown Hanson                                Sellers           King    Staunton                    Kossy          Preston       Southwell  
  2. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    it could technically be an own goal so we may not have, the positive spin would be they scored 7 last time out and we restricted them to only 2 goals today
  3. How many goals will we knock past Havant

    dont panic odeuseless is now entering thr fray
  4. At last we get a mention   Can't say i remember him all that much
  5. Edwards

    i would love it if fullarton turned it around but would also appreciate the truth from him too facing the media good or bad is a start. If we pay bottom of the tables wages so be it but at least show some passion.Scot lets call a truce as falling out never gets anyone any where. i respect your comments and please respect mine.
  6. Edwards

    obviously your link to the club is fullarton and he has even got you believing his bullshit. I would have thought a person of your intelligence would see through him by now if you have followed his career. How many of our current players have you scouted for him!! i'm the 1k a week guy and have it direct from the board not from fullashits mouth
  7. Difficult to Assess

     i liked the look of yesterdays team before the start then he went and played a formation that didn't suit the players
  8. Edwards

    still stand by my 1k a weekover 46 weeks
  9. Staunton

    yes but he's a defender
  10. King

    even if its against what your manager tells you to do?
  11. King

    obviously you dont see these things either and need them pointing out to you too!!!
  12. Edwards

    no thats only if you put your feet on the seats
  13. Edwards

    i'm told he only wanted a squad of 20. i know he has had problems with injuries it has been as bad as i can remember but he seems to be totally lost at the moment and void of ideas how to get round them which is the sign of a good manager
  14. King

    in my expereince of being a manager poeple dont see these things unless they get it pointed out too them . Lack of managers guidance in my opinion, people will do as they are told generally unless told to alter 
  15. King

    yes but a manager stood on the touchline should also see this and point it out, when your doing a job your told to do afraid of getting dropped if you don follow instructions you need to be told try someting different it ok