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  1. Adam Morgan

    Bloody showoff 
  2. Where has Flea gone?

    Yes we all seeking the glittering prize.
  3. Are you watching ***** ***** ?

    Why does this garbage continue. Mr Heath has gone as has Mr Harvey and Mr Aspin. they all achieved something and have gone. Now is Mr Fullarton's time, for however long that is.
  4. Team Vs Solihull

    Well I would name O'Reilly, Richards, Terry, and the new lad from Barcelona as subs in case Fawlty was substituted.

    Most important result was the Solihull torquay result. 
  6. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Excellent result. Still need to win though. Also excellent other results with virtually relegated Torquay beating Orient and solihull drawing away at Gateshead. Important Solihull Torquay  and Maidenhead and Barrow and Eastley and Orient games on the weekend and if Aldershot beat chester away that may finalise matters there.
  7. Woking Thread

    People amaze me sometimes. Yes we have won twice but we have beaten Woking and Hartlepool who are there with us on points. We have have drawn with Eastleigh and Wrexham and bean beaten by Ebbsfleet who are all above us. The point should be be obvious and while you have to beat who you play, regardless of their position, our record against better teams recently has not been inspiring.
  8. Woking Thread

    You are no supporter of Town. You actively advocated Kellyesque  6-0 losses to destroy our goal difference for your selfish and narcissistic aims and when Mr Heath did not oblige you sulked like a whipped cur and disappeared with your tail between your legs.  Even now the 15 or more points we got at the start of this season under Mr Heath will mean we likely we wont be relegated.You are a disgrace for advocating Town to lose and even more for destroying our goal difference. Yet in truth I expected little better of you. You do not know what I thought of Mr Heath and whether he should stay and if he should go and when. Some supporters do but I chose not to express a view publicly then as it did not assist and expressing a view now does not assist matters. The Board made its decision. I have always said results count and the same goes for Mr Fullarton as Mr Heath as Mr Aspin- results matter, you get them, you stay, you do not, you go.  As for being wrong I could refute every point you made but it serves no point and in any event I do not argue with imbecile so called supporters who advocate Town losing 6-0 to satisfy their narcissistic aims. As it stands Mr Denton has scored 10 goals and is still the best goalscorer by a long chalk and Mr Heath getting us the good start to the season, gave us the breathing space while  we started to sort our squad. 
  9. Adam Morgan

    Watch the Comedians when it is arguable Charlie Williams etc were close to best.
  10. Points watch

    By my numbers: Presently at game 36 we are 10 wins, 12 draws and 14 losses for 42 points  with a goal difference of 39-47. In 2016 at the end of game 36, we were 9 wins, 10 draws and 17 losses for 37 points with a goal difference of 48-69. Being free of those Kellyesque massacres and their consequential effect on the goal difference may very well be crucial this year.
  11. Dagenham Tuesday.

    And in totally news and I have no where to place it, Harrogate won 6 - 0 to got to top of the table on goal difference with Salford both teams equal on games.
  12. Woking Thread

    But by omission you are saying that if you do not like the manager you are happy if we lose 15 nil. That says much about the measure of you as a supporter. 
  13. Woking Thread

    You must be shattered we did not lose 15 nil.