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  1. Unanimous

    Correct but i would wager that had the Wembley carrot not been dangling then that side would not habe been relegated. Too many performances after the Gateshead penalty win were indicative of a squad not prepared to put their bodies on the line should they have to give their (limited number available) Wembley suit to another player. 
  2. The game tonight: Maidstone

    A win on Saturday would see us 8 points clear of the drop with a game less played. I agree with the comment that it is more important that we stay up then who keeps us up. This win has given us a glimmer of hope. We simply have to beat Havant to install that Dunkirk spirit into fans and players alike. Do i think JF is the manager to take us onto better things? No. Will i be bothered if he is in charge at the end of the season and we stay up? No.
  3. Big Interview With The Management

    What an utter load of bollocks. I waited the customary 6 hours for all the courier ads to load to read that. No real insight just soundbites, wrapped in blarney spoken through a smokescreen. Typical of everything that comes out of Jamies mouth. Scargill has travelled over to leeds just to learn that the club prefers these training facilities to the last ones. Not a single bit of insight gained from that whatsoever.
  4. Sorry To Be So Repetitive

    If you are sorry to be repetitive then maybe this isn't the forum for you.
  5. Opponent spying.

    It was nice to see that the FCHT misinformaton machine was in force to counteract any spying from Solihull. 10th Jan  'Cameron King has had a scan on his knee, although the knee structure is still in tact, he’s not close to returning to training with the first team' 12th Jan Cameron King comes off the bench to win MOM award  
  6. Boreham Wood

    Exactly my thoughts. Aside from the fact it makes us look bloody amateur, If Jamie had any opinion of his coaching/management ability he would put a youngster on there just so he could hear the views a manager puts across to the players as a game goes along and evolves. All part of the learning curve surely. This whole i believe in youth bravdo from JF looks just that. Unless of course its another famous DB cost cutting exercise and saves forking out on subs fees and an extra spoon of detergent to wash the kit.
  7. Boycott Barrow

    Done. Even though i wasn't planning on going anyway. It's Barrow (the most soul destroying place in the UK) away in mid December. Will no doubt be colder than a polar bears testicles.
  8. Michael Collins situation

    The other side of the coin is should they give more funds to a manager with more of a miss than hit transfer success history.?
  9. Ebbsfleet

    This is a side that scored as many in one game against us as they had done in their previous 8. I didn't need to go to the game to give a Viking score of 0.5
  10. Great article by a MFC 'blogger'

    Considering this forums unswerving determination to tell people how wrong they are i am surprised this article only received 4 comments.
  11. Morecambe

    Hat trick for Denton against Billericay
  12. Lock in

    All related to the half time fisticuffs in the car park. Noticed one side street further down had been closed off by the fuzz too.
  13. On to Morecambe

    We have not too bad. Chances are bound to be limited with one up top against FL opposition away. Think it's been a decent disciplined performance but the two centre halves in midfield inhibits much of our forward play.
  14. On to Morecambe

    Same old faces staining our club on our travels. You would think they could engage brains on rememberance weekend.
  15. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    f**k me. The absolute irony of this post.