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  1. Maidenhead - No audio link on the website

    Thank you. It is indeed there now. It wasn't there when I checked earlier. I was starting to panic there for a while!!!
  2. Maidenhead - No audio link on the website

    I was looking forward to listening to the live commentary of the game this afternoon but I just looked on the FCHT website and there appears to be no audio link as there usually is? Don't tell me that I won't be able to listen to this important game!!!??? If this is the case, then I'm thoroughly pissed off!!
  3. Macclesfield.

    I spoke to Kozzie before yesterday's game. I asked him if he was playing and he told me that BH wanted him to do 'a bit more training'
  4. Macclesfield.

    Having been at the Boxing Day fixture away against Macclesfield, I went to yesterdays game full on expectation that we had a good chance of beating them in the home tie. Had we been able to field the same team that we sent out on Boxing Day then I'm pretty sure that the victory would have been well within our grasp. Sadly, that was not to be the case. we were defeated because  we had no alternative but to field a patched together team. Macclesfield are a good side, hence they are top of the league but they didn't look as good as they did on Boxing Day when we very definitely had the measure of them. I am, therefore, confident that we will take revenge on January 9th provided that we can field a fully fit team. Personally, I would start with Waring, Morgan and, of course Kosylo.  Let's not be too down-hearted. When Town are firing on all cylinders we can take on the best and beat them but we need to take the game to the opposition for a change. 
  5. Long Throw competition 1970

    The great Phil McCarthy. My Town hero of all time. I will never forget his long throw in to Les Massey who nodded in against the then England, World Cup winning goalkeeper, Gordon Banks at Stoke City in the FA Cup in January 1969. The greatest Halifax Town team of all time.