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  1. Chesterfield at Home

    Never forgive! Never forget! God knows when we'll ever get a chance to right Aspin's wrongs. To be fair, Aspin did balls that one up with a salvo of loan signings. It led to organisational chaos and probably demotivated the squad a bit. Then with Maynard, Pearson, Mark Roberts and others all knowing they would leave the club at the end of the season we lost our cohesion and team effort and drew something like 11 matches in a row- a bit similar to the run we're currently on with Fullarton.  The core of his team gouged out, Aspin then had to rebuild the squad with a reduced budget the next season, putting young lads like Josh MacDonald, Jake Hibbs and Elliot Whitehouse straight in. God knows what happened with Whitehouse, within a year of leaving us he signed for Lincoln City and got them promoted as Champions. Like Scott Hogan and Jack Muldoon, or David Brooks, the talent was there but we couldn't get what we wanted from them. Other signings simply let him down- Kingsley James and Hamza Bencherif the main culprits. Matty Brown at the time was also terrible for the first 20 games of the season. Aspin won't come back because, well, I don't think he can trust our board ever again.  
  2. Nicky Wroe

    Wroe and James were on their day good players, but weren't motivated to keep their standards high. Kingsley James scored and made a lot of goals for us from midfield. Since then he has simply let his standards slip.  Agree with what you said about Wroe, he was excellent in the Trophy win, as was every man that day. He did have an off switch though, and went AWOL in our last league matches including that utterly disgraceful match away at as-good-as-relegated Kidderminster.
  3. Nike

    It's more the fact that they've defended him. The evidence is pretty compelling and the out of court settlement indicates that it did happen. Sadly, victims of rape have to carefully consider pursuing full criminal convictions because of the difficulty of proving it in court and going through the whole traumatic process against a very powerful person. The thing is, when Juve and Nike come out defending Ronaldo they give him more power, they pledge their allegiance to him. I think suspending support for him until the court process is over shouldn't be a problem, especially considering how compelling the accusation is.   
  4. Town v Chesterfield - Dumb and Dumber?

    https://www.chesterfield-fc.co.uk/news/2018/october/20181009-defender-signed-on-loan/     Chesterfield have signed Jake Bennett on loan from Sheffield United for the match. Martin Allan decided to write the press release, because I'm sure Chesterfield fans are up for some humour. "Good morning. Today we have signed Jake Bennett from Sheffield United on loan until the end of the season. He's a solid, reliable right-back and he'll go straight into the squad for our game at Halifax on Saturday. I do hope you are all keeping well and I'm sure you all understand why I've gone a bit quiet and just focused on improving all aspects of our training, management and organisation. Soon, the old dog will be barking again! Take care, Martin"
  5. FA Cup draw on Monday

    Pleased with this tie, but woe betide we underestimate them.
  6. Harvey and Collins

    The achievements of a team are never enjoyed in their present but always looked back on fondly.  I was fuming when Aspin got sacked, despite the fact that he'd had a poor run of maybe 20 games. He deserved loyalty for all he did with us. Sure, many managers of clubs that have to reform will be able to boast of back to back promotions, like Neil Young at Chester, or Peter Beadle at Hereford FC, but Neil Aspin's eye for talent and tenacity is undoubtedly the greatest our club has ever had. Harvey was conniving behind the scenes which is why he wasn't given the contract. Though I'm grateful for the FA Trophy win as we all are, I don't consider him a hero because he has to take responsibility for our relegation alongside Aspin, Kelly and the shysters in our squad who were just not giving it their all. It's still early days, and Fullarton's form since taking over on the balance is still alright, but we do need to be demanding more of him. Every manager deserves the chance to get themselves out of the mess they make. I think it's utterly pointless and wasteful to not give them this. Fullarton's got a far more sympathetic crowd here than Heath and Carroll ever had, but he can't rely on these people to refrain from airing their negativity as loudly as possible.
  7. FA Cup draw on Monday

    Our form is in a slump at the moment and our league campaigning is now looking very dispiriting, especially after we started so well. I'm glad the FA Cup's coming around, we need something new that can motivate our players and maybe reawaken a winning spirit in them. Here's hoping for an easy tie.
  8. Nike

    http://www.spiegel.de/international/cristiano-ronaldo-kathryn-mayorga-the-woman-who-accuses-ronaldo-of-rape-a-1230634-2.html   Here's the report.
  9. Nike

    She had a rape kit done, he admitted on record that she said no and stop several times but he did it anyway. That's rape. We have to await for proper confirmation, but this is disgusting. Nike and Juventus are taking the Halifax Town attitude towards it, and hoping that its predominantly male and misogynist audience will just shrug and turn a blind eye and continue paying money to show their loyalty cos that's what we have to do to be good fans.
  10. I'm holding out for the hope that all these players are looking to become league players and develop with us. It's possible, as we saw how Ben Tomlinson really turned his game around for the better between last season and this one. At the moment they're not there obviously, but we are looking like a safe side even if our points tally has gone off the boil. Lincoln City had several seasons of mediocrity before winning the league, and this gives me faith. I think our players are all capable of doing a job at this level, and they seem capable of taking instructions and delivering a game plan. But I've not seen any special talent in the way they play that makes us winners at decisive moments, it's all a bit too steady for my liking.
  11. Jake Hibbs

    Loved him too. The only thing odd about Matty Pearson was the way he striked the ball, almost always hitting it with his instep. I remember he'd often balloon any attempt at a long pass or shot into kingdom come. Still it didn't matter because his physicality was incredible as was his will to succeed.
  12. It's finally here! 03/10/98 Scunthorpe 0-4 Town

    Can't tell whether the policeman is celebrating with Jamie Patterson or telling him to get away from the fans and their sticky mits.
  13. Offers

    Bloody excellent! Up to us to spread the word, tell your friends!
  14. Singers in the South Stand

    You should suggest the original song for the prematch playlist Erik!