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  1. Jon Stead

    Could be a Jon Parkin sort of player. (although not in stature) intelligence and guile to score rather than quickness. 

    Beat Fylde but drew with Salford 

    Rodney and Hardy make the subs for respective sides 
  4. Released List

    I can't agree. He started off the season well, but it all seemed to go to his head a bit. He seemed to lose that hunger and desire that made him such a handful initially.  If he gets that, and plays with a real strike partner  he may flourish. 
  5. Lee Gregory

    Good for Lee, but free transfer no good for us. 
  6. Players going

    No way, Rodney is FL standard anyway so he'll be one to keep
  7. Voluntary relegation

    NLP said Blyth in the ****, can't afford to get promoted. Could be them? 
  8. Rodney

    We had Harry Freedman on the bench again on Monday, was really disappointed he didn't get even a few minutes. A meaningless game for us really with nothing to lose and a good crowd would have been a good time to give him a few minutes.  If he's good enough to be a sub, he's deemed good enough to get on surely? 
  9. Rodney

    Let's crowdfund his wage
  10. Rodney

    He'll want too much bunse to play for us unfortunately as he's looking a very good finisher. 
  11. Season Tickets

    Might even tempt some of the Championship side Huddersfield Town drifters.
  12. Getting Halifax Town to the next level!

    True, we're used to walking away with league titles, racking up over 100 goals a season and playing total football. Forgot that's what the club is remembered for, for past century.  
  13. Desire

    It was actually two shots, one from Kosylo and one charged down goal bound effort from Staunton. With regards to the long ball forward, little option on that bobbly mess of a pitch.
  14. Desire

    No. One moron at the end called Fullarton a cancer on the club.  Also, chatting to a couple of the players at the end, they said that some factions of the fans are 'toxic'. Small world is football, players talk, if a potential signing asks what the club is like, what's stopping them saying that large sections of the support are 'toxic' and turn on their own team, hardly a good reputation to have.
  15. Desire

    I don't buy this 'i pay my money so I can can say what I like nonsense' if it's so bad, don't come. Don't pay, put your money and negative energy somewhere productive. My little lad was at his second game today, he had his brand new first town shirt on. He still hasn't seen a town win, or a goal but he still wants to come again.  The thing that put him off the most wasn't the result, or the 'bloody tripe' served up, it was the vitriol and hate coming from the terraces, basically surrounded by it. The deafening chorus of boos didn't help too. That's what ruined his matchday experience, not the team, or manager or players or result.