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  1. Jamie Fullerton

    Wont happen.
  2. Jamie Fullerton

    That's fine i appreciate that .... but still, surely it didn't need to be him! There must be more options..... 
  3. Jamie Fullerton

    And that, is a question!  That surely has to be JF decision - but is there truth in this sickness story (no idea where it originated) and is King one of them?  
  4. 16th August 2016 Stockport 1-1 Town

    Wathcing this just makes me think, i wish Josh Mac was fit and that we had re signed Sinnott instead of 'the new signing' all would be rosey! :-(    
  5. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    This i completely agree with! I mentioned to somebody last night i would love to know how the signing came about and the conversations that surrounded it, as it is - just bewildering! 
  6. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Well if we can / do its going to cause upheaval to everyone involved not least the players, and our upcoming games. Yet, If he stays it will undoubtedly cause the same disruption so we are F**ked either way  
  7. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    I'm trying to keep it to football Hoddie..... never said i agreed or disagreed with people views as to him as a person....  
  8. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    This is exactly the stance we need to take (regardless of what your opinion is on it, unfortunately that will change nothing) and just get on with it. That said, i was disappointed to see him straight into the first 11 - something that should IMO be reserved for if you sign a 'worldy' who should obviously start, or due to an injury - and i will be further disappointed should he start again Saturday, i thought King had done well and didn't deserve that. 
  9. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Maynard, Pearson....
  10. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    Super, Shite, Stupendous, Silly, Sublime???  
  11. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    I think the starter question should of been, Is it a midfielder, or was they in fact a striker playing in midfield!? will help narrow down :-D  
  12. Ex midfielder returns to club...

    David Brooks please  
  13. Gateshead takeover complete

    Very true. Annoyingly frustrating, i did like the 'good bits' he had, but the frustrating bits were too often I'm afraid.  
  14. Gateshead takeover complete

    They just need Connor Hughes now too, to complete the trio!  
  15. Breakfast with the boss

    Are you suggesting you do not like the gloriousness of hash browns Chrisbo? *BLOCK LIST*    :-)
  16. Salford splashing the cash again

    Some of what Lloyd writes RE: living costs and earning decent prior seems to make a bit of sense, but i just can't help thinking as i read the article, in the main -  'what a pompous whopper' ? Could just be me...
  17. Away kit

    Surely you could look at it as - variety being the spice of life?! You aren't forced to buy one and now you can choose.... I for one do not buy both home and away kit year in year out, i choose the one i favour? Surely the same will still be apply for when we have 3?
  18. Away kit

    We have played in some right kit mix concoctions this last season to try and avoid clashes! Blue and yellow together was an interesting one, so i can see how the 3rd kit can be of use! 
  19. Preston

    No, but he does have a hair band?!....
  20. Shaun Rowley

    Don't know anything about this guy, but certainly looks like backup to SJ. (Hopefully) If that's the case it will be nice to have an actual decent keeper (as it seems) to provide the competition. Wasn't a fan of Nicholson for a few reasons and unfortunately when playing had a couple of shockers from memory!
  21. Peniket Alfreton

    Along with Bateson.... Somebody on here called that after Craig King signed. Not sure who, but well done! :-)  
  22. Denton

    Signs for Alfreton.... No surprise there!
  23. Denton

    Correct. Tom Nicholson the latest..... still expect some more! 
  24. Denton

    Completely agree, on both counts.
  25. Salford

    I notice that Richie Allen will be released when his contract is up in June....such a shame, such a nice bloke! ;-)    Better not rock up at The Shay!! :-D