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  1. Goal machine

    Chris Nicholl started with Town. When he was at Villa this happened (I've repeated the report): When Villa played Leicester at Filbert Street in Division One back in March of 1976, Nicholl managed to grab himself to score four goals from defence – though, sadly for him, the game ended in a 2-2 draw. Now, our maths can be a little shonky at times, but we make that two goals and two own-goals. Twice he put Leicester in front. Twice he equalised for Villa. Indeed, Nicholls’ brace of own-goals ensured he went on to end the season as The Foxes’ fifth leading goalscorer! Nicholl has since gone on record as saying his third goal of the game (his second o.g: an unstoppable diving header) was the finest goal he scored in his career............! “After I scored those four goals in that 2-2 draw, I asked the referee if I could have the ball,” he told the Birmingham Post in 2006 on the 30th anniversary of his Filbert Street tour de force. ” No,’ the ref said. ‘This is my last match and I am keeping the ball’. Just my luck, I suppose. My first hat-trick in a Villa shirt and I don’t even get the ball!”
  2. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    Don't forget the ill discipline in the bookings.
  3. Dover match thread

    Agree with this expect as to the" battling to survive" part, more "trying to adjust". I reckon though the Conference wasn't as cutthroat in Aspin's first year. I suspect not as many teams were full time then.
  4. Solihull Moors notes

    Yeah like Callan.............
  5. Gainsborough Chairman

    And people wonder why the northern clubs in the Conference are struggling. Signings are now fought over by Conference sides and conference North sides. This is a list of results in north v south clubs clashes in the Conference from the year to date (I've included Solihull Moors and Macclesfield as northern teams as they, and it is alarming in my view: Wins Maidenhead  v Wrexham  1-2 Tranmere v Woking  3 -1 Gateshead vTorquay 3- 0 Barrow v Woking 3- 0 Losses Dagenham v Barrow 2-1 Woking v Gateshead 2-1 Orient v Solihull 3-1 Aldershot v Guiseley   6-0 Boreham  Wood v Solihull  4-1 Maidenhead v Hartlepool 2-1 Dover v Wrexham 1-0 Sutton v Macclesfield 2-1 Town v Aldershot  0-2 Hartlepool v Dover 0-1 Tranmere v Sutton  0-1 Fylde v Maidenhead 1-4 Town v Dover 1-2 Draws Fylde v Boreham 2-2 Guiseley v Ebbsfleet 2-2 Macclesfield v Bromley 0- 0 Ebbsfleet  v Fylde 3 -3 Torquay v Tranmere 0-0   A couple is a fluke, 5 coincidence, what we are seeing is beginning to be a pattern. Northern players not only have been signed wholesale by Conference North clubs and Conference sides from the north but also a few have signed with Conference sides from the south or Conference South sides. Players who played for southern sides or that level, more often signed with Conference sides from the south or conference South sides  with fewer signings with northern sides. So the spending of conference North  is hurting us in our ( and other northern sides)  efforts to bolster our squad imo.  
  6. Dover match thread

    While I disagree slightly in that I think Aspin should have been given a little more time, the Board in opting for the year of the 4 managers with Kelly hurt Town badly.  
  7. Dover match thread

    I don't mind Oliver but Dixon has been a bit of a let down so far. He has height ( I now I go on about that but how many 193cm, 6 foot four midfielders are playing at this level) and a physical presence but does not use that to advantage as does Denton. If he could link that height with a fear factor ( ie he get as many fouls as he gives), then who knows.  It's early though.
  8. Promotion watch.

    3 might be enough for a starter.
  9. Solihull Moors notes

    I have absolutely no qualms if the club plagiarise my notes, or use my notes in whichever way they want, edited or otherwise. If it saves them a few  pounds, then an hour or so of my time is worth it.
  10. Solihull Moors notes

    So we travel  on Saturday to Solihull Moors seeking victory. So what is there to know about Solihull Moors Last season Last season Solihull Moors finished the Conference in 16th position with 15 wins, 10 draws and 21 losses for 55 points and having scored 62 and conceded 75. That 16th is somewhat illusory as York were relegated having got 50 points for the season so Solihull weren't far away. Indeed April wins over Macclesfield and Eastleigh gave them a buffer at the end of the season when they ended with a whimper as a loss to Orient and Boreham Wood and draws versus Barrow and Guiseley made them sweat ever so much. In fact it could be said in 2017 insofar as the 2016-2017 season was concerned was a trainwreck for them as they  won 7 league games, drawn 5 games and lost 12 including a brutalizing 9 -0 loss away to Tranmere and  a 4- 2 to Barrow which occurred in a 6 game loss streak which saw them outscored 20-4. At home they were patchy, winning ( from 1 January 2017 to the end of the 2016-2017 season)  3 games, losing 7 and drawing 1. A note of caution though, they could be held scoreless on their day or score 3 and equally opposing sides could be held scoreless or to 1 goal or score 3 or 4. One good stat though, in their 5 games against Northern opposition at home  from January 2017 to the end of the season, they lost 5 being outscored 3-10. Homecooking wasn't their style. But they enjoyed takeaway a little bit more as they won 4, drew 3 and lost 3 including that 9-0 loss away to Tranmere. They aren't playing away though in this game. For the 2016-2017 season their leading goalscorers in all competitions were: Akwaze Assante 11 goals ( he left in January 2017 for Grimsby) Omari Sterling White 9 goals ( transferred to Mansfield) Harry White 8 ( transferred to Chester) Andy Brown 5 ( transferred to Brackley) Jamie Osborne 5 ( he left for Grimsby in January 2017) There were a few players who scored 4 goals or less but it was essentially case of old mother hubbard. The close season Not surprising, given their brush with Conference mortality, they went a bit crazy over the close season. In (including loanees) came Campbell (WBA), Dunkley (Hednesford), Kelleher (Oxford), Trueman(Birmingham), Cleary (Birmingham), Hylton (Swindon), Barnewell (Dagenham), Lait (Stourbridge), Edwards (Leamington), Thomas (Boston), Benbow (Stourbridge), Tonks (Stourbridge), Vaughn (Worcester), Green (Tamworth) and Carter( Forest Green). That's a fair bit of league talent in. Also Luke Benbow scored 39 goals for Stourbridge last season in the Northern Premier League. Whether this translates to goals is another question. They then lost Nortey (Dover), Charles Cook (Charlton), Byrne,Lewis, Franklin and Brown to Brackley, Beswick (Nuneaton), Daly ( Kidderminster),  Sterling White to Mansfield, Mwanyongo to Boston and White to Chester. White and Sterling James were big losses from a team that didn't score much at all. Basically, they've imported a whole new team in to replace a team that didn't do very well last year. The friendlies Solihull played in friendly games Barwell (2-0 win to solihull in a Brighouse type opener), Walsall 3-2 win to Solihull  in a game in which Walsall changed XIs at half time, lost to Burton 1-2 in a game in which Burton had 57% of the possession and drew 1-1 with Tamworth in the last friendly in which Tamworth had 55% of the play but Solihull had only 6 shots to 2. That friendly form sounds well, distinctly ....... friendly. The 2017-2018 season If you believe omens, the 2017 season started ominously for Solihull as their home opening game against Chester was called off because of ticketing fiasco. So they've played one less game than the the rest of the league. Then they voyaged to Clapton Orient and their season started the way it ended with them losing 3 -1,  after falling behind at half time 1-0. Their sole goalscorer was Afolayan, a 20 year old striker. Afolayan scored 4 last year. The Clapton goals were scored by a 175cm defender, a 187cm striker and another 185cm defender. The game was also pretty testy with Orient getting a yellow and Solihull getting 3 yellows and a red in the 81st, after all the scoring had been done. Then they travelled to Boreham Wood   4 days later where they lost 4-1 where one of their summer signings, Kelleher, scored in the 33rd minute and Boreham then scored 3 in 12 minutes and Boreham were 3-1 at half time. After half time, Boreham scored another in the 59th minute and the game petered out. The game was relatively quiet with one yellow to Boreham and one to Solihull. Boreham's goals included one by a 185cm defender, one by a 186 cm striker and 2 by sub 180cm strikers. Then 4 days later, they played their first home game against northern opposition in Barrow and were 0-2  behind at half time, Barrow scoring through Nieskens, a defender to start the scoring, and then Jones a 183cm defender .Barrow were reduced to 10 men in the 56th minute and Solihull scored 3 in a row ( to take the lead)  from the 61st to the 73rd minute through goals to Joel Kettle, a defender, then Afolayan and last Carter, a 188cm midfielder. Barrow though nabbed a point in the 96th minute with a penalty ( and you think our Dover loss was heartbreaking).The game was another testy affair with 2 more bookings for Solihull and 2 yellows and a red for Barrow. Solihull's crowd was a paltry  558....... So what do we take from the above.  - attacking defenders score goals against Solihull - they have, in the past fallen behind, and if they do, assuming you have  the full 11 men, teams have kept the lead - their strikers per se have scored very few goals - height may be an advantage - Solihull play a testy brand of football so discipline is necessary ( that's right I'm talking about you Mr Kosylo) - with a few supporters, we can turn it into the Shay The squad The Solihull team that played Barrow had only Kettle, Murombedzi, Carline  of the first team and Afolayan of the subs had played with Solihull before this year so this is a young group who have not played much football with each other. As for experience, Carter is a vastly experienced ex pro, Kelleher has played Scottish football for Peterhead. But a lot of their team has played football for non league midlands teams  or is young. Campbell is a youngster on loan from WBA. As for height of the team that played Barrow,  their tall players include their keeper Trueman is 186cm, and the defenders Cleary (182cm), Kettle ( about 190cm -  he's 6 foot three) Kelleher (190cm), Carter (188cm) and Carline (188cm). Cullinane Liburd is also  tall. So they have some height in their side. This game is a very winnable game for us but we would be fools to take Solihull lightly  or to give them a break by showing them any indiscipline. They key, IMO, is to be ruthless, to get in early and take control of the game, prefereably with a goal or two buffer. Then we should not take our foot off the throat and try to score a few. They are a young side, a new side so we should not give this sucker any even break. We should also have some adventurous defenders as Solihull have conceded 10 goals in 3 games, 5 of which were scored by played more reputed as defenders.      
  11. Solihull Moors vs Town 19/08/2017

    Solihull 0 Town 2 Denton  Oliver 830
  12. Dover match thread

    I'd say his mind isn't on the job otherwise Mr Heath may even have included him on the bench last weekend.  If so, and he's still taking his wages, then let's ring up NFU now. They're bottom of the North with 0 wins and their goal difference is 0-12 and are favourites to be relegated, Maybe they will take him him now. 
  13. Dover match thread

    Actually not. He was a semi regular contributor with goals in the second half of last season, while also battling some injury issues. If his personal circumstances were different, I would try him again.
  14. Dover match thread

    If we were talking about players who've performed this year, Denton would be right up there,   so when people talk about  playing without dropping one of our better players so our less performing strikers can try to form a partnership, I just . If none of our strikers can take advantage of the yeoman work done by Denton, whose fault is that? Denton's? But anyway let's inject some facts into this debate. From and including the  Chorley game in January 2017 to the Dover game, these are all the goalscorers for Town in competitive (ie not friendlies) games: King 4 ( a regular goalscorer who due to personal circumstances isn't playing) Charles 3 ( between the FCUM to the Curzon games) Denton 6 (his recent record is the best as all his goals have come since the Worcester game last season) Garner, Hone, Nti  and Roberts and an own goal 1 each  and Sinnott 2 (in the FCUM and Kidderminster game) Kosylo 9 ( but includes a penalty and last goals were a double in the Harrogate game last season. Morgan 5 (between Tamworth and Gainsborough last season) Peniket 7 ( including 2 in the playoffs). Maybe, just maybe Peniket may have meant more than some have given him credit for. As for Denton, he is the most reliable of our recent goalscorers still at Town.