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  1. Dover match thread

    Right, but budget dictates expectation and realistic goals, so what im saying is we can be the biggest club in the world in.terms of where we 'should' be and stature,but because of budget those expectations have to be lower. In terms of the manager and.players we can attract too. And where we are likely to.finish
  2. Dover match thread

    Like I've said, much.more about budget now. 
  3. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    Adds a.different dimension to the game.
  4. Dover match thread

    Not sure about Macclesfield and Dagenham. Still, whatever people think.about our 'size' that all becomes irrelevant when budget comes into play.  We have a smaller budget, and are still only part time in comparison to lots of clubs. That has to come into play,especially when talking about potential.
  5. Dover match thread

    But not in this division. I'd put as about lower mid table in terms of 'size' and stature.
  6. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    I thought Morgs did well when came on. His cut back minutes after coming on, with his weaker foot to Kosylo was excellent, but as per usual, Kosylo's finish wasn't. His movement and runs were good too, made the job a little harder for Dover CBs rather than just the food and drink heading high balls back.
  7. Dover match thread

    Indeed, it's this unfounded arrogance from Town 'fans'.  Making out we're so massive. A bit like this moaning about 'hoofball' because we're all so used to total football.
  8. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    Needs a run of games (like Morgan) to show us what he cab do. But he's a good player, looks stronger and bigger this season.
  9. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    I was trying to say that in a nice way! Reminded me of Connor Hughes on Tuesday!
  10. Highlights vs Dover Athletic

    He actually needs to look up. Runs with his head down, twice he could has played in Morgan but decided to shoot (wide).
  11. Dover match thread

    I agree mate, Hibbs was great that season. 
  12. Dover match thread

    Two year contracts are a rare thing in part time football. Astonished at the amount of players we have on two year deals or more. (Hibbsy on a 3 year deal?)
  13. Dover match thread

    The boos were for the officials weren't they?
  14. Dover match thread

    How many chances did he have? He actuality played quite well, his cut back to Kosylo was lovely, if only Kosylo returned the favour.
  15. Dover match thread

    Indeed, needs to cut that out of his game. In his defense, the ref was awful tonight, the fouls count was something like 22-6 to Dover, not saying we didn't commit that many, but Dover definitely committed more than that!