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    Was working near the ground this afternoon and the pitch was playable even after all the heavy rain this morning.      
  2. Halftime draw

    My mate Ian won the raffle that sits in the east stand lucky git
  3. FA Trophy Draw Against

    Just what we need with our thread bare squad. On a plus note more games for heath to Fu*k up and at last get the sack. Heath out heath out heath out.  
  4. Heath In

    Very embarrassing doesnt Mr B have the bollocks to sack him?
  5. Discipline

    Louder2 wouldn't last long   
  6. Heath In

  7. Heath In

    He wouldnt do that to one of our handy lads out in the car park. I would love it if someone walked on the pitch and laid the knob out, it would make my £18 entrance fee feel like I've had value for money.      
  8. Heath In

    Heath showed fans no respect with his gestures at full time. Do the board find this childish behaviour acceptable?    
  9. Is Billy Heath the right Manager for Halifax Town

    Get in wonder if Billy is going to cast a vote
  10. This forum...

    Maybe time for another poll on here?
  11. This forum...

    Spot on Trev I think most on here want this idiot to carry on as manager get us into a relegation battle and still back him. The board must be bored stiff watching these shocking displays at home?or do they just see the bank balance and think we will scrape by on a shoe string and if it' goes wrong throw money at it. If u read this forum Mr B listen to your customers and act now.
  12. Taxi Please...I will pay Billy

    Get shut of this mouthy clown now,we are 7 pts off the bottom 4 let's act now before we are stuck in a relegation battle.
  13. Woking

    Rumour going round  east stand yesterday was that kosylo might be going to Brentford in a £80k deal.
  14. Has Billy boy lost the dressing room?

    Without big Denton upfront to hold to ball up, win headers and defend corners there is no plan B. Have the players now lost faith in the pub managers Clueless tactics. In Denton we trust.    
  15. Noticed on more than one occasion tonight Billy trying to get his point across to the players only for Morgan and a few others to mouth back at Billy. Has he now lost the dressing room and is it time for Billy or certain players to be shipped out.