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  1. Michael Collins situation

    The other side of the coin is should they give more funds to a manager with more of a miss than hit transfer success history.?
  2. Ebbsfleet

    This is a side that scored as many in one game against us as they had done in their previous 8. I didn't need to go to the game to give a Viking score of 0.5
  3. Great article by a MFC 'blogger'

    Considering this forums unswerving determination to tell people how wrong they are i am surprised this article only received 4 comments.
  4. Morecambe

    Hat trick for Denton against Billericay
  5. Lock in

    All related to the half time fisticuffs in the car park. Noticed one side street further down had been closed off by the fuzz too.
  6. On to Morecambe

    We have not too bad. Chances are bound to be limited with one up top against FL opposition away. Think it's been a decent disciplined performance but the two centre halves in midfield inhibits much of our forward play.
  7. On to Morecambe

    Same old faces staining our club on our travels. You would think they could engage brains on rememberance weekend.
  8. Jamie Fullarton’s future

    f**k me. The absolute irony of this post.
  9. To Go Or Not To Go? That I The Question

    The form guide would suggest stsy home and warm. Solihull 6 wins from last 7 and only one home defeat/draw all season. I'm working 30 mile away and still having second thoughts.
  10. Fullarton Out ????

    Not to excuse a lacklustre performance but that 'club in turmoil' in its last 7 games had a record ow W4 D2 L1. 
  11. There's absolutely no doubt that the stewards are not fit for purpose. Not only the fact that they allowed these two morons onto the pitch but the fact that they just stood and watched them leave of their own accord.
  12. Fullarton Out ????

    I actually think it is an honest assessment. A draw was probably the most likely outcome but we had the better of the chances and the better of the play. This is no criticism of the lad but if Jacob Hanson had a final ball to match the quality of the runs then the result would not have been in doubt. So close to a winner in the final minutes too. Watching Chesterfield is very much like watching us under Heath last term with the one obvious common denominator. Mostly Denton's aerial threat was nullified. Fullarton comments that it was improved effort and performance from last week and whilst that is not difficult it is correct. The injuries we have with Brown, Thommo and Macdonald out are clearly being shown. The club needs some continuity and its insane that we are having a discussion that another manager should go. We are a club with a mid table conference budget, mid table support yet these same fans have pie in the sky ideas that we should be challenging at the top. Had our points total been spread out over the same period instead of being mostly gained in the early season purple patch we would not even be having this conversation. Where we are now is where i would expect us to finish at the end of the table +/- a couple of places. If we get dragged into a relegation dogfight then fair enough the BoD will undoubtedly review things.
  13. Chesterfield at Home

    Somebody behind me just quipped (after the streaker incident) "well it's no surprise Lenighan didn't tackle him  That's two people on the pitch in the same game and the stewards nearby have just stood and watched. Fecking useless the lot of em.
  14. Fan names

    I just love spending Christmas in France and the M19 is my favourite motorway. 79 is my lucky number.
  15. FA Cup draw on Monday

    Don't worry. There will four or five seperate threads on here all within 0.087 seconds of the tie being announced