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  1. Solihull match thread

    It was a good reaction to going 2-0 down. However the board will not light up over another draw and wins have been too few to get a reaction. Lets hope that King has fully recovered. No doubt he is our best midfielder and he couldn't get into the team for weeks. 
  2. Solihull match thread

    Well done. Good comeback.
  3. Solihull match thread

    It looks like it now.
  4. Solihull Moors FA trophy

    Trouble is Scot that this is just about the same as last year, when Billy Heath was sacked.    
  5. Harrogate Away

    Good win lets hope it just helps the confidence. Nice birthday present for me.  
  6. Dagenham Today’s game

    I thought I might gat away with it.
  7. Dagenham Today’s game

    Equaliser. I knew that JF halftime talk would work.   
  8. J.F. does he ever go to watch players?

    There you are he could have had 2 of us for £200. 
  9. J.F. does he ever go to watch players?

    If he had been smarter I would have sat on the bench for £100 a week and he could have used the rest of the money to get someone he wants to play.
  10. Barnet Postponed

    Well we only dropped one place, due to Chesterfield equalising in the 90th minute. Bad news is that we are now only 5 points above the relegation zone. Never mind we could be supporting Hartlepool who lost their 6th game on the trot tonight.
  11. Blame the board

    That is the way it works. What has changed ?  I have always paid to watch the team, which is how it is financed. Never felt it was my club other than that of a supporter. Only difference was I contributed more by buying bricks, sods of grass, shares and cash. Didn't make me feel more connected. Just my way of keeping the club going.
  12. Blame the board

    I agree but I have a feeling that lack of information is down to the managers. 
  13. Blame the board

    That's fine but unless we have someone with a considerable amount of money to put into the club, what do we gain. We see many post going on about bankrolled clubs but I think that's what a lot of people want. Problem is in all the years I have supported the club we have never had anybody with any money, I don't know any of our board and don't know what they feel about the club, how much money they have in the bank. That is no different to all the Boards of Directors that have been at the club over the years. I just don't get the thing about not feeling included. When were the supporters of Halifax Town ever included ?
  14. How many goals will we knock past Havant

    Need to get back into this. Now only 5 points above relegation zone.
  15. Todays Game - Eastleigh

    Its funny how people opinions change. At the end of last season all I read was how refreshing it was to see us playing football and don't recall anybody saying what a terrible appointment JF was. So it would appear he fooled most of the supporters as well as the BOD. In fact I think he did. Doesn't know how to change a game or use subs. Would I give him money to go and bring in more players ? No. We already have player who we pay to sit on the bench and no one who can score a goal. I have no problem with the Board going but have we anybody who wants to takeover ?