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  1. Board or Billy?

    I'm afraid that is what a lot of people want. I don't agree with a lot he does but I don't know what goes on behind the scenes (nor should I) 
  2. Adam Morgan

    How many times has Tomlinson started in preference to Morgan ? I think he jhas only started about 6 games. One of those was with Morgan. Don't think he has started more than 2 on the trot. So hardly being preferred to anybody. Has been on the bench most of the season.
  3. Maidenhead Match Thread

    Very true. I see he has been recalled to Fleetwood.
  4. Maidenhead Match Thread

    He still is at Chorley. Scored a few goals from midfield. Played about a dozen games for Salford so may not have been there when we played them.
  5. Adam Morgan

    It also says is market value is 200,000 euros. Do you believe that ?
  6. Adam Morgan

    I don t disagree with a lot of this but I think we were on course for mid table but now we are on course for a fight not to go down. Chester have a game in hand which if they win  will put them 5 points behind us. Unless we turn this round we are in danger of getting dragged down there. Don't like changing managers mid-season but there is only so long we can allow this form to continue. I hope that Billy Heath does turn this round. I know he has had some bad luck with injuries but just hope he can bring in some new signings.
  7. Adam Morgan

    I wouldn't take what is on that site as gospel. They are showing is market value as 200,000 euros even during his moves to Colwyn Bay and Hemel Hempstead Town.
  8. Adam Morgan

    So are you saying that Billy Heath didn't rate Morgan is a fact. I believe he started in about 10 games on the trot and only started to go missing at the end of October. Just for the record I don't rate Billy Heath. The record is terrible and I did not understand why Morgan went off the radar but perhaps this transfer had something to do with it.
  9. Adam Morgan

    My comment was not made on a vague rumour. Adam Morgan said that it had been on the cards for a while and their manager said it had taken a long while to get the deal done. But someone on here says it was done over night and that is fact. By the way not trying to support Billy Heath by saying it. 
  10. Adam Morgan

    Never said it was fact. Just a comment based on what Adam Morgan had said.         
  11. Adam Morgan

    That is what I was suggesting in my earlier post. 
  12. Adam Morgan

    Having read Adam Morgans comments on the Sligo site. He says that the move had been on the cards for a while. Their season ended at the end of October and he became less involved round end of November. Is this just a coincidence or was there something going on behind the scenes. Sligo season is just starting so perhaps they didn't want to sign him until now. 
  13. Hartlepool

    Yes that's correct. I was wrong in thinking the new payments started next season. So that means Hartlepool and Leyton Orient would have received £472000 each this season and will receive 50% next year.
  14. Maccelsfield Part 3

    Just to make it clear I am not suggesting Bohan Dixon will be the next Paul Pogba. It's just that decent players do not always fit into a team.
  15. Maccelsfield Part 3

    Happens at lots of clubs. Dixon didn't look like a bad signing but didn't work out. Teams at the very top get things wrong. Manchester United released Forlan who went on to score 128 goals for his next 2 clubs. They also let a certain Mr. Pogba go. Players don't always fit in at a team.