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  1. New Manager or New Forward?

    We made that mistake in the relegation season. I'd still trade Wembley for staying up.
  2. New Manager or New Forward?

    Couldn't give a rat's behind about the Trophy game.  League has to 100%  focus. 
  3. Lets Not Get Carried Away

    I thought refs were promoted/demoted to through the leagues based on performances. Some referees can only line at certain levels, and some can only referee at certain levels depending on their level?
  4. What about the game

    Sounds great. Collins a great addition, experienced head but bags of quality. Also LOVE the fact he's a Halifax born lad too, gives it another dimension.
  5. Today game aldershot

    Well done Billy and the boys. Done the talking on the field. Now on a winning run. Come on town!
  6. A League of their Own

    Thought it was a BBC documentary? When did Sky poach it?
  7. Barrow

    Team news?
  8. From the highlights vs Eastleigh.....

    Looked to be already in by the time Sam got hold of it.
  9. Discipline

    Phew, was fearful it was taking longer than it should. Thought he might have had a setback.
  10. Discipline

    Kosylo medial ligament, if so, out a lot longer than first feared.
  11. Jake Hibbs

    Thought he was sensational today. The spark and bit of enthusiasm and endeavour and class we have been missing. Take him off the transfer list FFS!
  12. Marko Basic

    I'd love to Basic in the squad.
  13. Heath Must Go

    I'm keeping my feelings on BH to myself, but a genuine question to the Heath /out brigade. What exactly don't you like about Heath. I understand current form is bad, that's a temporary thing as the saying goes. Is it style of play? (We're all used to total football at Halifax) Personnel/recruitment?  League position/current points?  
  14. so

    An old one!
  15. Heslop signs

    For Eastleigh!