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  1. Welsh Premier League

    Both Stockport and fylde have signed 'star players' from the Welsh top tier. Both of them were playing in the Europa league over there, wonder what level is a similar standard in England?
  2. Rumour mill

    As long as he never tries to play on the left again
  3. Video panel

    Think your talking about a goal in chile vs cameroon
  4. 17/18 Squad

    Morgan didn't lose anything, but you can't always score and when he didn't his contribution was minimal. That's what billy needs to work on
  5. Video panel

    Should we get a say whether it's brought into the prem or not, with us being in it in 4 years and all
  6. Video panel

    To be fair in rugby you can have 10 lads on top of each other with the ball at the bottom and the ref sometimes simply has no clue
  7. Sam walker

    2 weeks after signing a new full time contract he has left salford. Some very strange things happening there
  8. Sinnot & new signings

    Chesterfield are skint
  9. Rumour mill

    Clearly got talent as he was just retained by udders
  10. Sinnot & new signings

    That's just coz we are MASSIVE
  11. Rumour mill

    Played at Salford in play offs
  12. Sinnot & new signings

    Sinnott left for chesterfield 
  13. Away first game !

    Being on holiday I'm hoping to not miss a too good fixture on the opening day 
  14. Pre Season Friendlies

    Full list of friendlies
  15. Mark roberts

    Roberts is actually one of the best at acknowledging us out of the players who have gone on to be pros