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  1. Life of Brian

    Brian is dying out as a name.
  2. is this for real ?

    The Paddy Roach crocus (only comes out twice a year) garden.
  3. is this for real ?

    Or the Rainford stand.
  4. No new signings ?.

    To sign who? Not that easy, they have to better than we already have or little point in signing them. We have bodies (youth team included). We actually only have three players out, 2 of which would be in the first 11. (Duckworth and Denton) Riley out long term, but hardly a first team regular. Denton back in two games, Ducky at Christmas.  We are a couple short of a playoff challenge, but it's not as easy as picking up the phone. Lots of factors involved.
  5. Tranmere today

    Can always do what he did with Charles, bring one on as a sub and replace them as sub if needs be. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
  6. Boreham Wood Thread

    Again I agree. Town had 4 shots on target, all by Morgan. We were second best. But missing two players that have contributed 10 goals between them.  
  7. Dominic Marie.....

    Could definitely do a job. I'd guess it's more a non footballing reason that is keeping him out of favour. You don't just become a bad player over night.
  8. Dominic Marie.....

    The less Hibbs plays the less likely he is to get a move. Hardly in the shop window when frozen out.
  9. Tranmere today

    Seems to be low on confidence, and short of ideas. Looks physically unable to compete this season too.
  10. Dominic Marie.....

    Unfortunately I think that ship has sailed. Can't see him playing this season. 
  11. Tranmere today

    I agree. At least they're our players. Can't tell me they're any worse than Charles has been?
  12. Dominic Marie.....

    Still think Hibbsy has something to offer.
  13. Tranmere today

    Agree, his form hasn't warranted game time though. I'd rather have one of 'our' players in the squad.
  14. Dominic Marie.....

    Wasn't he a billy big bollocks? Thought he was too good not to be playing.
  15. Boreham Wood Thread

    100% agree, fair assessment. I don't think we played that badly yesterday. Tranmere were just better. If we perform like that next Saturday, we should beat Torquay.