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  1. Bolton match thread

    All this talk of teams out spending us. You can spend unlimited amounts on players in this league. Pay the top dollar wage wise. If 11players on the field ain't singing off the same hymn sheet on the day. You ain't getting 3points. George Mulhall built a team off peanuts. The likes of Rushden, Yeovil, Cheltenham were the so called big boys of today. We stream rolled that league. Money ain't everything. #inJFitrust 
  2. Full-Time

    The worst kept secret being we are full-time for next season. If this happens. Of the current squad who would you keep? For me! Johnson Brown Wilde Macdonald Kossy  Collins (but know he doesn’t want full time)  MFT (but been offered a contract elsewhere) 
  3. Potential signings for next season

    MFT been offered a contract from two conf teams for next season. One not being us. Denton will play his last game at the shay before moving on in the summer.. These are facts. Not rumours
  4. Bury B (H) Saturday 21st April 2018

    Just spoke to joe. Available no food 
  5. Bury B (H) Saturday 21st April 2018

    Josh is available and food if available 
  6. Bury B (H) Saturday 21st April 2018

    Available and yes for food 
  7. MK Dons (H) Saturday 10th March 2018

  8. Man City (A) Saturday 24th March 2018

    Available and so is Ryan 
  9. Blackpool (A) Friday 30th March

    100% piss up after oi oi 
  10. Guiseley (A) Saturday 17th March 2018

  11. Worrying comments from Bosomworth

    Does anyone know the value of the Shay?
  12. Bury B (H) Saturday 3rd March 2018

    Available. Not sure on F yet 
  13. Heath to Gainsborough?

    Heath wlll be at Stockport in the summer. And Denton will join up with him. 
  14. Preston (A) Saturday 24th February 2018

  15. Bury B (H) Saturday 17th February 2018

    Available F (will transfer money before I play