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  2. Are you watching ***** ***** ?

    This thread is a microcosm of the tit for tat bullsh*t pointscoring borefest that this forum has become.
  3. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Some more pedantic ref's would have booked him a second time for the way he left the field. Can't believe he got away with walking halfway turning round to back to shake the refs hand and then continuing on his journey. If an opposition player had the berties to that to us when losing he would have been lucky to get down the tunnel alive.
  4. Woking Thread

    Best one yet. Pmsl.
  5. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Game most likey gonna be frozen off.
  6. Dagenham Tuesday.

  7. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Wrong. Because i wasn't there.
  8. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Yet the performance was not Harvey's fault. You often here the soundbites after a manager is sacked that 'the players have to accept some of the responsibility' where in actual fact the sacking is generally at the feet of weeks/months of poor management. You would like to think that Harvey's pre-match team talk didn't involve telling the lads to 'forget about the three points and just make sure you don't get injured for Wembley'
  9. Dagenham Tuesday.

    Plus players going through the motions and putting in 70% effort at best in the league games building up to Wembley. It was clear for all to see that they were not going to risk getting injured for their big day out. Kiddy away was the prime example of this but it wasn't the only game where the players had lost the bottle. I still maintain without that Wembley distraction we would have picked up more league points.
  10. New players in

    He hasn't lost yet. Give it time.
  11. Woking Thread

    Oh give over. Heath/Morgan will infiltrate every other thread on here well into pre-season and you know it.
  12. Woking Thread

    Away end at Guiseley is sure gonna be cosy next Saturday.
  13. British Pie Week

    I am looking forward to a seperate daily thread about pies from different grounds visited in the past. Maybe even pies from grounds that don't exist anymore.
  14. On or Off

    Not a cat in Burnley's chance
  15. Eastleigh match thread

    Those highlights conveniently miss out out Kosylo's chance.