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  2. Buzz Effect

    I wonder who the person that's worth £30m is? How much are they putting into the club?
  3. Another One Missed !!

    Just a poor man's Jon Stead by then.
  4. Buzz Effect

    We know the club are living off the Vardy cash? I take it your the club accountant then that you know so much about the clubs accounts.
  5. Buzz Effect

    Are we living off our reserves or living off managed losses ?
  6. Buzz Effect

    It is not Mr B that is not pushing the club forward. It is the supporters (or lack of them). We know that the club is living off its reserves (aka the Vardy cash) and spending more than its income. Realistically we don’t want the board putting more in, whether it is Mr B or a new investor. If they did, they would almost certainly do it as a loan, which in turn will need repaying at some future date. That is when it all goes pop again. We have all seen other clubs in this position. For recent examples, think Gateshead, Ebbsfleet, or even Bolton or Bury, As for TJs comments, he would like us to be pushing for the next level. Would he be happy for us to sit in League 2, or would he then be looking to spend to push on again? When would he be happy? Championship? Premier League? Champions League? Or would we need to win that too? And then what? Of course, win it every year ad infinitum!! Get real. We are a small town club in a small town league. If we could get 5000 through the gate for every game then we might have a chance, but until then, be grateful you have a club. Hopefully we will get lucky and get to the playoffs and maybe win promotion. Remember we did get to the playoffs not that long ago. Who was in charge then? Oh yes, Mr Bosomworth - but we’ll never go up under him! Live the dream, don’t be so darned negative. You’ll never succeed in pulling us down to your depressive state. Next season could be the one!
  7. England Women

    Phil Neville is manager to increase exposure of the women’s game
  8. Buzz Effect

    What's wrong with supporting the BOD
  9. Today
  10. Buzz Effect

    Maybe you're confused, if someone wants their donations to the club to remain under the radar, that is their prerogative . You clearly know as much about him as I do
  11. Shirt sponsor

    Stop being a dickhead. What a stupid comment
  12. Buzz Effect

    In fairness you have fully supported a bod from day one who you have known bugger all about and been their unofficial spokesman. 
  13. Buzz Effect

    You aspiring to be a moderator Mr c?
  14. Buzz Effect

  15. Buzz Effect

    Still wow! So basically somebody you don't know has some friends that you don't really know who might have mentioned that he may have done some sponsorship with HTFC. Really, bet you wish (as do I) that you had never posted this "info" at all.
  16. 19/20 player rumours

    Aaron Williams left Harrogate. Useful striker.
  17. Shirt sponsor

    With our track record I wouldn’t be surprised if the sponsors are printed on the insides!
  18. Buzz Effect

    That’s fine. 
  19. Buzz Effect

    I don't know him, just know of him and have known people that do know him but wouldn't say I was close to any of them . I can't give too much away as people would join the I's and T's and I'd be in trouble
  20. Shirt sponsor

    Isn't one on the front and one on the back ? And one on the sleeve?
  21. Buzz Effect

    If you know him well you could try and persuade him to join the club
  22. Buzz Effect

    That would be between MrB and he
  23. Buzz Effect

    Get him to become a director of the club or main shirt sponsor
  24. Buzz Effect

    The ones that claim we have no ambition are also the ones that are not leading the way in gathering the fans together and funding a new player. They talk the talk but won’t walk the walk. But criticise the ones that do walk the walk. 
  25. Shirt sponsor

    Two companies on the back of one kit ? Along with 2000 fans
  26. Shirt sponsor

    Just on the back of the away kit 
  27. Shirt sponsor

    The club haven't really made it clear if Halifax Bathrooms, Hird & Partners and Halifax Doors and Windows are all on one away kit or if they are spread across the two kits . Could someone ITK kindly clear this up
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