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  1. England Women

    Jill Scott's quality. I'm a bit disappointed that in both games so far they've not let their superior technical ability show against weaker opponents. Not sure why Phil Neville of all people is the gaffer.  The USA will yet again absolutely walk this tournament in my opinion. If England play against them the best they'll do is maybe shithouse a 0-0 and hope to win by the odd goal or on pens. 
  2. Abbie McManus

    Argentina's play really is reminiscent of how we played way, way too often last season. 
  3. Buzz Effect

    AFC Fylde are the last club on earth we should be looking at concerning 'creating a buzz'. Their showing this year was profoundly pathetic. If fans aren't gonna show up for their play-off battle now for the second season running then they never will. More people in that town will turn up to their stadium to watch Ann flipping Widdecombe talk.
  4. Abbie McManus

    Starts for England v Argentina. Slotting in after Millie Brown was injured in the Scotland match.   
  5. Matty Brown

    I'm glad that this is an absolute bullshit rumour, it almost had me worried for a bit. Hypothetically, this would be a massive loss. Psychologically Matty Brown is the most important person at our club at the moment. It's frankly remarkable for any player to show passion when playing even at the top level now. That he does it for FC Halifax Town is a miracle, and we need to hold onto him and reward his loyalty however we can. I hope he's still got a good 2 or 3 seasons in him yet, centre-backs can deliver the goods provided their head is in the game, physically, mentally and spiritually.
  6. Random image of the day

    Ahh the 2005-2006 season. It didn't come out of nowehere, we'd established a team and system in the previous season which went pear shaped after Dunbavin dunbavined, with Martin Foster and Steve Bushell in midfield. Thompson came in as a one-season wonder really. Times are different now and even then it was remarkable that we got as far as we did under Wilder with the club's rubber cheque book, but I live in hope for a few diamonds in the rough like we got in that season.
  7. Random image of the day

    I can't recall the details, which is surprising because I thought I would remember something like that. All I remember is reading in the Courier or maybe even on the old official message board that the referee was somehow assaulted after the match because of his decision to give the penalty.
  8. Random image of the day

    I somehow arrived so late that I missed the goal, but I did then get to see Rushden and Diamonds get a slightly dubious last minute penalty which Simeon Jackson tucked away. We were all livid. Sadly some of our fans then attacked the referee after the match, can't remember whether he was physically threatened, pelted with something or whether his car was vandalised.
  9. Justin Edinburgh

    Horrible news, my thoughts are with his family. What an achievement he made last season with Orient, everyone who knew him or saw his talents can be proud of him.
  10. 19/20 player rumours

    The thing is, though Salford City clearly have a surplus of players who are no doubt good enough to play in a promotion-winning team, once they are cut from Salford City they'd be looking at a 50% cut in their wages to sign for us, we'd have to wait until the transfer deadline and for them to be a little bit desperate. We've got our work cut out in getting the right players on board, the biggest factor will be Jamie Fullarton's eye for the right man, but judging the mediocrity he's settled for since becoming our gaffer he has to prove a lot of us wrong.
  11. AGM Cup

    It'll be interesting to see what happens next at Gateshead FC. The Conference North has a half-decent north-east contingent if you include Spennymoor, Spartans, Darlo and maybe even York City. I'm glad their fans have managed to scare away the vultures, but they do have their work cut out and I feel the waters at that level will be far too stormy for a club that is in effect having to start from scratch. Even with the great job they did scouting for players last season, they're now competing for players who may as well play for Darlo, Spennymoor, Spartans or York City, and maybe even South Shields who are on the up just one league below. They'll surely be odds on for relegation.
  12. AGM Cup

    Now I've got that off my chest, is it me or has there been a relative lull in the number of historic clubs going bust recently? Bury FC and Bolton Wanderers are knocking on the door of oblivion as they lose financial backers who are daft enough to plough their money into a football club, and then are bought out by someone mean enough to buy the club but as a means of asset stripping it before walking away form its disemboweled corpse. This is surely only going to happen more and more. The amount of money flowing into English football only get greater and greater and it seems like the whole system is just a bubble getting ready to burst like the British economy with its only profitable businesses being financial derivatives, house prices and the global arms trade. Accuse the chairmen of being unambitious all you like, but I think in 5 years' time we might rise up by default as club after club falls to the wayside.
  13. AGM Cup

    Booo! Bring back Alty!
  14. Fan names

    This made me laugh. There was a Facebook thread a little while back where someone asked "Whos got the best story for a nickname that someone was given at school?"  Someone then commented below. "This one lad in our year once bought 4 pairs of jeans in one go, so from then on everyone called him Spider."
  15. James Hardy

    Fylde are mad for releasing Hardy. He can play and he will go far. Whatever physical component is missing right now can be improved on. He's got the talent though, something that most players don't have at this level.