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  1. Dave's interview

    This is just the sort of crazy sh*t that I signed up for!
  2. The Curse

    It would be remarkable for them to spend just one season in this league. Even Fleetwood needed two bites at the cherry.  I'd rather they stay to be honest, they're an interesting team to play, and I hate to say it but they weren't the first richly financed team to arrive in this league and they won't be the last. I guess each one of these sugar daddy teams can be judged on their culture and the novelty of playing them. Fylde, Borehamwood and Eastleigh are by far the dullest and most hollow teams to play... I'm waiting to see how Solihull Moors continue to fare, cos though they are dull I have to applaud them on their achievements so far.  
  3. Clarke equaliser

    Yeah, refs tend to just roll a dice in their head to decide on whether to blow up for a foul on those occasions. No climbing at all in my view, Clarke leapt into the air way before making any contact with the Daggers defender, and if anything he was backed into. His goal at Borehamwood was a lot more suspect.
  4. The Curse

    Chesterfield cause an upset by defeating Salford City 2-0. Topsy turvey times in more ways than one.
  5. Dagenham Today’s game

    Pure bottle from the Shaymen to get a hard-earned point. The obvious frailties of the squad are still to be addressed, and another suspension will just make things worse before they get better. But if the 11 men on the pitch put in a shift like that every week it should see us right.
  6. Dagenham Today’s game

    1-1! 10 minutes left!
  7. Collins

    Heath out!
  8. Cameron King

    I can see from our side why so few turned up to watch, but especially now it's hard to comprehend Hull City as a nothing club that people weren't interested in supporting.   
  9. Dagenham Today’s game

    Yep. Hoping for something like our 0-1 win at Aldershot last year when their keeper gave the ball to Macca with a kind "no please, I insist".  Come on Shaymen!
  10. Online club shop orders

    I feel like starting a Louisa Green appreciation society, she is absolutely top class! 
  11. Shaywomen

    Nah, I'm fed up of the rubbish you post on here. And I'm quite sure you did the last one just to get the rise, but this is the last time I'll interact with you on here.
  12. Michael Collins situation

    If there is one it will be announced at 2:00pm. Dagenham and Redbridge will tremble when they meet our chief weapons of fear and surprise!
  13. Shaywomen

    Gee, I really can't quite put my finger on why women don't post on here
  14. Charity in the community

    A kind and decent act. This is lovely to see.
  15. Chesterfield

    I think the rumours are exactly what they are; rumours. Utterly unproven, just a load of sh*t stirred up because people want to believe in this, that or the other and make up some rubbish that adds to why they think they don't like Jamie Fullarton. Having said that, I'll throw my hat in the ring too just for the craic. Perhaps Michael Collins can't commit to full-time football on the wages we're offering, whereas part-time he could at least keep doing his coaching and all, which I imagine he's not going to give up despite a baptism of fire at an ailing Bradford City? That's pretty much the reason why we cannot get certain players on board.