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  1. Puzzle Hall

    As a long time regular at the Puzzle (50 years. Gulp) I have been keeping up with anything happening though not being able to contribute. My latest info is that New River Trading, the company who purchased  150 pubs from Punch, and set up to buy and convert pubs to other uses (unscrupulous bastards) has gone pubs and the sale of the Puzzle is now in the hands of administrators. An announcement was made recently that bids were being sought and the deadline was last Tuesday so the cooperative opened up their sale of shares in a hurry. I believe by Tuesday almost £100,000 had been raised which will qualify them for match funding to buy and refurbish with the aim of having it reopened  in three months. I  have not heard how the buiding went but have my fingers crossed.   In an earlier post I wrote that New River had gone bust. Apparently this was fake news. Apologies.   The latest news though is that the bid has been successful nand once the formalities have been completed we will own the Puzzle. It will rise like a phoenix next year. Yipee.
  2. Puzzle Hall

    As there seem to be quite a few people on here interested in the Puzzle I thought I would provide an update.  I’ve been a long time regular at the Puzzle (50+ years. Gulp) and having been following the saga as much as possible despite being away for most of the time. A few points from earlier threads. The pub is not listed despite several attempts to get it so. The council say it is too “bitty” to list. It was not a failing pub (though previous tenants have failed) but was very successful  under the last incumbent, Simon, who now owns the Victorian Beer Café in Halifax. New River Trading were a company set up to buy property, particularly pubs, to convert to new, more profitable purposes (unscrupulous bastards). They bought 150 pubs from Punch at an average cost thought to be £135000. Simons lease was up and he considered continuing despite being heavily involved in his new venture but the rent proposed convinced him to walk. New River opened it up to new tenants and there were several interested, but all put off by the terms. It has been suggested that New River knew little about what they had bought and put the same price on them all which might have been alright for some of the pubs but not what was possibly the smallest of the 150. When New River offered it for sale there were rumours that the asking price was £400000 (uns,,,etc.). With the thefts and Vandalism  that has taken place  since it is probably worth well below £50000. A cooperative was formed in an attempt to buy it and they have been  active in preparing a bid and raising funds. Then New River went bust and the sale is now in the hands of Administrators who announced a bidding process with a closing deadline of last Tuesday so the cooperative sent out an urgent call for people to buy shares, hence the link in the original post. To date the cooperative have raised about £100000 which qualifies them for match funding so are nearing the 250000 budget to buy and refurbish the pub. I do not know how the bidding has gone and have my fingers crossed. For me the Puzzle was my ideal pub and the main attraction of Sowerby Bridge. More information will be on the Friends of the Puzzle Hall Facebook page (which I don’t use) and the share offer is still open. Anyway, up the town, we need to thrash Woking and get back on track.
  3. Leyton Orient Away Tickets

    Sometimes I get lucky. I'm currently just  an hour by us from Leyton Orient and could be here for the 12th. I'm also going home for the weekend (for Sowerby Bridge Rushbearng)and will gett o the Fylde game so can also get a ticket.
  4. FAo Shaymen down south

    Cracked it. The Crown at Waltham Abbey is going to show it. Anyone in the area is welcome to come and join me. (I won't be hard to recognise, everyone else will be watching some unimportant game on a different screen.)
  5. Long Distance Fans. Guiseley Game.

    That would be good.. I'll join in.
  6. FAo Shaymen down south

    For some reason it won't accept my card to verify an account. I hadn't noticed it clashed with Man U so I guess it'll be the radio. Should be back home for the next two games. Thanks for the responces.
  7. FAo Shaymen down south

    Does anyone know of a pub which will be showing the Guiseley match. I'll be in Ponders End but don't mind travelling a bit. (by bus and up to an hour and a half)