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  1. Calm down.

    I live about 8 miles from South Emsall (home of Frickley Ath) and the ground around here is absolutely rock hard. I went to Frickley last time we played them and the pitch was not great then. Its not worth the risk of getting injured for the sake of a friendly. JF is having to play a waiting game because the likes of bankrolled clubs like Fylde, Salford (now gone up) and Harrogate etc have f@cked it up for the likes of us by paying daft unsustainable wages. Agents are going to go round touting for inflated wages right up to the wire, when hopefully, the players will have a simple choice, take whats on offer go and get their job seekers allowance. Simples. Demand and supply. Economics. Others like Chesterfield and Hartlepool have played the game Russian roulette and and both have one foot on the trap door of bankruptcy. So please get real. We are no different to 75% of the clubs in league and the ones who do the best from this group will be the ones who play the 'waiting game' the best. 
  2. Lynch footy aid

    Go on youtube and enter F2 freestylers. His skills with his mate Billy Wingrove are amazing. Here's the link   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2XiYxFWhp8
  3. Jordan Nobbs

    England lioness and commentator last night. Keith Nobbs's daughter. Spitting image of her dad. He played for us 82-84? Think we signed him from Middlesborough. Average player.
  4. Renewed my ticket. Looking forward to recovering in the close season. This season has been a long one. Hope next season is more entertaining than this one. Thanks to the BOD for their vision re season ticket prices. I certainly would not have renewed at the old price.
  5. Today’s game Hartlepool

    We owe them one big time. Especially the way they got Browny sent off for a non existent 'stamp' on their keeper. Despicable. 
  6. City v Spurs

    How gracious in defeat was Gaudiola? The man was absolutely gutted but came out to face the media with dignity and grace. A world class coach and a top human being. Feel deep respect for him.
  7. Alarming

    I was an absentee season ticket holder for yesterday's game as I'm away in freezing cold Whitby on holiday. Would i have been included the attendance even though I was not there? As a matter of interest i offered my ticket to several casual supporters and nobody wanted it, even mates who have had it before.
  8. A true footballer

    Saw him as an after dinner speaker many years ago. He talked about playing with pain killing injections in his knees to play. He was walking with a stick and mentioned he'd had some nerves severed in his knees to kill the pain he was suffering. The Anfield Iron was obviously doing the after dinner circuit to make ends meet. So different from today's brand of top flight multimillionaire footballers who are 'made for life' after even 2 or 3 seasons in the Premiership. Respect to a man of his time when football was played by men, not cheating prima donnas rolling around holding their faces when there has been no or the slightest contact. A wack from Smithy would have sorted them out. A pleasure to have met him and watched him play in the 70s. A true great. Rip
  9. Maidenhead today

    Excellent point. Haven't Maidenhead also played 3games this week? Didn't they have a long journey up today? Is the full time training getting too much for JFs lads? Are the 2x a week drives to Whitwood and his ultra repetitive training drills getting too much for his lads?
  10. 18 Clean Sheets

    For someone like you JGN1 with unbelievably low expectations for entertainment value in a game of football is disappointing. Never mind you can smuggly sit in the Shay stadium next season with sub 500 crowds and watch goalless draws. Are you a deluded masochist?
  11. 18 Clean Sheets

    I used to travel all over Mexico, Central America and South America with my job. I used to stay in the Marumbi district of Sao Paulo. From my hotel window I used to love seeing the kids from the Favella's play football for hours with a rolled up ball of rags in bare feet on dried baked mud. Their skill, enthusiasm, utter joy and smiles on their faces were incredible and made me feel really humble. That is what football is all about - not someone preaching the virtues of bl@@dy clean sheets.
  12. 18 Clean Sheets

    God you are grindingly utterly boring JGN1. Just like a Fullarton game plan. 
  13. Maidenhead today

    That was abject today. Unacceptable! The pitch was awful but the football was worse. I am a fan of Kosoylo but how he stayed on that pitch today without being substituted was beyond me. We have Gondho, a loanee winger on the bench, also costing money. Unbelievable! Kossy's time at this club is up. I think he will get a shock if he goes somewhere else. No other club will put up with his petulance and bad attitude. There are no clubs queuing up to sign him. Also I could not believe it when Berrett was subbed for Preston. Preston is not good enough and offers us nothing. Why not just push Berrett up and let him play further forward. He must be well p!ssed off with having to sit so deep. Fullarton should sit in the East Stand with us and see what utter dross his teams play. 6 at the back in a dead rubber! C'mon JF the punters pay your wages and deserve more than that - 90 mins without a shot on target ffs. As well as £20, some fans like me travel a long way to watch that boring, clueless tripe. Thank God I am away for the Bromley game. I could not even give my season ticket away today for that game. I will not be buying a season ticket again to watch his 'fluid, pressing football' next season.  On a positive note well done to the South stand today and the drummer. You kept the sterile game alive.
  14. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Think Browny got a punch in on their 19 when he was all over Kossy. Not knocking the players but frustrating when we are safe and the manager surrenders midfield and reverts to 6 at the back. Not good to watch and Rodney and Duccu fed off scraps. Duckys injury looks bad. Not what he would want with a new baby and no contract for next season. Feel for him. Ref was awful in the 2nd half and his failure to deal with Bush's grapple on Kissy earlier in the game caused the bust up at the end.
  15. Shay Pitch

    The rugby club in the past have used the local Rugby Union Clubs - Heath and Rishworthians and possibly Old Crossleyans to train on and use for second team games and guess what? They were kicked off for non-payment of rent and wrecking the pitches. No surprise there then.