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  1. Hartlepool

    Yes he did after a lot of treatment which makes me think that in this current era of head injuries and long term player protection why did hartlepool not sub him if his head injury was so bad 
  2. Do we need a new striker and midfielder(s) ?

    what about playing tomlinson up front and see how he does
  3. Maidenhead

    Nerd to stop trying not to lose games and trying to win them jf says we go out to win every game but haven't seen this yet 
  4. Music

    March of the gladiators 
  5. Tom Denton

    Now officially signed for an undisclosed fee on an 18 month contract. Can see whats going to happen already when we play them next month
  6. Orient at Home

    Possession counts for nothing unless you score. As much as Orient had, our defence were better than their attack. Second half thought we equalled them, still need a midfielder who can calm things down as i thought we panicked in possession first half.
  7. Sinnott

    alfreton bound would be my guess
  8. Wrexham highlights

    if thats was for pushing what is person doing holding our lad on the line
  9. Michael Collins

    Retired from full-time football because he also had a job as a coach for Bradford u18s now he hasn't full time might suit him again   
  10. Michael Collins

    What about the possibility that Bradford might want jf
  11. Sutton United

    should suit our new found passing game better than the aerial bombardment of last year, although didn't Heath drop Denton when we played on plastic
  12. Loan signings

    Big Sam wasnt he on loan from Port Vale for a season
  13. Club statement regarding lenighan signing

    For me if people want to protest do it with silence ifhe comes on as a sub or starts scores does anything of worth clapping and comes of the best form of protest is silence rather than booing as I feel this won't help with moral of all the other players and this is how I will protest 
  14. Are we being Ignored by the Media ?

    Bbc used to focus on torquay a lot now they are in the south league reports of Truro are also appearing think the chap on the southwest must be the only local news reporter to submit anything as radio Leeds are not the best advocates for us either 
  15. Port Vale thread

    And killer was also in the same mould