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  1. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    Hanson in the bad books for apparently giving sellers a smack.
  3. Meeting with DB

    Arse lickers and brown nosers only invited then.
  4. BPA

    Bower will be available soon get in there Mr B and appoint a proper manager.
  5. Opponent spying.

    Jf should do some spying on our apponents and he might pick up some tips on how to put on training sessions, and set up a football team to play attacking football and win.
  6. Fullerton has another job

    If he's running a full time course at ackworth how many full time hours is he putting in at town? It's no wonder he doesn't give a **** how we perform, or the threat of relegation cos WHEN if he gets the sack here hes still got a nice salary at the posh school to fall back on.  
  7. Fullerton has another job

    He's running the football academy at ackworth boarding school in Pontefract so I was informed today in the east stand. There's a YouTube video on the school's website and jammie states he will be running a full time course from sept 2018. Shouldn't he be spending more time getting our crop of players coached before teaching kids or is that his level?
  8. Braintree

    The yellow team leader that kept running up and down the east stand steps look alot fitter than some of our starting 11 today. I think they were trying to create some atmosphere today by constantly asking for the green team leader cos it got the crowd going.  
  9. Harrogate Away

    I am very grateful that the manager changed personal and tactics 2nd half and we went onto claim 3pts. All the players came over at the end of the game to show their appreciation for the support but if one clown in the crowd gave jf some stick and he took his bat and ball home then he's in the wrong job.           
  10. Harrogate Away

    I think you will find I am very gratefully that our manager change things at half time and we collect all 3pts playing attacking football long may it continue.
  11. Harrogate Away

    That's a small minority mate that I don't have time for. Second half was a big improvement and just goes to show if you let the lads play a more attacking game results will come.  
  12. Harrogate Away

    He didn't even acknowledge the 500 fans for turning out just marched of the pitch as if we had been hammered.
  13. Morecambe

    Eney planned pitch inspection been lashing it down all-day in bradford.
  14. Dover

    Are u the clown that's bought the JF banner that was on show  today in the north stand?
  15. Dover

    Sit eney deeper and they will be in the stand mate. We just don't have the pace to play that way and morecambe will do a job on us Tuesday and save us the potential spanking on live TV by Wimbledon.