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  1. Dayle Southwell

    We certainly haven't seen any of whats in this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRX4K41sxLQ Remember watching it after we announced the signing and being excited..... soon turned to bewilderment! :-( 
  2. Warrington on Saturday

    Why would you not give McLeod a go instead of kossy? Like for like swap and generally ‘non dangerous’ change. As in hardly sliding a new centre half straight in?!....
  3. Warrington on Saturday

    I definitely think that this is a game where Mcleod should get a start, against a 'weaker' team. Fits the bill for surprising the opposition, saving the legs of others and it being a game where he could do well, gain some confidence and kick on! Not holding my breath mind...
  4. Brainwave

    Or crest on one side and different player Bio's the other (wouldn't need a beer mat size for a lot of current team stats!)   :-D
  5. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    An oxymoron, if ever i have seen! :-) 
  6. FA Cup - Warrington Away

    Noticed, ironically Alfreton got Coalville (if they win the replay)  So Macca would be up against a lot of his buddies, but he got a straight red in last round didnt he, so will miss.
  7. Just don't ask him to kick it! :-D  
  8. Hartlepool

    Berret has his best game for us Saturday IMO, and up to that point had gone completely unnoticed.... 
  9. Hartlepool

    I would like to see Maher in the middle of the park from the start tonight, but unfortunately he will be at centre half i guess! He is miles better in the middle than what we have, and is a good leader / organiser.... if Matty Brown is missing then that too, will be.   
  10. Credit to The Shaymen

    Cheers WB... i had watched the highlights, and missed the Browny 'stamp' first time around.... not sure what that tells us!?! You are right, very quick... 
  11. Credit to The Shaymen

    Where have people seen them, that have said they have? Both fouls on Sellars, and the 2 reds are all omitted from the Vanarama highlights for whatever reason....  
  12. Adam Hamill

    All day long, but wouldn't get anywhere near the wonga required i wouldn't think.
  13. Goal of the season August 2018

    Some good 'non set piece' goals in there on the quiet! 
  14. Loan signings

    Graham was immense for us for such a young kid, Greggs requires no words & Bastians and Parnaby were far too good for us even then! 
  15. Halifax vs Dagenham - BT Sports

    Makes you sick watching that wobbly camera :-(  
  16. Today's poor attendance.

    Possibly means, due to it being another stand to steward so more bodies needed? As opposed to them being in the one single stand that’s already in use by home fans? That’s my only obvious assumption.
  17. Jamie Fullerton

    Wont happen.
  18. Jamie Fullerton

    That's fine i appreciate that .... but still, surely it didn't need to be him! There must be more options..... 
  19. Jamie Fullerton

    And that, is a question!  That surely has to be JF decision - but is there truth in this sickness story (no idea where it originated) and is King one of them?  
  20. 16th August 2016 Stockport 1-1 Town

    Wathcing this just makes me think, i wish Josh Mac was fit and that we had re signed Sinnott instead of 'the new signing' all would be rosey! :-(    
  21. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    This i completely agree with! I mentioned to somebody last night i would love to know how the signing came about and the conversations that surrounded it, as it is - just bewildering! 
  22. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Well if we can / do its going to cause upheaval to everyone involved not least the players, and our upcoming games. Yet, If he stays it will undoubtedly cause the same disruption so we are F**ked either way  
  23. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    I'm trying to keep it to football Hoddie..... never said i agreed or disagreed with people views as to him as a person....  
  24. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    This is exactly the stance we need to take (regardless of what your opinion is on it, unfortunately that will change nothing) and just get on with it. That said, i was disappointed to see him straight into the first 11 - something that should IMO be reserved for if you sign a 'worldy' who should obviously start, or due to an injury - and i will be further disappointed should he start again Saturday, i thought King had done well and didn't deserve that. 
  25. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Maynard, Pearson....