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  1. Shaymen TV

    As i said i didn't know they had stopped the service just that player interviews were missing for one game. I only occasionally watch myself. If people don't feel they are getting value money they should rightly cancel. The cost is barely a pint and a half and money that goes into the club so the value does not bother me. What does grate is when a handful of fans who moan about what Heath says that have likely caused this temp media ban then moan they can't hear his views. The few spoil it for the many but that has been the case at The Shay on more than one occasion in recent years.
  2. Shaymen TV

    Didn't know they had stopped the service?
  3. Shaymen TV

    Amazing isn't it.   We don't like what Heath says/does. Followed.... I'm outraged that his views are bein kept out of the public. at its finest
  4. New Manager or New Forward?

    The forum was in desperate need of an avenue to discuss whether or not the manager should keep his job.
  5. Breaking news

    Only because those with more than rocks in their noggin have stopped trying to argue back.
  6. Today game aldershot

    Top post
  7. Heath In

    We need hibbsy in. Why's Morgan out Heath In Heath Out is all we shaymen shout Whooooaa Shaymen hokey Cokey
  8. Today game aldershot

    Not wong at all. It is common knowledge a handful think that the best way to get Heath out is to keep losing. It's why myself and many other regulars stay off this forum for the most part. A forum polluted with drivel from a dozen or so people 
  9. Today game aldershot

    Yes please then i can finally get to sleep.
  10. Today game aldershot

    I would imagine all proper Shaymen will be loving it. Only the poisonous, malignant and trolls would be disappointed.
  11. Today game aldershot

    If this is what a Courier blackout produces then they should close the rag down completely and give Haligonians free copies of Metro instead.
  12. Barrow

    Despite our equal 6 game form. Leyton Orient are far worse. Considering their financial advantage and full time status.
  13. Barrow

    It's been a good advert for evo-stik North
  14. Barrow

    Some disappointed looking teenagers who haven't had chance to chant Heath Out yet. 
  15. From the highlights vs Eastleigh.....

    Trust me it happened. You are right, it is not obvious on the highlights but if you think about it, it fully explains Sam's reaction.