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  1. Dixon to Stockport

    Their forum is interesting reading. Lost at home to Blyth yesterday to two injury time goals and you have one brave fellow saying that manager Jim Gannon is too good for step 6 football and they need him when back in the league. Imagine that on here if somebody had suggested after the Stalybridge match that Heath should be managing in the football league. Oh and this comment on Dixon.. 'The guy is a total fraud. No effort, no commitment, no talent.  He should be told to leave the club Monday morning.  If I was grafting my b*llocks off like Stopforth does, I'd be absolutely livid playing in the same team as someone who cares as little as he does.'
  2. Team for Tranmere

    Exactly. Tranmere should think themselves lucky that i am currently trying to drown myself in Lemsip.
  3. Team for Tranmere

    Anybody fit and available
  4. No new signings ?.

    I've come down with a cold on the eve of today's game and what is supposed to be a glorious day tomorrow. Can i blame Heath for this?
  5. On this day 11th October

  6. On this day 11th October

    Great idea
  7. On this day 11th October

    Don't want to be crticical but there is an entire subsection on this forum. >caygills walk for the memory lane posts such as this.
  8. Boreham wood

    Elliott very much looked like a boy in a mans game yesterday. Has obviously got an eye for a pass and the technical ability but i don't think i saw him make a single tackle all game apart (did concede a foul for high foot though) which fo some palying in the middle of the park is quite shocking really. Wish him all the best but would have been light years away from our first team had he been retained. 
  9. Points watch

    Getting my boots polished and cutting out the carbs this week then.
  10. Boreham wood

    King has been sat in the stands at three of the away games I've attended including Solihull and Ebsfleet
  11. Boreham wood

    After all that Basic isn't even in the squad. Top grub though. Whilst folk are boycotting B'wood. Ive paid £3.50 for pies/peas /chips/gravy 
  12. Boreham Wood Thread

    Great to see Liam on the bench. Hope he gets some minutes. Hard to pick a formation out of that 5-3-2 would suggest Tomlinson or Kosylo playing a restrictive midfield role. Could be Macca at CB with Hotte back in midfield and tomlinson/magic out wide. Will be intetesting to see how they line up.
  13. Boreham wood

    Pretty sure Jack Bradley is still with us.
  14. Boreham wood

    Ahh right cheers for the info.  Know we have Barrows (Furby), Khan (Colne) and Basic (Mossley) out on loan thought there was a fourth? Am i missing one?
  15. Neil Aspin

    Multiple likes for the above.