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  1. Orient at Home

    Thanks Tony,  Strange game where both sides end up a bit frustrated at the result.I listened on the Internet and while we dominated the first half our finishing was really poor and you battled your way back second half and could have had the three points, but I would have settled for a point at the start as you have an awesome home record so we share the spoils and move on. Two of my friends who went had a customary good day out and so we'll look forward to your visit later this season until then all the best. btw: I'm amazed some of you fans don't rate Kosylo, We'd take him anyday of the week.  
  2. Orient at Home

    We were awful that night, a complete shambles. Don't want to take anything away from your 3-0 but I can't remember as poor a performance at home as that for a long time. We couldn't handle Denton and Matty Kosylo (sorry If I spelt that wrong) was very very good.  We improved greatly when Steve Davis got the tin tack and  Justin Edinburgh took over and he's continued that into this season..
  3. Orient at Home

    Evening Town Fans. I'm an Essex based O's fan browsing your board tonight saw this thread and wanted to wish you luck for the season, well for 44 of the 46 games anyway . I watched you at Braintree on the opening day of the season and thought you looked a well drilled outfit and it was great to see our ex skipper Nathan Clarke playing well and scoring. I have watched quite a few Halifax/O's games down the years and I think our clubs are very similar in lots of ways smallish clubs with a loyal fan base and hopefully we'll both be back in the football league sooner rather than later. Saturday should be a tight game and I reckon there will be a solitary goal in it either way, I would expect at least 500 visiting fans as Halifax is a favourite trip for a lot of us, friendly fans and a good day out, although sadly I can't attend this one. As for Mickey Bullock he was at the O's for a Gala dinner at the end of last season looking well after a bout of ill health, a real favourite at the O's and possibly as good a header of a football I have ever seen.