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  2. Players who will leave ??

    Also would be good. Cut price but some quality buys.
  3. Mj85

    1800 ‘home end’ 1050 side  1000 away end  530 seated stand  The home end is being split at the weekend.  Imagine the ground record will be broken (3800ish v Luton). Our old ground was much bigger.  
  4. Mj85

    Nice little earner. I hope you fair better than we did with them back in 1990 (ish)
  5. Players who will leave ??

    I think it was a very successful manager who pointed out we were shopping at Netto  but it would be good to try at Asda I ain't expecting Waitrose or Booths!
  6. Mj85

    Can it really hold 4350?????
  7. Mj85

    Nice boost for us financially this weekend. Stockport at home, who can and should win the league on Saturday. They’ve got 3400 tickets now apparently, selling out their initial 2400. Our ground holds 4350! “You’re supposed to be at home” 
  8. Scotty McManus

    As long as we have a drama free season with no financial crisis and beat Tamworth I’ll be enjoying the season! 
  9. Rodney

    I am surprised that there is not greater regulation on this 
  10. Devante Rodney vs Dayle Southwell

    How come you know so much about pub football bore off? 
  11. Devante Rodney vs Dayle Southwell

    Is it National South? South is definitely mentioned above 
  12. Devante Rodney vs Dayle Southwell

    How many games have Dents and Southwell played? 
  13. Players who will leave ??

    I think it will all depend on who is above him and how they play next week. If they don't perform in the last game then surely he will be at the very least on the bench in the play offs. If he doesn't get a look in then we might stand a chance but if he does, in the form he's in, I would fancy him to score again at anyone in this league.
  14. Dave's Winner

    She's non stop. Keeps a good few rows clear down near the tunnel. 
  15. Players who will leave ??

    And we'd have to offer a 2 year contract to have any hope of a sales premium
  16. Dave's Winner

    If she's female, the answer is no . I've yet to find off switches on women and old men
  17. Rodney

    I accept its his wages .. somebody has to be top earner and good goal scorers are always the best paid ..  i just think he would be sold in a year and if we are successful an extra hundred on the gate would pay his salary  yes it’s a gamble but maybe he is the player for the gamble 
  18. Devante Rodney vs Dayle Southwell

    5 in the league. So less than Southwell. AWKWARD!!!! Funny thing about it, is Southwell has been hammered on here for having a Shite season. Yet he's still scored more league goals than Denton. Fair play to Denton though he hammered them in for fun against pub sides in the cups. See if you can find the clue in there about the level he should be playing at  
  19. Promotion/Play Offs

    With Beckham and the chap from the far East on their board O can't see it. Oh, although someone I know tells me that the Beckham's are seeking a divorce. Now I know she earns a fair whack from the fashion business but I'm sure shell be after at least half of their combined wealth. If she takes him to the cleaners then he might sell his stake in Salford. David has just confirmed that his wife won't take him to the cleaners, his cleaner drives to their house and then drives home. Bless him.
  20. Scotty McManus

    Have to admire the way Alvechurch have finished the season despite the fact that they are largely another meat and potatoes side. It's really not a good league, and I'm sure you won't enjoy having lumps kicked out of you in local-ish derbies at places like Redditch.
  21. Rodney

    Looking at (how many work internet filters block that website?), the Wrexham fans would like Quigley to come back (and MFT from his loan spell). One man's meat...
  22. Players who will leave ??

    Definitely, but at what cost? He's under contract for next season at Salford having already served one year of a two year contract. 
  23. Players who will leave ??

    He's absolutely perfect. As long as he can replicate his form, if we can manage to sign him. Any manager worth his salt at our level will be looking at him, and that's the trouble. If Chesterfield or maybe even Fylde come in then we simply can't compete with the wages they can offer. I suppose of he's enjoyed his football here and gets on well with the manager and the squad then that could bode well. Fingers crossed.
  24. Players who will leave ??

    Signing Rodney would fit the bill of young player we can sell on 
  25. Disappointing

    Trying to get more fans is ambitious. If you have more fans then you stand a chance of increasing your income, which in turn gives you more money to spend on transfer fees. The season ticket offer shoes ambition. You've ki d of contradicted yourself but maybe not quite understanding the reasons behind a drop in price.
  26. Dave's Winner

    The question is does she have an off switch? 
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