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  1. Solihull Moors notes

    Really should offer your services to Kelly and the media team.
  2. Coach not turned up..

    Maybe the chairman can recommend a good dealership?
  3. Not for the squeamish

  4. Not for the squeamish

    Martin Rileys leg from Tuesday  
  5. Barrow Match Thread

    Oh there is. A few on here appear to be smoking them regularly.
  6. We're facing relagation

    Good grief Charlie Brown
  7. Barrow Match Thread

    Joint 15th
  8. Barrow Match Thread

    Official twitter feed makes it sound like we are lucky to be even in this game at all going in to half time.
  9. Barrow Match Thread

    The official site is offering free commentary on all games this season
  10. How will BH set up against Barrow?

    For what it's worth not many sides will go to Barrow this season, especially on a midweek evening and pick up points. Not that it will prevent the usual hysterics on here should we get beaten. Chester is a more realistic hope of picking up our first points.
  11. Barrow Away

    Can't agree with that Wilde is as solid and as reliable as Macca. We would all love Macca back in the side for sentimental reasons but at the moment Josh has made that shirt his own and so Scott will need to bide his time and it is almost certain to come. Lets not forget Kev Roberts started last season behind Cliff Moyo for the right back jersey and that didn't last long.
  12. Aldershot thread

    Would say we has the best of the opening 20 mins and the first 15 mins of the second half but other than that the game was very much under Aldershot's control and they could and should have been 2-0 up. No doubt we were the second best team on the day.
  13. Aldershot thread

    Very much the case. Of course we come away from an opening day home defeat but this was against a top 5 side from last season who only finished four points behind F£R. If we had lost at home to Solihull or Torquay i could maybe understand. As someone else has said this forum was either going to be targeting play-offs or predicting relegation as the ability of some to overreact can never be underestimated. I can't understand the matchday squad selection but then again i have not just won two successive promotions so my managerial decisions are not valid. Long way to go yet.
  14. Saturdays Crowd

    In brighter news, Salford 0 Darlo 2
  15. Aldershot thread

    Thanks for the nightmares