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    Much like when we get another nil-nil draw, you have a point. Also, there's a danger in relying on an attacking full-back to galvanise a forward line, otherwise they make the defence very exposed. This is the curse of the full-back who's decent enough going forward, like McManus. I think the problem with this seems to be the inconsistency of Fullarton's actions rather than this isolated case which can be justified. Like, if Fullarton's prepared to drop one of our few players who genuinely outclasses his opposite number, why does he never drop other players who are left wanting too often, like Maher?   
  2. Keep the faith or ditch the disaster?

    Has there every been a coach who was sacked after actually winning a game that wasn't for the reason of them doing something very, very naughty off the pitch?
  3. D B

    I've actually found some archive footage of Jamie Fullarton's job interview with the board, which was recorded for 'training purposes' . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvcpQSetMgI
  4. The game tonight: Maidstone

    In most of those moves in the last 20 minutes you see Kosylo having an effect for the first time in ages. Much better from him, and a great run and assist for Quigley's goal. Highlights show we did more than enough to win. Referee looked an absolute plonker not giving either of those decisions. Thankfully we weren't left having to blame him. 
  5. The game tonight: Maidstone

    I am glad that we won and I hope we win the next game too.
  6. How many going to Maidstone?

    Haven't the last two games at Maidstone been the most dreary 0-0 draws ever? The marker has been set down. Hats off to the fans who go to watch. Despite how the club's been getting me down, if I could I would be there tonight. 
  7. Unbelievable Jeff

    You can prove anything with facts!
  8. Lack of challenging media

    When did we ever have a media that challenged us specifically, and why would such a thing exist for a club the size of ours? The non-league paper is the closest you'll get for having dedicated non-league football journalists whose duty is to find the stories behind our fart and burp leagues. They do a decent job. Even then, their reporting is not highly critical but take a light view on things, generally wishing every team well. BT Sport's coverage is always a bit of a laugh mainly because of how the commentators are clearly under duress to not call out the crap match they've found themselves watching. i guess this is because the majority of us are supporting our teams for all reasons but success, and it would appear really unfair to agitate teams on the quality of their play. It'd be like a New York Times theatre reviewer turning up to your kid's nativity play and writing a column on how the performance was sh*t, sh*t sh*t! And once again, sh*t! There are some fantastic bloggers out there who might do this for their own clubs or as groundhoppers, though few do it for longer than a year. Other than that, the only teams that are in a position to have their performances criticised in local media are the ones that have a national and international fanbase that provides a big readership/market. 
  9. The best Team for Maidstone

    I'm predicting 0-0 and it would still be unacceptable. Even a win would still mean a less than satisfactory 4 points against relegation rivals in 3 matches.  It sometimes is the case that it's these matches that the fewest people attend, and when we have the least amount of hope that we pull off a surprise result, like King Kelly's 3-0 win away at Alty in late 2015, but nah.
  10. Altrincham

    We can hold our club and fellow fans to standards for our culture at the same time as criticising what's going on on the pitch Vinny me old rhubarb. x
  11. Altrincham

    So you care about homophobia when brown people are the perpetrators. Cool, nothing flawed about that at all. Gay friends of mine have been driven to feeling suicidal because their Christian parents convince them they're possessed by the devil. Meanwhile everywhere else they're told quite clearly they're not normal, that something's wrong with them and that they're not allowed to play our little games.  I'll stand up to bigotry and stand up to bigots whether they're supposedly left wing or proudly right wing.   
  12. Altrincham

    Lol at Trev pretending he's not got a political agenda. Everyone has an idea of the world they want to live in and how to achieve it you cretin. You may be perfectly happy with the club seeing as it has the comforting smell of your own wet farts and too many people afraid to smell it, but you and your lot will die out soon, though probably not quite soon enough for my liking.
  13. Altrincham

    Oh I should just tell her that it's common sense to pay a decent amount of money to go to a place where you're just gonna be hated and intimidated for who you are. 
  14. Altrincham

    'Town full of paedos!' 'town full of muslims!' Then the usual EDL chants. Then ''Getyour tits out for the lads' at the sight of a woman physio. For that one my girlfriend won't be coming to a Town match ever again, so thanks to those tossers! And then to top it off they try and lob a flare at the Chesterfield fans only for it to ricochet and hit one of our most loyal fans who couldn't move away cos he was in his wheelchair.  I can deal with crap football, it comes and goes, but this stuff just makes me ashamed of following the town I love in the sport I love, and everyone who agrees with me should have the courage that you should stand up to these idiots and tell them where to stick it.
  15. Altrincham

    Tell you what, at Chesterfield it was white people who were slandering the players as 'faggots' and 'poofs'. If any of our Muslim fans were at that match they probably wouldn't have come back after hearing the brown-shirts with their bigoted hate trying to lead chants against their kind.  Some of our fans make me sick and ashamed of following the same club and I'd love us to not just be silent and passive about these bigots but show them that our ideas as a club are welcoming to everyone in our town, and if these bigots are gonna feel personally victimised by a gesture that simply welcomes others for who they are then they can freely f*ck off and never come back. Already had too many friends put off from ever watching Town again because of these ****.