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  1. Director Resignation

    We're back at the level we belong. I personally didn't enjoy the journey to where we are now, visiting little village teams that could barely cope with the amount of fans we brought. The terrible standard, the anonymity in the football World.  We have to be thankful for that. I'm not arguing either. Im actually enjoying a grown up discussion. 
  2. Director Resignation

    You're right SL and Hoddie, they made the choice.  I do expect them to spend their own, and as you've both correctly pointed out, they have. But they should do it sensibly, also, I trust them with my money, if they're foolhardy with money, mine or theirs it could end up in creditors hands again (worst case scenario) and we all know that. 
  3. Director Resignation

    Yes, of course, money we as supporters put into the club through season tickets, merchandise etc, and I'm happy on the whole with how that is spent, the level of player we attract and where we are in terms of stature.  What I don't get is where the fans want the money to come from to 'break the bank to get Rodney'. Or think we should be competing at the top end of the table.  Why should the owners put what could be dead money of their own into that? 
  4. Director Resignation

    I know, mate. Wasn't having a pop. More a pop at the people that think the owners should just throw their own money at the club to 'buy success' without any thought of losing it all. Very easy to spend someone else's money. 
  5. Director Resignation

    Absolutely. He's a businessman, he knows how to make a profit l, he's entitled to any profit he makes. 
  6. Still interviewing today

    Mourinho wasn't experienced when he got his first managerial job. He was a translator turned coach.  Guardiola went from Barcelona B straight to Barcelona  Experience ain't all that. Neither are having all the coaching badges, Kelly was UEFA Pro as Was JF, look what they amounted to.  Rather have, passion, loyalty, integrity and ambition above all their bullshit 
  7. Still interviewing today

    Why would it break it up? He can still play and be manager.  That's what a player manger is! 
  8. Still interviewing today

    Clarke just done a piece with the Courier, saying he had his interview for the job this morning! 
  9. Director Resignation

    Thats what people want the current directors to do, just bankroll us with no thought about their own money. 'Why don't they invest properly' etc.  Different when it's someone from outside wanting to get something back from their investment. 
  10. Available managers

    A lot of the things he bemoaned when here have changed, most notably the move to full time and the training facilities. 
  11. Director Resignation

    12th, the Friday before Fullarton walked. 
  12. Aspin

    Yeah but he also played the most games out of recent managers so how is that a relevant stat? 
  13. Scot

    Indeed. Much harder to achieve when you're favourites imo. In terms of pressure, and the way teams set up against you. 
  14. I spy with my little Darlington

    After scoring 
  15. Se You There

    Today really. If the registration/signing deadline is to be believed.