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  1. Rumour mill

    Here's an interesting player on the up.....Filip Valencic - 25 year old from Slovenia. He's currently playing for PS Kemi in The Finnish Top League (Veikkausliiga) He played for Notts County 2015-16.....9 games, 1 goal. For Kemi he's scored 6 goals in his last 5 games.....and 12 goals in last 18.
  2. Season tickets. & signings.

    .....not as far as I know. To have got him on a season long loan would've been thumbs up x 10! I know you've been a fan of him for a while, my friend!  
  3. Season tickets. & signings.

  4. New website straight in
  5. Matty Kosylo

    Easy, my friend!  
  6. Sinnot & new signings

    .....another interesting player for us......
  7. Sinnot & new signings

  8. Sinnot & new signings

    What if we could find these kind of jewels ourselves, like Woking did in this case last season.....
  9. Pre Season Friendlies

  10. Pre Season Friendlies

    At least there is one.....Tony Fyfe going one way.....Steve Norris the opposite
  11. Mark roberts

    It's always easy......hindsight Although you had something good to say about him at the time, I never read similar as this.....Welcome after
  12. Mark roberts

    Unfortunately not. You obviously mean Marc Roberts.....Mark Roberts was on loan to us several years ago.  
  13. Sinnot & new signings

    Anthony Dudley from Bury to Salford City.....another interesting player.....
  14. Signings for next season

    I hope not.....
  15. Signings for next season

    Odd Willy Nikkersen?