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  1. Barnet (A)

    If that's the case, it's a HUGE error!
  2. The pitch

    Lot's of rain has fallen. On serious note, should we worry about the pitch?
  3. The Sending Off

    There wasn't any intent, Berrett's legs have gone, definitely in midfield, more evident over the past few weeks, and he was chasing shadows up to that point. He was late, clumsy, and his studs were showing, it was a clear red. Scot, I honestly commend your loyalty to JF and to be fair usually agree with you on your opinions about him. On this one though I think you're letting your relationship with him cloud your judgment, it was a red card without question.  
  4. The Sending Off

    Intent or not, it was a bad, late challenge.  It's a red card all day long.  
  5. The Sending Off

    Agree. Berrett was chasing the game up to that point anyway, was very late, definitely a red.
  6. Poor crowd, poor manager

    Define red card, no qualms with that. Poor performance. I have little problem with players that clearly lack ability but actually try, some on the pitch today simply weren't trying, that, I can't accept.
  7. Where did it all go wrong?

    Indeed. We were laughing in the stand today how clueless the management team are. To quote Assistant Manager Phil Hughes in his latest interview, 'Aldershot are a very good side' based on what? B Just sums up how little they know.
  8. Where did it all go wrong?

    Obviously had a negative influence. On the field he was simply dreadful ability wise, but clearly had a negative effect in the dressing room too.
  9. Now Is The Time To Go

    Not sure they're gutless. Clueless maybe. Bottom line is, they just don't care.
  10. Where did it all go wrong?

    Too much of a coincidence it all started going pear shaped after the Lenighan signing? Discuss.
  11. Now Is The Time To Go

    Fact is. 'It's too dear' to watch that crap.
  12. Now Is The Time To Go

    No, he didn't applauded at first. He was getting abuse (quite rightly) for not doing so. 
  13. Now Is The Time To Go

    Indeed. Signed permanently then no sign of him. The only player in the squad with genuine quality.
  14. Now Is The Time To Go

    Got to agree now. That was utter dross. Where was Hanson? No direction, no desire, no tactics, no clue. Was really really upset at the end. Only 4 players bothered to clap the home support, week in week out they've put up with the utter tripe served up and they lack the respect to even acknowledge them. Disgusted frankly.
  15. Today’s Game v Aldershot

    If we lose and results go against us, could be in bottom 4 at 5pm. Scary.