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  1. Leyton Orient Away Tickets

    Sometimes I get lucky. I'm currently justĀ  an hour by us from Leyton Orient and could be here for the 12th. I'm also going home for the weekend (for Sowerby Bridge Rushbearng)and will gett o the Fylde game so can also get a ticket.
  2. FAo Shaymen down south

    Cracked it. The Crown at Waltham Abbey is going to show it. Anyone in the area is welcome to come and join me. (I won't be hard to recognise, everyone else will be watching some unimportant game on a different screen.)
  3. Long Distance Fans. Guiseley Game.

    That would be good.. I'll join in.
  4. FAo Shaymen down south

    For some reason it won't accept my card to verify an account. I hadn't noticed it clashed with Man U so I guess it'll be the radio. Should be back home for the next two games. Thanks for the responces.
  5. FAo Shaymen down south

    Does anyone know of a pub which will be showing the Guiseley match. I'll be in Ponders End but don't mind travelling a bit. (by bus and up to an hour and a half)
  6. Butterflies

    We need to win 7-0 to wipe out there goal difference. then we can be champions. We deserve nothing less.