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  1. Dover match thread

    When morgan did get played in he failed to gamble and have a typical goal poaches tap in
  2. Dover match thread

    Rubbish. Not going to Solihull not worth it
  3. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Only alternative to Denton that has some strength about him, makes good runs and was linking up with players like kosy well in pre season.
  4. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Tomlinson and Charles/Morgan?
  5. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Not to mention the fact we do have a proven goal scorer in this league in Tomlinson 
  6. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Morgan and Tomlinson?
  7. Come on Town

    Cast your mind back to Moyo playing on the wrong side in the final and Macca had a blinder
  8. Chester FC - our next opponents

    How pathetic is this forum, wow.
  9. Come on Town

    Good news, duckworth really impressed me, could be himself more than at barrow I felt
  10. Chester FC - our next opponents

    A pro for josh mac over kosy and Charles is when denton is on he crosses it. And that is why when he's on form he gets so many assists and Denton gets goals. Also I want to see how dreadful Josh's service was today, players thinking it was a game of rugby kicking it to the corner flag expecting josh to run the length of the pitch
  11. Come on Town

    Whilst I don't agree with you shouting heath out every time things don't go our way, it was clear today that equally there are some that don't want morgan to succeed. Just to say 'I told you so'
  12. Come on Town

    People on here not at the game could see Kosylo was going to get sent off but when he was taken off josh mac had to come on to boos thanks to the stupidity of our supporters 
  13. Coach not turned up..

    Double booked apparently, our aim is to get back into the league but our club isn't even run to the standard of the conference. Shambles
  14. Come on Town

    We didn't really attack in the first half but us attacking in the second vs barrow was good football
  15. Chester FC - our next opponents

    Sorry wasn't clear I aimed the insult at his habit of sulking on pitch rather than what he did off the pitch and the fact he jumped the ship