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  1. Anyone recognise

    Don't think it's him he didn't sign for town till 8 months after this photo was taken. 
  2. Anyone recognise

    This former town player, picture taken in 1989
  3. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Hanson was awful on the bench last week!!
  4. Today’s Game Eastleigh

    Maher would be in the team even with a broken leg!!
  5. Hanson

  6. Hanson

    Fullerton should swallow his pride and get the best players back in the team. Against Salford we played football on the ground and King was the outstanding player, and a good team performance.  From then on we are playing as though Denton is back in the team. King has made this point to Fullerton and has been dropped since. Don't know what Hanson has done wrong, but man up Fullerton,  you may not be aware but we need the points.
  7. Hanson

    Duckworth was the worst player last Saturday, and that is saying something because most of them were really bad!!
  8. Mick Kennedy

    Yes I think you are right there. Is Tim Gregory his name? I know his first name is Tim.
  9. Mick Kennedy

    Strangely enough last week I started editing the video I did that this photo is taken from. Anyone know the name of the gentleman on the right? Need to put him in the credits.
  10. I thought it was last October
  11. Hanson

    Duckworth maybe a slightly better defender but we need to score goals and Hanson breaks forward at speed unlike Duckworth. Maybe try Hanson in midfield instead of Maher.
  12. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Maher has not been taken off all season, for some reason.
  13. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    It had to be King, Southwell not playing !!
  14. Hanson

    He plays nearly all the games whilst on loan then when he becomes our player he cannot even get on the bench. What on earth is going on. How many times has he won MOM. Play the best players in the right positions and we might win a game for God's sake.  
  15. U19’s Season 2018/19

    From the horses mouth!!