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  1. Wrexham Match Thread

    It's interesting, but possibly due to the draw, that the majority of the top 8 teams are northern teams but the majority of the bottom 8 are southern teams. It may just be this season that these gritty midweek away games against the "northern" teams will sort the men from the boys. Hopefully we get one point at least, but 3 points would make a statement.
  2. Salford away.....

    We can genuinely chant "we are top of the league", especially as they are struggling. Enjoy it while we can.
  3. George Mulhall Tribute

    I have at home an interview with George Mulhall done 5-10 years ago in one of those football reminiscing magazines where George Mulhall rated his achievement with Town as the greatest thing he did in football. A great, great man.
  4. 9 August - deadline for windfall?

    Maybe but maybe some of the "ambitious" smaller clubs might go for him.
  5. continuation of word association

  6. 3,000 season tickets

    I look at average crowds as well as season tickets sold as well as area of the team. Orient may need 3,000 season tickets sold given they are competing against a lot of wealthy southern sides who pay what 5-10 years ago would have been League division  2 salaries for the same players that other teams in the south are chasing. And a lot of southern players don't sign for the northern clubs ( and vice versa) given that the difference in salaries paid may be soaked up by the increased costs of travelling etc. It's not what Orient are doing that bothers me as much as what Salford, Wrexham etc ( the higher drawing northern teams ) are doing.
  7. England v Sweden

    I think the Russians will have mixed feelings about backing either team given historical, language and political considerations. I suspect they will be hoping that both sides get a man sent off and rack up the injuries.
  8. Martin Riley

    Every week that passes increases my concern but those concerns can change overnight with an astute signing or 3 ( fingers crossed).