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  1. Dover match thread

    which team was lynch playing for.he gave the ball to the opposition more than there own players did
  2. Coach not turned up..

    i must dis agree with you there my grand-children have been to lightwater valley, chester zoo etc on a yellow bus they have seat belts, cctv professional drivers and metro to back them up so i think i know which coach service the parents and grand -parents would rather use if given the choice.havent you ever seen the FOR HIRE sign on the back of a yellow bus
  3. Come on Town

    ive never mentioned another manager,wheres that come from
  4. Coach not turned up..

    i thought that was yellow bus.they must have at least 40 buses in halifax alone  i dont think twin valley can match that. UP THE TOWN
  5. Coach not turned up..

    i disagree george is responsible for the coaches,he had no right passing it to twin valley to sort out, twin valley should have informed george they couldnt do the job and then its up to our organiser to make alternative arrangements then maybe this fiasco wouldnt have happened
  6. Coach not turned up..

    was it a twin valley
  7. Coach not turned up..

    well my answer to all thisis vget rid of george,twin valley and get someone who is willing to look after the welfare of our loyal fans.i work in leeds and there is no end of executive mini coaches running about taking bank staff i presume and im sure they would be available on weekends if they needed smaller coaches.most people would pay that little extra to go in style.
  8. Coach not turned up..

    i thought this was the official coach so i presume decent coach companies will do business with an organiser on board and no riff raff, the club managed to get 4 decent coaches when we played nantwich,ive heard twin valley dont even have toilets on and when youre taking our older supporters i would have thought that was whoever organises it tell them to put the fans first
  9. Coach not turned up..

    i thought someone called george organises the coaches and from what i heard today he doesnt go to many games so i assume there was no one there yesterday to sought this mess out apparently george was at the halifax show,so really it needs to be brought in house or organised by someone who goes to all the games,you look at all the beautiful away coaches that away supporters bring and what do halifax fans get TWIN VALLEY i ask you.
  10. Come on Town

    johnson had more than one save to make at chester,and against the shots who was responsible for both their goals,a rash challenge in the penalty area that he didnt need to make and as for their first where was this steady back four,all over the place so please dont build them up to be something they arent especially as you dont see them all the the time UP THE TOWN
  11. Come on Town

    obviously you wasnt at barrow
  12. Come on Town

    i dont know where people keep getting the idea we are solid at the back if it wasnt for johnson we would have been hammered at barrow and easily beaten at chester and all down to bad defending        
  13. Coach not turned up..

    i hope someone is going to take this further as you will have had a contract with either the organiser or coach company,so you should get compensation,then at least they will know they cant treat you like **** when they feel like it
  14. Time to sort this mess out, get your brains out

    yes i agree but you would have thought that heath at least would have given it a go.cos i think theres something wrong when hes substituing the sub.morgan was brought in to do a job so let him do it im fed with people saying well its a point away from home.getting three gets you promoted
  15. Time to sort this mess out, get your brains out

    can i take it you were at barrow,and the second half was ours for the taking