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  1. Ben Tomlinson

    If only the gaffer could go out and sign a couple of wingers..... and then not bother to play them.
  2. Maidenhead

    I'm currently in Norway and as a result missed yesterday's game. As such i feel i have absolute authority to say that it is the worst we have played all season and all goals could've been easily prevented. Also the players should have taken their chances better. As a team i think they deserve no more than 3/10 and the manager should resign.
  3. Wrexham Match Thread

    Clarke has a bit of a shove in the back before jumping and then is all over the defender to head it. Seen them given and seen them  disallowed. Savvy defenders who realise they might not get the ball will duck down to exaggerate the effect. 
  4. Gateshead Game

    Well that's utter bollox isn't it. The Norsk numpty started a thread under the subtext of a game against Gateshead only to continue his rumblings against you know who. So somebody took your advice and started another thread to keep it on track of football. The result we now have two Gateshead threads diverted to SL and which have just become a back and forth slanging match and not even close to discussing football. 
  5. Gateshead Game

    For all fellow shaymen who have become incredibly bored about how this forum has become a tedious repetitive argument of the same subjects by the same few, tune in to the BBC Sundays politics show this week where Andrew Neil will be discussing the quality of Sutton's burgers, the pro's and cons of plastic pitches and why Cameron King can't get a kick.
  6. Loan signings

    Matt Crooks!!  spits cup of tea out. Chuffing woeful for us. Too young disinterested and lightweight for conference football. One of the worst loans we have had as a reformed club.
  7. Today's poor attendance.

    i think if we get P3 W1 D1 L1 out of the next run it will be a good return
  8. We're a team in transition

    We're a team in transition. From one that could never beat Gateshead in the league to one that can.
  9. Gateshead Game

    Would go top on goals scored i think.
  10. Today's poor attendance.

    There's an extra non in your username
  11. Gateshead match thread

    Just lock the thread.
  12. Today's poor attendance.

    Apart from being one of the most beautiful places on earth. Granted, Oslo is sheer hell, but anything more than an hour drive out of the capital is a different world. Especially when you consider one of the first sight that you come across entering into Halifax.  
  13. Town end just after the equaliser

    two pubs within a 15min walk at Salford.
  14. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    There's absolutely no evidence that he has caused a rift in the dressing room, on the terraces yes.
  15. Beautiful pictures

    Think the table is set out to highlight the fact that 2nd and 3rd placed sides go automatically to play-off semi finals to play the winners of 4th v 7th and 5th v 6th