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  1. Life of Brian

    It's not a storm, it's just a naughty little gale.
  2. continuation of word association

  3. It's not about town.

    But can he fix it?
  4. gone full time

    What do they mean by full time? 3 training sessions a week at varying times of the day. I know players say they have gone "full time" but how is it different to part time Guiseley.
  5. continuation of word association

    Long John Silver *   * Sorry Chadders in advance for it being 3 words
  6. Signings and Losses from each conference club

    Bottom sides are desperate to get off the bottom. Solihull has signed 3 players recently.
  7. FA Cup Draw Monday?

    Is my logic wrong? Just making the point that for every player happy for being in the side, there is at least one other unhappy he is not.