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  1. Bolton match thread

    Any confirmation if it was Noble Lazarus?
  2. Bolton match thread

    Wow, hope so. If it is, local lad, rapid and played Championship as a teenager.
  3. Bolton match thread

    Thought we might see Reuben Noble Lazarus on trial.
  4. Danny Lowe

    Good look Lowey. Top lad.
  5. Connor Thomson

    I disagree, I think the Somalian ref was best.
  6. Getting worried

    We got a fee for Vardy and Gregory both part time players on P/t contracts
  7. Connor Thomson

    On BBC website, makes it out like he was our player, rather than them offering him a deal. Wonder if we got a fee?
  8. Ben Tomlinson

    Signs a new deal with the Shaymen. He's earned it imo. Works hard, scored some important goals too.  
  9. Jake Hibbs

    Ah yes, relegation all his fault. The opposition was just as good that he held his own against.
  10. Jake Hibbs

    Disagree, had his best season in the relegation season in conference. Was our best player that year, more than good enough for conference.
  11. What is your "Golden Era" of watching Town?

    For me, 1997-98. Not just the promotion, but the style and verve in which they played.
  12. One Night in Turin

    Watched it on Netflix, but probably with the History of Football season.
  13. One Night in Turin

    Trying my hardest to get into the World Cup spirit, so watched it last night. It's actually really good and really well made. Bit spooky at the beginning when it shows the montage about the UK, it's weird how the country is in EXACTLY the same situation as in 1990. Also, reminded me just how much of a snivelling berk Colin Moynihon was.
  14. No News Website

    We'll find out news on Friday surely?
  15. The European Cup Final

    Lack of a world class keeper finally cost Liverpool.  Something Klopp should have resolved years ago.