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  1. Port Vale thread

    And killer was also in the same mould 
  2. England v Sweden

    How many saves did the Swedish keeper have to make in comparison  to ours again that's my concern we aren't converting our chances sterling off vardy on
  3. Away kit

    Green is not my cup of really
  4. Away kit

    Not just one but 2 away kits!!
  5. England v Hamlet

    exactly 2 pens 2 set pieces and a deflected shot, plus 1 very good goal, looks better than it actually was
  6. Peniket Alfreton

    Money nothing to do with it though! And players lacking ambition at nationall level as they know there limitations 
  7. George Mulhall.

    the best response would be the first home game next season with as many of the conference winning squad invited to attend and a minutes applause would be a good sendoff. Always loved his quote of the fat lady clearing her throat in response to pottentialy winning the league, rather than lame take it one game at a time, focus only on the next match sterile quote you get these days . RIP with the many shaymen up there. You brought me a season to remember that won't be forgotten.
  8. Maidstone away

    Macc only had 4 players signed up with a few weeks to go before the season 
  9. Macca - final call?

    Wouldn't surprise me if he turned up at Solihull if Leicester based 
  10. Torquay Away

    Tiredness I guess could also be the cause of the bookings 
  11. Tomlinson

    As long as his form hasn't alerted other teams interest 
  12. Season tickets

    So after next tuesday does anyone know what happens to enable you to get in next thursday, as my season ticket book only goes upto 21 games!!
  13. Chester's woes

    See Neil Young has now left   

    no rossendale trumps everthing for cold
  15. Fullarton / Collins

    thought this was a thread about fullarton setting collins on as his assistant. I haven't read anywhere if this role has been filled yet and any of the other roles advertised