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  1. Bye Bye Kosy

    Feel like he's never had his chin up since not quite converting that mad, length of the field dribble against Wimbledon. His fault I'm afraid, and it's similar to how Maynard and Marc Roberts' performances tailed off towards the end of the 14/15 season. They don't want a future at our club, and they feel we need them more than they need us. Shoddy stuff. 
  2. Wilder

    I found the playing style under Wilder quite entertaining. We scored lovely, memorable goals time and again, and to my rose-tinted mind's eye it never felt like our play was ever inhibited by anything other than the rubber pay cheques our players were given at the end of each month. The other big let down was us not being able to find a settled centre-back pairing and the only permanent fixture being Adam Quinn. In a league with the likes of Mackail-Smith, Michael Kightly, Jamie Mackie, Clayton Donaldson, Daryl Clare etc. he just couldn't cope, whether his partner was Matt Clarke, Mark Roberts, Ryan Cresswell or Brian flipping O'Callaghan. 
  3. Disappointing

    RoR's right, we've always had the moaners and the malcontents and it's their way of venting. You don't have to take what they say too seriously, cos frankly they never appreciate a good squad and manager when it gets them into the playoffs anyway.  I really wish every manager the best. Jamie Fullarton'sgot himself another season to really become the manager he should be. Personally, I can't see us getting where we want to be with him, because though I like his modern coaching style, and I feel the people who nitpick over his jargon are doing so because they already don't like him, I don't think he instils this sense of confidence and winning attitude into our players. Yes, such a manager would annoy a fair share of our fans cos they may be chronic whingers like a certain Chris Wilder was. In my view there's been too much settling for draws, and too few examples of us fighting to win outright rather than just by the skin of our teeth. I think we beat Braintree, Maidstone, Barnet and Solihull by 2+ goals all season. The latter two came from a loan market booster, but credit where credit's due for that. I want to see that sort of tenacity in our play much, much more. Will he do it? I'm not so sure, but as Michael Stipe once sang, 'Everyyybody leaaarns, sometimes...' 
  4. Devante Rodney vs Dayle Southwell

    Can't commend Rodders enough for his contribution, especially after just scoring once in 20 appearances for the  r̶e̶d̶ ̶d̶e̶v̶i̶l̶s̶ err, Ammies! Yeah, Ammies. That's their official nickname. Having a striker come on loan for 2 months and outdo the contribution of any other striker at the club is a bit embarrassing though.  Let's just pretend this never happened and never speak of it ever again.
  5. Wilder

    I can't wait for the calls of Wilder Out next season when Sheffield United inevitably, bitterly struggle for survival in the greatest league in the world, ever ™
  6. Promotion/Play Offs

    Strange to consider that Devante Rodney might well play a decisive role for Salford City in the play-offs, like a certain Delano Sam-Yorke did for Cambridge United five long seasons ago. I wonder if he'll play at all on Saturday if his parent club have anything to do with it, considering it's against a potential play-off rival.
  7. Today’s game Hartlepool

    Honestly, if it does work out better for us next season the overall style won't change but the finer margins will, and if we have a decent goalscorer the conversion of draws into wins would change things significantly for the better. Even winning half of the 20 draws and losing the other half of them would give us ten more points. 
  8. Promotion/Play Offs

    Well, Solihull won't be going up automatically at least. Orient are all but up on goal difference. Surely they won't slip up against Braintree? Surely Salford or Solihull won't win by 4 goals or more away from home?  Meanwhile it's Harrogant and Eastleigh versus either Fylde or Wrexham in the first play-off round.
  9. Town Vs Wrexham

    It's a strange league. There's more money than ever going into the recruitment of players like Devante Rodney, yet the margins between top and bottom do not reflect this gulf in the money put in. However, we are certainly not one of the clubs who will pay these over-the-odds rates, and instead have to seek out a strong team away from the conventional transfer market. Meanwhile, our defence has conceded just one goal more than the teams in 2nd and 3rd place. We only need a better left-back who can play like Macca did and that will be good enough for a top end conference team. Just the rest of our team is a mystery! Roll on our first victory at Fylde in a pre-playoff dead rubber, and then onto next season.  
  10. Town Vs Wrexham

    FT 2-1. Devante Rodney's magic the difference between a lacklustre performance and a great performance. A great crowd, a great turnout form the Wrexham fans, and a decent game that hung in the balance until the last. David Bosomworth marches around the Shay singing "who will buy my sweet season tickets". A lovely spray of perfume to mask the stale stench of this season.
  11. Town Vs Wrexham

  12. Town Vs Wrexham

    Sam Johnson with an incredible save to further prove that whatever is said on this forum is sure to be refuted in reality. (Watch him drop a clanger to let Wrexham score now)
  13. Town Vs Wrexham

    Tom Denton scores for Chesterfield. Funny how a couple of Shaymen rejects have helped them leapfrog their way above us in the table in the end.
  14. Town Vs Wrexham

    Ahh, 1-1-, Holroyd tap in from a corner.
  15. Town Vs Wrexham

    Quigley talks up the Wrexham crowd, then dashes their admiration for him expertly, then gets injured and has to be subbed off 35 minutes in. An eventful day he's had indeed.