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  1. Fan names

    Mine was just that I was living in Bolton at the time and I my birth year. Seems so boring after reading Bubba's.
  2. Aldershot

    That's true but we had 3 more points at this time last year.
  3. Halifax Town and The Shay 1954

    Not many people had tv in 1953. My grandparents had a win on the football pools and bought one to watch the Coronation. We used to walk from Raglan Street to Nursery Lane on a Saturday night just to visit the tv. Only football on  tv at that time was the Cup Final and England internationals. For some strange reason they were on a Wednesday afternoon which was great for me as I went to Heath and had Wednesday afternoon off. Only place to see live football was the Shay.
  4. Maidenhead

    Well the expert we have in charge agreed with them. Unless you are suggesting the manager is swayed by the experts on here.
  5. Gateshead Game

    Just gone top after Solihull score  
  6. Season Ticket prices.

    Because they get £800.000 from the league.
  7. Play off final

    But leading 1-0
  8. George Mulhall.

    Sad news. R.I.P.
  9. who do you want as Play off winners

    More or less their full side yesterday.
  10. Torquay Away

    Correct. I was thinking they had 3 to play.
  11. Torquay Away

    Kind of. They could still equal our points but would have to turn round a 12 goal difference. A draw would make us safe but Tomlinson now sent off.
  12. Torquay Away

    Woking behind 1-0 against Bromley
  13. Sutton thread

    Maidenhead now leading 2-1 against Woking
  14. Sutton thread

    Not now.  
  15. Sutton thread

    Cook has scored all 4 of Tranmere goals.
  16. Sutton thread

    Woking gone 1-0 up.  
  17. Sutton thread

    Need to start the second half better.  
  18. Sutton thread

    Gateshead now in front at Tranmere
  19. Team Vs Boreham Wood

    Torquay now had 2 players sent off  
  20. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Gateshead equalised again
  21. Dagenham Tuesday.

    2"nd goal and Gateshead have equalised
  22. Notts County

    I see that Notts County have shown us just how many supporters you gain by reducing prices. Had over 17000 with their special offer then under 4000 for their next game and on Saturday on the brink of automatic promotion just over 5500. That is less than they had for the last home game before the offer. Only way they would have kept the extra 11000 would be to lock them in.
  23. Notts County

    I was just pointing out that they had not retained any of the extra supporters.
  24. Notts County

    No. I am saying the opposite. When this was announced a few on here thought it would be a good idea for us to try something along these lines.
  25. Hartlepool tonight

    Gateshead equalised at Barrow