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  1. I fear next season.

    People are only concerned as it is a break in the norm. Usually by mid June all our signings have been made, replica kits have sold out and people have been using their season tickets as a makeshift fan for at least a month. How are people supposed to cope with the break in routine?
  2. Replica shirts

    Is the STID strapline staying? What was the outcome of the pill to decide? Anyway i am waiting for squad numbers to be announced. Not had a named and numbered shirt in a long long time.
  3. Video panel

    If they can guarantee a timescale that it will be applied at all FL and non league levels then yes. Otherwise leave the sport alone. 
  4. New website

    Tried IE, Firefox, chrome and android mobile. Will not load on any platform
  5. I'm bored are you ? .

    I have as much interest in the national side as i do in this seasons match between Shrewsbury and Southend.
  6. League AGM

    As i understand it. yes.
  7. League AGM

    Correct. My mistake.
  8. League AGM

    2nd to 8th would mean one side would need a bye. 2nd plays winner of 4th v 7th 3rd plays winner of 5th v 6th Winner of each of these games meets at Wembley. To finish 7th and go up is a tall ask to win a two legged and single leg round and then a final all against sides that have been better than you over the course of a season.
  9. League AGM

    So it affects all three divisions but yet only 24 members got a vote. 
  10. Rumour mill

    At the risk of repeating myself. How many players dropped down two divisions to join Neil Aspin in the evo-stik. It is exactly the same. Players leaving for bigger wages and potential. None of us had a problem with it then so why should we now? Sure we'll all be laughing if they feck it up in much the same way that others in the non league enjoyed when we ballsed it up to Gainsborough. Aspin had the biggest budget two seasons running and never won the conference north title. Salford are throwing more money at it but it is hypocritical to judge their ambition to accelerate their move up the leagues.
  11. Jordan Sinnot

    So we got originally got 30% of the £1m Leicester paid fleetwood and we get 30% of any sell on fee that Fleetwood recieve from leicsester. So for example if fleetwood have a 20% sell on clause and he sells for 20 million then we would stand to receive 1.2million. I find this very difficult to believe and would be amazed if any chairman would agree to such a huge percentage double sell on bonus on any player. Can't be right surely.
  12. Season Tickets

    We don't (officially) know how many we sold last year. 
  13. Back from the wilderness

    Have we signed Spud from the trainspotting films?
  14. Lois Maynard signs...

    Do Southport have some more money behind them that i have missed. Otherwise i can't see them managing to compete in the top half let alone challenge for the play-offs.
  15. If Halifax Town were a vegetable?

    Always kept in the dark. Potato it is.