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  2. Now Is The Time To Go

    Do you have other beverages for people that don't drink tea or coffee? Horlicks perhaps or freshly squeezed juice. 
  3. Lack of challenging media

    That's the fella. He delivered a brilliant coaching session. The children really enjoyed it. 
  4. Today
  5. Lack of challenging media

    I think nick is the tall one with dark hair. 
  6. Lack of challenging media

    Nope wrong guy he's at Garforth and not totally bald.
  7. Town v Havant 23/02/19

    Fcht 1 Havant & Waterlooville 1 Kosylo 1423
  8. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    I wonder what the next thread will be like in 12 months time and after 2 years in charge? Might be an idea to start knitting classes in the East and South stands in readyment.  Note: If you are bouncing out of the ground after the final whistle,  please be careful not to fall over a pyramid of emotion  Yours in Sport Darth, Green Team Leader Lord of the Syrh.
  9. Lack of challenging media

    Is Nick Walker bald?
  10. How many going to Maidstone?

    Are you at the game on Saturday? Let me know the next home game that you attend and I'll go. It might sound like superstitious codswallop but it still makes more sense than a JF interview.
  11. Lack of challenging media

    Good to hear well done Markerting and the BOD
  12. 900

  13. 900

    Thing I don't understand is why we can't play both players - Duckworth (apart from the Aldershot game, and when fit) has been very good, Hanson has been consistently excellent, with a flare for getting forward in an attacking full-back role. Reading their biogs they're both versatile players, no need to both be battling for one position on the park. To not have Hanson even on the bench is the real strangeness here - either something must have happened to cause this, or the manager is an absolute arse. I know where my money is. Fingers crossed for Saturday.
  14. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    People only started calling for the managers head when he is at a level that would get him the sack at any other club in the country.  3 in 26 is it?  Last year it was under heath a similar run also.  At what point do you stop just accepting incompetence?  I can't see how JF will be in charge next season.  I've worked out my own stats.  We have so far played 17 home league games. We have scored 14 home league goals. 5 of which were scored in the first 2 home games.  So since then its 15 games and 9 goals scored. Working out at around £25 per goal.  Bare in mind the majority of our support only see the home campaign those stats make it incredibly difficult to sell season tickets next season. Especialy at £300 a pop again.  He has to go in the summer as far as i'm concerned people simply won't pay for that lack of entertainment. 
  15. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    Agree too much emphasis on defensive football in the modern game.Fullarton all he is bothered about is not getting beat.He doesn't give a damn about entertaining the fans.
  16. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    It seems some people are forgetting that the BoD have loosened the purse strings this season in order to give JF a better set of circumstances than even Aspin ever had. He has a full-time model, not perfect but better than at any time over the last 10 years. He has better training facilities than any manager since probably Bracewell, maybe Wilder. The club's matchday facilities must be up with the best in the league. People compare JF's terrible - or if you prefer, mediocre - record with the records of managers from the late 70s and 80s, a time when Halifax Town's facilities and budget were amongst the worst in the Football League (and which would compare poorly with most Conference North sides today), with crowds heading towards 800 and the club regularly close to breathing its last. I'm sorry but stop inventing excuses.
  17. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    Football is a results driven business but it is also an entertainment business. I used to enjoy watching my team until Mr Application Application turned up. I expect to see some goals and excitement. I dont expect us to win every week but I do expect to be entertained and look as though we are the home team  when we are at the Shay. Next season I will not be buying a season ticket and expect to pick my games if this geezer is still here.
  18. Town v Havant 23/02/19

    FCHT 2-0 Havant Kossy-Quigley 1469
  19. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    George Kirby 1978 w10 D21 L15 =51 points Allan Ball       1976 w11 D13 L22 =46 points On todays 3 for win etc
  20. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    Err not with you on that one, how can anybody be calling for some one to be sacked when he as not come,
  21. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    3 points for a win under Bullock he drew more games than anyone.
  22. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    Fullerton maybe hanging on by his finger nails to his job ,But there are a few on here who have called for all the previous Managers to be sacked that if we were to get a new Manager it would be the same ones calling out for him to be sacked too .
  23. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    Lots of things to add to that though. Standard of opposition and budget being just two.
  24. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    You are going back to a time when a win only got you two points, a draw one. Today a win is three points so work that out over a season, draws today are not as good as Fullarton and his admirers think they are. It is quite simple really, you lose two points by drawing a game, double what you lost back then.
  25. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    Can you get Allan Ball senior record second time around even George Kirby second time around must have been both appalling records George Kirby got a very easy ride compared to Jamie Fullarton his record was terrible and he was on big money second time around.
  26. 900

    I can understand the love in for Jacob Hanson. On the face of it he looks a good footballer with some skill. He will make the easy tackle but unfortunately he is hopeless at defending in the box and a liability in defence. Have seen too many games and video replays when he has failed to mark up or position himself correctly often losing the man that scores against Town. Will have to work much harder and improve to be a better defender than Duckworth.  Maybe JF knows this, and Hunsworthhound's statistics prove the point.
  27. 21st Feb 2019 - 1 year under JF

    We've won 5 more, drawn 3 more and lost 3 more.  Remember they include losses and draws vs Warrington, Goole and Ossett United. In each of the WRCC matches we conceded 3,3,4 and 2 vs The Wire
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