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  1. Woking

    Rumour going round  east stand yesterday was that kosylo might be going to Brentford in a £80k deal.
  2. Has Billy boy lost the dressing room?

    Without big Denton upfront to hold to ball up, win headers and defend corners there is no plan B. Have the players now lost faith in the pub managers Clueless tactics. In Denton we trust.    
  3. Noticed on more than one occasion tonight Billy trying to get his point across to the players only for Morgan and a few others to mouth back at Billy. Has he now lost the dressing room and is it time for Billy or certain players to be shipped out.  
  4. Palace sack manager

    Palace manager gone after 4 games and Roy hodgson lined up to replace him.
  5. VARDY = ££££

    Liverpool also interested with a player going the other way as part of the deal
  6. Supporters club

    It's a hotel with sports pitch not a school  
  7. Supporters club

    We train at Weetwood hall in leeds nice I work for has its team briefs there every month and bumped into billy there before 1st game of the season.
  8. Promotion watch.

    Wonderland?the best place for heath is poundland,with his defensive qualities no f**Ker would get out without paying 
  9. First Conference Managerial casualty

    Hope your next billy boy
  10. FC Ferriby of North?

    Yes billy do us all a favour and put us out of our misery so we dont have to witness another tuesday night dire performance.
  11. Well done Billy Heath!

    Just spoke to billy at weetwood hall in leeds. We have our team briefs here once a month and halifax are using the place for training sessions. He did say there maybe one more signing to come in?
  12. Predictions for 2017/18

    Finish mid table with heath sacked after 15 games cos sitting back and soaking up pressure wont cut it in this league. Think we are in for some boring home performances with heath in charge.  
  13. Carlisle & Rochdale friendly prices

    A few Bradford fans at work said they ain't bothering. Should be £10 max and why the greed are we nearly skint or are we filling the piggy bank for paying billy off when he's found to be out of his depth.
  14. Carlisle & Rochdale friendly prices

    Pre season normally a time to see new signings but with only a few signed the admission fee for the friendly matched is just greedy. Don't expect many away fans at that price either.  
  15. Little Bradley

    Yeh most adults would of curled up and gone into melt down. Top respect for defoe and for all u did for the little man. Rip Bradley