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    Reading some of these posts is unbelievable lets give the bloke a chance. Welcome to the club Jamie.
  2. New shirt

    Think the club have done well getting  this done so quick and an excellent  design. Well done.
  3. Distant supporters

    Travelling  up from Winsford bringing  a mate who follows Liverpool but is a secret  Town fan staying over hopefully be celebrating our promotion 
  4. Distant supporters

    Anybody going from the Cheshire area (winsford) need a lift. 
  5. Heath in

    1500 fans home games, so budget must be one of the best. The Football is at times hard to watch (hoof ball) therfore  the manager is the root cause of all this. Action to be taken - Sack the manager.  If Heath is in charge next season then no purchase of a season ticket  for me.