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  1. Barrow Match Thread

    I think he's more likely to start with Nicholson up front before play Morgan.
  2. Aldershot thread

    Heath says he picked "A team" to beat Aldershot, he obviously had no inkling of they played as we were totally overrun in midfield, 2 against 4. A big difference between the two sides was the movement off the ball ours was largely none existent. Denton won a few headers in the first half but how many in the second? Not many, the manager did his job. Why doesn't our manager have the balls to admit he made all the wrong decisions on Saturday as I think the fans would have more respect for him than saying "we matched them for long periods" who is he trying to fool. We got what we deserved. Let's hope he sees sense and picks the first team on Tuesday but don't hold your breath.
  3. Aldershot thread

    Please tell me that Morgan, Dixon & Lynch were travelling in the same car and either got held up in traffic on M62 or broke down. Or otherwise the manager is a bigger dick than I thought.