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  1. Jack Earing

    Agree with those points - and to be fair he only signed his pro contract with them in June last year.
  2. Jack Earing

    Looking forward to seeing him and hoping that he turns out what we need. He does look good on the ball and able to score a goal (an area where King hasn't added thus far) and seemingly quite a big strong presence in the middle of the park - again, nice to add...
  3. Michael Collins

    Agreed. Berret, I liked and thought decent but Collins was noticeably better than the rest of that team when he played and I do feel would / should of been the type of player to sure up that midfield last season given the chance for it to play out the game naturally...
  4. Kingsley James.

    Not sure if anybody posted this, when he signed... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tUCjdaT2cXw Wait for the bit about former clubs!! :-)  
  5. Cliff Moyo

    Signed for Macc. 
  6. Random image of the day

    What a squad of players eh?! 
  7. 19/20 player rumours

    I thought somebody had said Ferry signed permanently at Woking? 
  8. Pre Season

    Got burnt on the last one i went to! Was hotter than Lanzarote   Was the one that Adam Morgan scored from the half way line if i remember correctly....
  9. Lenighan

    You were bang on Lewis... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48368414  
  10. 19/20 player rumours

    Can’t see how his wages wouldn’t be comparable to say that of Rodney (not specifically him, but the people that we are expected to be targeting) ?
  11. Pitch Renovation

    Doesn't take long getting top surface off does it? My daughter was playing a tournament on that til 6ish last night....
  12. Bolton

    Now he did know where the net was.....  Is he available?
  13. Matty Brown

    But unfortunately, without the ability to choose which direction it travels! 
  14. Retained list for next season

    That, and generally turning sh1te when signed permanent...
  15. Another Announcement?

    Yes, i believe he is! 
  16. Another Announcement?

    Beat me to it! 
  17. Ebbsfleet at Home

    Maher passed forward and had a 50 yard assist from his own box, for the second goal :-D 
  18. Random image of the day

    Nah, they are all defenders (playing in midfield) 
  19. Today’s Game: Chesterfield

    Apart from Villas-Boas had a great win record  
  20. Boden

    Good point.
  21. Boden

    Interesting to see what shirt he gets! Always takes the 19 shirt but it’s already taken there I see....
  22. Boden

  23. Boden

  24. Cameron King.

    Yep, thought it a while!   
  25. Anymore signings ?