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  1. Message to NC - Striker Worth showing an interest in

    Who's written he's our best option?
  2. Scot

    .....your answer to Hoddie is very politicized. Most of us know that you would've defended JF to the bone. You've hit the glass 7 doors to the left (or right) instead of the goal.
  3. Trialists

    I would prefer to give other more "alive" players a chance.....
  4. Jack Earing

    .....hope you're wrong.....we definitely needs surprises to shine at first sight.
  5. Trialists

    .....hopefully not!
  6. Fullarton Gone!!

    Fantastic news. What a Lenighan fiasco.......twice!!
  7. Fullarton Gone!!

    .....say no more....
  8. Farsley

    I'm very interested in Earing. If he can perform like today......Thumbs up, indeed! Allen seemed to do fine. Sho-Silva needs to upper his performance, to put it mildly.
  9. Farsley

    I agree.....I'm surprised of the positive comments of Nolan's performance.
  10. Farsley

    Silva disappointed me. He needs to upper his performences to survive.
  11. Farsley put it this way......I think Steve Lanzarote knows more about our team than the average Town fan .......don't you agree?
  12. Farsley

    Apart from nb.15, the trialists were hardly mentioned on Match updates. Viking Index rating for our team: 6.9 Man-of-the-match: Earing
  13. Farsley

    Who was nb 15?
  14. Farsley

  15. Farsley

    My friend, which animals of yours needs to be fed at 5?