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  1. Perminant Edit: sorry just seen @Wilder Bolloxhad already answered you and yeah I think Khan has made that move too.
  2. In an area completely dominated by Arsenal and Spurs - what do they expect!? As others have said they seem far from friendly especially to away supporters it would seem. As much as I quite enjoy Town visiting new places and grounds this is one we've done and won't miss.
  3. In the days when we actually had proper rivals in Bradford City & Huddersfield Town rather than the Guiseleys and Harrogates of the world.
  4. Sorry he should really be be in between Jemson and Kelly.
  5. Best managers since 2008 (this isn't up for debate BTW either). Neil Aspin Billy Heath Jim Harvey Jim Vince Jamie Fullarton Neil Young Gareth McClelland Nigel Jemson Darren Kelly
  6. 14-04-1979 Halifax Town 2-3 Huddersfield Town - manager notes etc.
  7. He's @lewisptomlinson on twitter if you have that?
  8. It was also poor defending on our part for theirs!
  9. Very true DJ, a fab player. Same goes for Danny Holland, dodgy knees.
  10. WARNING IT'S A COURIER ARTICLE https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/aldershot-1-1-fc-halifax-town-for-60-minutes-it-was-just-not-good-enough-says-town-boss-wild-1-9941739 How refreshing it is to see a manager just speaking in plain terms rather than grannies having d###s and being uncles looking at pyramids with emotions. For instance "I wanted to give Tobi a rest today as he needed a rest after Tuesday night" - Brill.
  11. Team team: Jonathan Hedge, Aaron Hardy, Dan Codman, Steve Payne, Ryan Crossley, Paul Sykes, Nick Gray, Scott Phelan, James Dean, Tom Baker, Richard Marshall Subs: Mark Peers & Sam Jerome Halifax Town vs Warrington Town
  12. Going to get this started again in the new forum
  13. We were that good! Scooby Marshall started instead of being a sub I think
  14. Neil Aspin speaks to Shaymen Player. Neil Aspin Post Match vs Colwyn Bay
  15. Match Highlights: Colwyn Bay vs Halifax Town Team: Jonathan Hedge, Mark Hotte, Dan Codman, Steve Payne, Ryan Crossley, Paul Sykes, Nick Gray, Scott Phelan, James Dean, Tom Baker Subs: Richard Marshall, Mark Peers & Mark Whitehouse
  16. Some believed his missed the Donny friendly I think in this topic?
  17. Aldershot 1-1 Town Staunton Att - 1811
  18. Matty Brown missed the Oldham friendly due to his dead leg.
  19. It all starts tomorrow at Colwyn Bay! Introduction to the 2009/10 season Look how young everyone looks and how much Chesh has grown in height!
  20. Ps thankyou to @dj funky whose excellent footage this is
  21. Exactly six years ago today we beat Wrexham. Lightning going to strike twice? We'll of course need at least two goals to win the match as the annual goal chalked off comes into play. 13/08/2013 Halifax Town 3-2 Wrexham
  22. No it wasn't! I try post at least once a day haha
  23. The only game that "didn't get an explanation" was the Frickley game. Donny/Salford was explained with the pitch and council. Oldham sorted last minute.
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