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  1. Head thread (tonight’s match thread)

    He really wanted to stay but Billy didn’t let him, not the fans. What a clown 

    Actually I heard the Zambian shaymen lost once, bloody rubbish heath
  3. Orient v Town match day thread.

    Don't wish them ill, just want them to join the back of the queue of the traditional clubs trying to get back
  4. Orient v Town match day thread.

    Personally I hope orient don't get back into the league for some time. Arrogant fans and it's about time a big club rots in non league from the south for a change.
  5. Wingers

    But how many centre metres tall was their man who get sent off?! 
  6. Dixon to Stockport

    And Oliver has made loads more tackles and tracks back more, Dixon is a poor mans Sinnott 
  7. Dixon to Stockport

    You mention barrow but yes he was one of the best in the second half but by far the worst on the pitch in the first. He doesn't play with any heart and only is effective when we are dominating teams, hence why he was successful at fylde 
  8. Wingers

    Josh mac starts scoring and kosy gets his head up a bit more and I can't see many better
  9. Dixon to Stockport

    Just gone on their forum to see if they know yet and I found a huge thread idolising us, so obsessed  For some reason they think we have a core of full time players/staff and the rest part time
  10. Fylde Match Thread

    In other news salford vs York in fa cup
  11. Nothing to see here, just some long balls.

    He scored whilst on the floor vs Morecambe in pre season 
  12. The Best performance under Heath

    I would've thought stockport would've been ideal for hibbs
  13. Fylde Match Thread

    Lynch is one of our most frequent foulers when he's playing.
  14. Fylde Match Thread

    Special mention to Wilde who I thought did superb to say he was out of position. Won all headers against Rowe despite being smaller.
  15. Fylde Match Thread

    Lewis Montrose is a right wanker