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  1. Maidenhead Match Thread

    all our fouls seem to be in the middle of nowhere with the the opponent going nowhere when a tackie wasnt warranted i see to see garner doing time after after time
  2. Lame excuses

    garner has always been the same,commiting unnecessary fouls in the middle of nowhere with the opponent going nowhere.heath should sit him down show him these stupid fouls and ask him why he does it
  3. Maidstone Thread

    i think you must be the idiot as man utd dont play shite week in week out
  4. Interest in Kossy!

    oliver is bad every game.what does heath see in him,and he still plays in every game at least give hibbs a go,i think the problem is that heath would be embarrased when hibbs left oliver standing
  5. congrats to The Poodles

    i thought this was an fc halifax forum so can we please stick to all things halifax.who the hell is interested in what huddersfield or leeds  or burrows or boden fc halifax only please
  6. Town vs Maidenhead

    oliver has been terrible this season,poor deliveries,i think you could call him lazy and if we are serious about promotion then we need to get the midfield sorted
  7. Chester coach

    if the organiser of the away travel had any decency he wouldnt go anywhere near that tin pot company twin valley
  8. Solihull coach

    ttheres nothing stopping you doing it if you live local,the only problem i thinknyouve got is georrge as done a lot of damage in that only 8 booked for solihull and according to some on this website nobody as told them it wasnt running.unbelievable.somehow youve got to get at least 40 supporters back.then get the ring all the major coach companys probably as far as leeds.and ill think youll get a decent coach.make sure you have 2 nominated steards wearing yellow hi vi vests then you can stop for refrehments at a pub on route for 30 minutes but making sure you arrive at the ground 1 hour before kick was very kind of you to realise i new what i was talking about.
  9. Solihull coach

    if i didnt live at the other side of manchester and got two small children i would gladly do it and you wouldnt be travelling on shite like twin valley.
  10. Solihull coach

    you dont know whats going on but you are talking as though you do
  11. Solihull coach

    i can take it you never travel on the  coach
  12. Solihull coach

    he missed yhegame at barrow and chester and i hear he is missing tomorrow ,innfact thats every away game so should be apologising to all the supporters he regularly lets down. but to simplifier things for you if you contracted a builder to do some work for you and he  sub contracted the job out and later you found a fault who would  you contact  to sort the job out as for an apology tell that to the 27 left stranded  last week t
  13. Solihull coach

     totally disagree that george was not to blame/he is theorganiser of the coach and its his responsibility to make sure a coach can you blame the club or twin valley.twin valley should have contacted george to say they didnt have a coach and immediately george shoul have started ringing round for another lookks to me that george couldnt be bothered (i think it was season before last when it didnt run for 8 yes 8 games] time for new blood and somebody who cares about our supporters.should bring it in house and fans would be more comfortable booking on it.i wouldnt mind but george hardly goes to any away matches.just remember our older supporters have no other way of getting there.but does george care does he bollocks
  14. Team for Solihull and beyond

    billy said a lot of things at beginnig of season and i havent seen any of it i think weve been made to look fools who dont know anything about football
  15. Dover match thread

    which team was lynch playing for.he gave the ball to the opposition more than there own players did