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  1. Farsley

    No Southwell yesterday. Not even on bench.
  2. Wages

    Yes I do mean Yeovil. Senior moment.
  3. Wages

    If you look at that list Fylde,Harrogate,Eastleigh and Solihull all bank rolled. Notts County and Woking will have their payments for dropping from league 2. Chesterfield, Wrexham and Hartlepool have better crowds than us and always have had. Borehamwoo must be bank rolled they only averaged 871 last season. So we either need someone to invest their millions or find about another 3000 supporters. 
  4. Wages

    Average crowds for National league last season was 1972. If you work on £15 per person that gives you £29580 gate receipts per week. £29580 x 23  is £680340 . I appreciate that there are other income streams but if clubs are spending a lot more than that on wages the somebody has to be putting their hand in their pockets to support it. By the way only 6 clubs got crowds above the average.
  5. England v USA

    My understanding of VAR was that it was supposed to be used to check obvious errors. According to the news this morning White was 1 cm offside. If that is what is going to happen then it will ruin the game. 
  6. Started about 1951. Came with my parents and elder brother. 
  7. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Craig Fleming was the brother. Others that come to mind are Michael Collins and who can forget Peter Butler. Lee Tuck didn't play much but went on to a career in Malaysia.
  8. Thinking Back - Thanks

    Going back a bit I believe George Holt was also from Southowram.
  9. Today’s game Hartlepool

    How far behind is the commentary ? I know there is normally a minute or so but Hartlepool goal came up on Flashscores about 5 minutes before it was on the commentary.
  10. The Shayman who won the Victoria Cross

    His picture was always on the wall in the hall at St.Augustine's Primary School, Hanson Lane. I believe he attended there.
  11. Today’s game: Havant

    Whatever the circumstances we needed a win today. I could understand taking Quigley off if we were under constant pressure and in danger of losing the point but we weren't. Would be delighted with a 0-0 next week. Eastleigh have now won 5 on the trot. Only bright spot is that Salford look to have imploded. Lost again today and with all the players they have signed only had 4 on the bench. They must be bad because form over last 10 games is worse than ours.
  12. Today’s game: Havant

    Must win game today. Need to build a gap between us and the bottom 4. Looks like King must be still ill but Hanson makes the bench.
  13. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Also wishing they were at home watching the Liverpool  game.
  14. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Sub keeper
  15. The game tonight: Maidstone

    Fylde have equalised thank God.